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700 Club Interactive - October 3, 2023

Roberto Torres-Cedillo takes us on a visual and poetic journey to find what it is all about – the grace of God.

700 Club Interactive - October 2, 2023

CBN’s Helping the Homefront celebrates lives changed for those families serving to keep America safe. Plus, a look back on the origins of CBN on the 62nd broadcast anniversary of the television ministry.

700 Club Interactive - September 28, 2023

Suffering brain damage after being discovered lifeless in a pool, toddler Nora Trotman was given a grim diagnosis of probable permanent lack of mobility and communication. Her parents put their faith in God’s Word and Nora defied doctors' odds to return to her sweet, rambunctious self.

700 Club Interactive - September 27, 2023

Jessica worried her past would prevent her from receiving a promotion, but God's goodness prevailed. Plus, CBN News’ Efrem Graham delivers his top five entertainment stories of the week on today’s 700 Club Interactive.

700 Club Interactive - September 26, 2023

Max drowned at the bottom of a swimming pool. He lived and recalled a divine presence protecting him.

700 Club Interactive - September 25, 2023

Simisola Okai shares about her book, “I Want To Be A Mommy – Lessons of Faith and hope,” a memoir on motherhood that follows Simi’s journey as a wife and working mom of three young children.

700 Club Interactive - September 21, 2023

Leslie’s life was devastated by abuse. At 15 she was kidnapped and sold into a trafficking ring. On July 4th, 2000, a suicide attempt became her prelude to freedom.

700 Club Interactive - September 20, 2023

Rapper and social media influencer Angie Rose broke free from depression and addictions and uses her scars to love others and point them towards Jesus.

700 Club Interactive - September 19, 2023

On a trip up Mount Everest, Irene Rollins learned the secret to conquering this mountain was the same as conquering her addiction.

700 Club Interactive - September 18, 2023

Logan Lambert suffered from depression and addiction for years. His mother, who became a Christian, prayed for her son to be set free of addiction and receive God’s love.

700 Club Interactive - September 14, 2023

High schooler Faith Eilertson shares a personal message encouraging others to give up their worries to God, like 1 Peter 5:7 says.

700 Club Interactive - September 13, 2023

Singer, performer, and speaker, Anthony Evans, reveals his mental health struggles as a pastor’s son and the help he received from his therapist to get him to a place of loving who he is, just as he is.

700 Club Interactive - September 12, 2023

After a near-fatal motorcycle crash, Bill is grateful for his life despite challenging obstacles.

700 Club Interactive - September 11, 2023

Tamantha was angry at God after losing her husband in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. After years of struggling with the loss, she finally saw God’s protective hand over the situation.

700 Club Interactive - September 7, 2023

The loss of his best friend to suicide launches platform to deliver hope and purpose for former NFL player, Doug Middleton.

700 Club Interactive - September 6, 2023

The deadly fires in southern California in November 2018 gave actress/singer Brenda Epperson an opportunity to talk about the miracle that spare her property.

Show Clips

Hailey Julia: A Comedy Rising Star!

Christian comedian and tiktok & instagram influencer Hailey Julia talks with Ashley Key about her social media journey and how her videos became famous during the Covid pandemic. She shares of some of the real social media struggles and how she had to find her identity in God and not in likes and views!

Terminate pregnancy or Trust God

Anthony and Thelma Hairston were excited, when they found out their family of three, was growing to a family of four. During an ultrasound visit, doctors became concerned of Maddison’s growth. Thelma was referred to maternal fetal medicine, which is a specialty practice for high-risk pregnancies. The specialty practice finding recommended the Hairston to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, Anthony and Thelma chose to trust in God!

Rapper Canon Shares About the Accident That Changed His Life

Canon will talk about his rapping journey, his powerful testimony of coming to Christ, and surviving a near-death 40 ft fall which drew him closer to God.

Influencer & Rapper Angie Rose is using her voice to bring freedom and show the

Rapper & social media influencer, Angie Rose, shares of her passion for rap and her love for the souls of people. Battling depression, drugs, alcohol, and suicide – she speaks honestly about her journey to finding true freedom and how she is using her gift to speak truth to those who are still living in bondage.

Former FBI Agent Reflects on 9/11 Involvement

Former FBI Agent, Jon Moeller, talks about his involvement with 9/11, his undercover work rescuing children, and how he came to Christ while in the FBI.

Former Adult Film Star Embraces New Identity

Former adult film star Joshua Broome recalls hitting rock bottom and contemplating suicide. Today, he is in full-time ministry and partnering with the NFL to bring greater awareness to suicide prevention.

Former Porn Star Finds Hope and a Second Chance

Joshua Broome was once one of the most successful adult film stars in the world. He obtained fame, wealth and travelled the world… all to find out that none of those would fill the emptiness in his heart. After almost ending his life, God redeemed and rescued Joshua! Today he is a lead pastor and shares his miracle story of redemption!

Former Newsboys Singer Clears Path for God

Speaker and original lead singer of “Newsboys,” John James looks back on his time in the band and shares about his new ministry, “iReachUSA,” which he co-leads with his wife Tanya.

Miniature Dogs Provide Major Joy

Small business owner Alexis Bailey shares how her miniature dog breeding operation is used as a ministry.

Newsboys Original Member John James Finds True Freedom in Christ

Newsboys original member John James almost lost everything trying to live a double life. A miraculous encounter reminded him of the truth of true freedom in Christ.

Recovering Addict Shares Story of Victory

Insecurity and instability at home scarred Anthony as a child. He sought relief by numbing his pain. In his new book, “Letters to My People: Thoughts of a recovering addict,” Anthony shares his story of victory over addiction.

Christian Couple Highlights Faithful Fitness

Stephen and Paige Johnson share how fitness can be fun and an instrument of faith. Staying healthy has become their ministry and they host Bible studies in their gym.

God’s Original Design for Church

Worship leader and author, Michael Freeland Miller, calls the church back to God’s original design.

700 Club Hosts Try Popular Sport

Andrew and Ashley hit the pickleball court to try America's fastest growing sport. 

Author Graham Cooke Shares “Brilliant Perspectives”

Graham Cooke will share ways we can rest in God’s love and remember our identity in Him. He will share his testimony and his ministry “Brilliant Perspectives.”

Resting in God’s Love

It is National Relaxation Day, and Ashley talks with Andrew Knox, Jessica Datsko and Roberto Torres-Cedillo about what it means to truly rest in God's love for us.

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