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CBN News Travels to Bahrain, UAE to Examine Progress of Abraham Accords 07/01/22

How are the Abraham Accords progressing? CBN News traveled to Bahrain, the UAE, and back to Israel, with a delegation led by author Joel Rosenberg. We’ll hear from newsmakers and architects of the historic and game-changing agreement for the Mideast.

Israel Could Head to 5th Election in 3½ Years After Political Earthquake 6/24/22

Political earthquake in Israel as Prime Minister Bennett, Foreign Minister Lapid move to dissolve their government; and Iranian-Israeli covert war comes out of the shadows; plus, the story of one Ukrainian refugee family who prayed and saw God answer.

Will Biden’s Upcoming Middle East Trip Enhance Israeli-Saudi Ties? 06/17/22

White House confirms Biden's Middle East trip, but questions remain about what will happen during his visit; and Iran removes surveillance cameras at nuclear sites - what's it hiding? Plus, Nick Vujicic & Israel's Shalva center helping the disabled.

UN Report Blasts Israel for Defending Itself in 2021 War Against Hamas 06/10/22

U.N. blasts Israel for defending itself in last year's war against Hamas; and anti-government protesters fill the streets in Iran; plus, restoring an historical place in Israel that could help defend Israel's rightful place among the nations.

Jews and Christians Gather in Israel to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 06/03/22

Jews, Christians gather in Israel to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; and could protests in Iran lead to regime change? Plus, could historic free trade deal between Israel and UAE inspire the rest of the region? And an urgent call to fast and pray.

Israel Marks Jerusalem Day, 55 Years after City Reunified in Six-Day War 5/27/22

Could the US and Saudi Arabia repair their fractured relationship and what would that mean for the region? And once again protests flare inside Iran posing a threat to the regime; and remembering the 1967 Six-Day-War and celebrating Jerusalem Day.

Could an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Succeed? 05/20/22

Israel, US reportedly to partner in military drill simulating attack on Iran's nuke program. Could an attack succeed? And a book on anti-Semitism in the UK: plus, CBN partners with Israeli groups to help disabled girls and Ukrainian Jews fleeing war.

Palestinians Blame Israel for Journalist’s Death, Refuse Joint Inquiry 05/13/22

Israel, PA spar over blame in Palestinian journalist’s death during counterterrorism raid; plus, Israeli Amb Danon tells CBN's Gordon Robertson about defending Israel at the UN; and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Israel’s 74th Independence Day Celebrations End with Deadly Terror Attack 5/6/22

Deadly terror attack on Israel’s Independence Day; plus, why is the Palestinian Authority hiding its financial reports? And a special photo archive chronicles the miraculous story of Israel; and Ukrainian child has life-saving heart surgery in Israel.

Jews, Christians in 15 Nations Remember Holocaust, Combat Anti-Semitism 4/29/22

More violence on Temple Mount as Muslim Fasting month of Ramadan nears the end; and, Israel's 1st ambassador to Bahrain updates CBN News on Abraham Accords’ progress; and Israel, and Jews, Christians worldwide remember Holocaust, fight anti-Semitism.

Temple Mount Rioting Could Destabilize Israeli PM’s Government 04/22/2022

Temple Mount rioting could destabilize Israeli PM’s government; Christians help fleeing Ukrainians on both sides of the border; Israel appoints first envoy to fight anti-Semitism; and CBN's "First Lady" Dede Robertson, goes home to be with the Lord.

Jewish Refugees Fleeing Ukraine War Become New Immigrants in Israel 04/15/2022

Jewish refugees fleeing Ukraine war become new immigrants in Israel; and the Abraham Accords gain ground in the Middle East; and Passover matzah making; plus, Resurrection: Garden Tomb to Sea of Galilee to Mount of Olives - He is risen indeed!

Israeli Archaeology: Ancient Treasures Uncovered from Land and Sea 04/08/2022

From a new Western Wall tunnel to restoration work on an ancient site; spectacular treasures from early Christianity and bringing trees back to life, bearing fruit from Bible times, a special show on some of the latest archaeological finds in Israel.

Israel Braces for New Terror Wave During Muslim Month of Ramadan 04/01/2022

Israel braces for new terror wave during Muslim month of Ramadan after 11 killed in three attacks; and God is doing miracles in the midst of the nightmare war in Ukraine; plus, Jewish refugees flee Ukraine to Moldova on their way to the Promised Land.

Ukraine: Christian Group Stays to Serve, Israel Sets Up Field Hospital 3/25/2022

Ukraine war enters second month: how one Christian group chose to stay and serve; plus, Israel sets up Ukraine field hospital to help war refugees; also, how to pray for Ukraine & avert World War III; and top Ukrainian runner wins Jerusalem marathon.

Ukrainian Church Under Fire Responds with Practical Help and Prayer 03/18/2022

Devastating war in Ukraine enters week four. George Thomas reports on church under fire responding with practical help, prayer; plus, Iranian nuclear deal edges toward signing. How will it impact Israel and region? And a prayer for people of Ukraine.

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