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700 Club Interactive - September 18, 2020

After decades of striving for perfection to feel worthy of love, Adelia surrendered to God's unconditional love and learned to accept herself.

700 Club Interactive - September 17, 2020

At 13-years-old, Isaiah suffered a brain bleed and was rushed into surgery. Through the surgery and power of prayer he and his family persevered.

700 Club Interactive - September 16, 2020

A basketball star goes into toxic shock, see how he dodged death after flatlining and made a college hoops comeback.

700 Club Interactive - September 15, 2020

Mariah tried every vice she could to dull the pain mental illness caused. After a decade in and out of psych wards and rehabs, she said “yes” to Jesus and began a transforming journey.

700 Club Interactive - September 14, 2020

The pain of the past drives one wife and mother to a life of alcoholism. See her miraculous escape. Plus, the Hester family fosters children and share why they believe everyone is called to help children in need.

700 Club Interactive - September 11, 2020

A car full of teenagers was hit head on by a drunk driver. There was only one survivor, JR Gurley, and he miraculously recovered from all his injuries.

700 Club Interactive - September 10, 2020

Gregory’s diagnosis of kidney cancer led to deep despair until a Scripture came to mind.

700 Club Interactive - September 9, 2020

Hear how Jermaine’s life, filled with drugs and crime, went from imprisonment to being mayor of his hometown.

700 Club Interactive - September 8, 2020

Introduced into the sex industry at 19, Corrine thought she was in control until daily anxiety attacks drove her to find answers.

700 Club Interactive - September 7, 2020

Author Diane Latiker discusses keeping Chicago’s kids off the street and protecting them from violence while giving a brighter future through faith in God.

700 Club Interactive - September 4, 2020

After forty days in the hospital and forty days of prayer, God intervened in David's battle with COVID-19.

700 Club Interactive - September 3, 2020

Efrem Graham drops by to share his top five stories from the entertainment world.

700 Club Interactive - September 2, 2020

A self-made millionaire discovers money can’t buy everything. Plus, revivals are breaking out in California and up the West Coast as far Portland, Seattle.

700 Club Interactive - September 1, 2020

Ron Clock suffered numerous life-threatening injuries in a car wreck including an internal decapitation. God answered the prayers of his mother and sustained his life and ability to walk.

700 Club Interactive - August 31, 2020

While on the operating table awaiting a heart transplant, Melissa's heart miraculously strengthened.

700 Club Interactive - August 28, 2020

Michael's parents were alcoholics and his father was abusive. When his mother went to jail, Michael turned to drugs and crime, but made a promise to God when an officer gave him a break.

Show Clips

Is Revival Still Possible?

700 Club Interactive’s Gordon Robertson and Roberto Torres-Cedillo discuss the possibility of revival still happening in this chaotic world and the role that repentance must play.

Foster Care Adventures with the Hester Family

The Hester family went through a miscarriage and afterwards Tiffany Hester felt a burden to help foster kids. The family now fosters children, 2 of which were drug addicted since birth and share why they believe everyone is called to help children in need.

Hollywood’s Kevin Sorbo Staying Active During COVID

Filmmaker, actor and author Kevin Sorbo updates fans on his latest projects including his latest book, “True Faith.”

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Author and pastor Greg Laurie shares how believers are making an impact in his latest book, “World Changers.”

Shrugging Off Offense in a Touchy World

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson discuss today’s cultural climate of people being quick to take offense and they offer tips to help you keep your cool.

Protecting Inner City Kids From Violence and Gangs

Author Diane Latiker shares the importance of teaching kids a faith in God to help keep them away from violence and other dangers of the streets.

Revolutionize the Way You See World Events

Bestselling author and pastor, Jonathan Cahn shares ancient mysteries that reveal the secret of our future with signs from America and around the world.

Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Gordon Robertson joins Interactive’s Roberto Torres-Cedillo to discuss finding peace in the midst of chaos.

Joy is a Choice

Author Dawn Barton encourages believers to cling to the joy of the Lord when facing the challenges of life. In her new book, “Laughing Through the Ugly Cry,” Dawn shares personal stories of finding happiness in her darkest days.

Best Practices for Christians on Social Media

Author and pastor Daniel Darling shares biblical wisdom on how Christians should behave on social media and purpose to use online conversations for good.

Your Story Matters

Author Carrie Pasch chronicles her faith journey in the new book, Your Story for His Glory, and she challenges other believers to do the same.

Restoring the Forces that Forge Noble Men

Author Stephen Mansfield shares from about new book, Men On Fire: Restoring the Forces That Forge Noble Men.

Commemorating Courage in the Face of Danger

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, movie producer Jon Erwin shares the story of his late grandfather, Red Erwin, and what he did to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Worry-Free Living in an Anxious World

Pastor Nate Griffin of Chosen for Completion Ministries shares strategies for finding peace and compassion in the midst of chaos.

Saved in a Bar: Carla Pratico’s Story

Carla Pratico based her entire identity on her own achievements. Then one night while partying at a bar she heard a calling that lead her to find her true identity in Christ.

Adopted Twins Reunited With Birth Mother

Adopted as infants, Sam Collier and his twin sister are miraculously reunited with their birth mother.