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Is Red Heifers’ Israel Arrival Prophetic Sign Hailing Messiah’s Return? 09/23/22

Israeli PM embraces two-state solution – 1st time in over a decade; and Iranian hijab protestors fill streets; plus, is recent Red Heifers’ arrival sign of Messiah’s return? And Jewish visits to Temple Mount highest since Temple destroyed in 70 AD.

Political Instability in Israel Encouraging ‘Axis of Evil’ in Terrorism 09/16/22

Israel warns of upsurge in Palestinian terrorism – what's behind it? And Israeli Defense Minister Gantz tells world leaders the way they deal with Iran now determines their future; plus, the second anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords.

Israeli Leaders Pay Tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Inspirational Legacy’ 09/09/22

Israeli leaders pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and her ‘inspirational legacy’; and mixed messages from America on support for the Iranian nuclear deal; and two unique archaeological finds from First Temple times.

Israeli Generals Urge Pres. Biden Not to Agree to Iranian Nuclear Deal 09/02/22

Israeli generals urge Pres. Biden not to sign Iranian nuclear deal; and new Museum of the Jewish People tells their story like never before; plus, Ukrainian orphans sheltering in Israel move forward in Israel given uncertainty back home.

Will US and World Powers Heed Israel’s Warning Against Iran Nuke Deal? 08/26/22

Israel warns US and others against renewing the Iranian nuclear deal – will world powers listen? And a year after US pullout, Afghanistan becomes a terrorist sanctuary; plus, could building on ancient biblical ties be the answer to Middle East peace?

With an Eye Toward the West, Turkey Reestablishes Ties with Israel 8/19/22

Turkey, Israel restore diplomatic ties; and PA leader Abbas walks back comments on the Holocaust after creating a firestorm in Germany; plus, is Iran expanding its terror network to include Al Qaeda? And, sparking a global revolution in Bible access.

Operation Breaking Dawn: 3-Day War between Israel and Islamic Jihad 8/12/22

Operation Breaking Dawn, 3-day war between Islamic Jihad and Israel; plus "Whose Land?"- a film investigating Israel’s legal foundation; and Auburn University’s basketball team visits the Holy Land - players go from the court to the Dead Sea.

20 Years After Deadly Terror Attack, Palestinian Terrorists Get a Raise 08/05/22

Twenty years after deadly terror attack, Palestinian terrorists get a raise; and huge victory against terrorism after Al Qaeda's leader killed; plus, Ukrainian orphan refugees get surprise visit from home; and 2,000-year-old coin brings past to life.

Russian Jews Who Want to Immigrate to Israel Warned to Get Out Quickly 07/29/22

Moscow threatens to close Jewish Agency, Jews wanting to immigrate warned to exit fast; and Russian soldiers kidnap CBN ministry team in Ukraine; and Magdala stone returns to Galilee; and unique Jerusalem program addresses problem of child sex abuse.

Middle East Security Agreements Unravel in Wake of Biden’s Visit 07/22/22

Mideast security agreements unravel, Abraham Accords destabilized in the wake of President Biden's trip; and meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey troubles Israel and the US; plus, Maccabiah games uniting Jewish people around the world with Israel.

What’s Behind Pomp & Circumstance in Biden’s Israel and Saudi Visits? 07/15/22

US President Biden completes three-day trip to Israel and heads to Saudi Arabia. What's behind all the pomp and circumstance? Plus, Ethiopian Jews make prophetic trip to join family in the Promised Land; and Maccabiah Games, aka the Jewish Olympics.

Human Rights Group Calls Out Palestinians for Torturing Their Own People 7/08/22

Human rights group calls out Palestinians for torturing their own people; and religious persecution and anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide; and new evidence that the Shroud of Turin could really be 2,000 years old – was it the burial cloth of Jesus?

CBN News Travels to Bahrain, UAE to Examine Progress of Abraham Accords 07/01/22

How are the Abraham Accords progressing? CBN News traveled to Bahrain, the UAE, and back to Israel, with a delegation led by author Joel Rosenberg. We’ll hear from newsmakers and architects of the historic and game-changing agreement for the Mideast.

Israel Could Head to 5th Election in 3½ Years After Political Earthquake 6/24/22

Political earthquake in Israel as Prime Minister Bennett, Foreign Minister Lapid move to dissolve their government; and Iranian-Israeli covert war comes out of the shadows; plus, the story of one Ukrainian refugee family who prayed and saw God answer.

Will Biden’s Upcoming Middle East Trip Enhance Israeli-Saudi Ties? 06/17/22

White House confirms Biden's Middle East trip, but questions remain about what will happen during his visit; and Iran removes surveillance cameras at nuclear sites - what's it hiding? Plus, Nick Vujicic & Israel's Shalva center helping the disabled.

UN Report Blasts Israel for Defending Itself in 2021 War Against Hamas 06/10/22

U.N. blasts Israel for defending itself in last year's war against Hamas; and anti-government protesters fill the streets in Iran; plus, restoring an historical place in Israel that could help defend Israel's rightful place among the nations.

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