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Devastation in Turkey, Syria: Race to Rescue the Living 02/07/2023

The race to save earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, Ukrainian Jewish families immigrate to Israel, attacks against Christians in Jerusalem, religious freedom defenders expose human rights abuses and a Holocaust exhibit in Germany's Parliament.

Israel/US Joint Military Exercise Signals Strength to Iran 02/03/2023

Israel strikes a munitions site in Gaza and the military sends a warning to Iran with a joint drill with the U.S. Plus, individuals from secret Chinese police stations around the world harass and threaten pro-democracy Chinese immigrants.

Blinken Visits Following Weekend Wave of Terror 01/31/2023

Terror rocks Jerusalem as experts examine how incitement to violence begins in the classroom with young children. Plus, Iran's nuclear program, Netanyahu's efforts to shore up Israel's judicial system and the contentious turf war over the semi-conductor industry.

Escalating Tensions on Holocaust Remembrance Day 01/27/2023

Israel retaliates after Gaza rocket attack and controversy over an illegal Palestinian settlement in biblical Judea and Samaria. Plus, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and a harp concert at the Southern Steps.

Netanyahu Doubles Down Over Judicial Reforms 01/24/2023

Netanyahu fires his interior minister, proposed judicial changes meet resistance and a South African judge warns about a growing anti-Israel sentiment. Plus, British Christians ask forgiveness for their country's role in a sad chapter 75 years ago.

Showdown Between Netanyahu & Supreme Court Could Threaten New Govt 01/20/2023

Israel's Supreme Court and Benjamin Netanyahu square off over cabinet appointments and limits on the judiciary. Plus, skyrocketing COVID in China, Andrew Brunson shares about his imprisonment and the younger generation learns about the Holocaust.

Plans Proceed for Uncovering Pool of Siloam 01/17/2023

Netanyahu pushes back against judicial reform protests, excavation plans for the Pool of Siloam and positive results from the Abraham Accords continue. Plus, support for the Iran protests and a film celebrating the birth of the nation of Israel.

New Measures Under Way to Stop Attacks from Emerging Terror Groups 1/13/2023

Israel takes measures to stop attacks from new terror groups and leaders meet in Jerusalem to build on the Abraham Accords. Plus, educational change in the UAE, executions in Iran and an important message from the oldest Israeli journalist alive.

Israel Pushes Back Against Temple Mount Controversy 1/10/2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushes back against the outcry over one of his ministers' visit to the Temple Mount. Plus, saber-rattling from China and an archeologist discovers a sacrificial altar dating from 4,000 years ago.

Benjamin Netanyahu Back at the Helm 1/06/2023

Netanyahu's government gets under way and controversy erupts over Ben Gvir's visit to the Temple Mount. Plus, grave desecrations in Jerusalem, the 2022 anti-Semitism report reveals disturbing trends and a new generation learns about Zionism's founder.

Wars and Rumors of Wars: 2023 Year-Ahead Predictions 1/03/2023

Roundtable with Julie Stahl and John Waage about the incoming Netanyahu government, Iran, anti-Semitism and the Law of Return, plus analysis from George Thomas, Dale Hurd and Gary Lane on Russia, Ukraine, China, energy, Iran and the persecuted church.

2022 Year in Review: Ukraine, Refugees, Energy, Elections and Iran 12/30/2022

Roundtable with Julie Stahl and John Waage about Israeli elections, immigration and the uptick in tourism, plus analysis from George Thomas, Dale Hurd and Gary Lane on Russia, the war in Ukraine, China, energy, Iran and the persecuted church.

Israel's Changing of the Guard: Hopes for Stability, Security 12/27/2022

Netanyahu forms his government and Israelis talk about hopes and fears. Plus, Ariel University gets it right as a diverse student body lives in peace, excavations at the Pool of Siloam and we'll hear the history behind Jerusalem's famous market.

Visiting Where the Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night 12/23/2022

Visiting the fields where the shepherds may have watched their flocks by night, hearing from an expert about the Wise Men mentioned in Matthew's gospel and visiting a Bethlehem factory that produces hand-carved nativity set figures.

Netanyahu Closing in on Coalition Agreement as Deadline Approaches 12/20/22

Netanyahu closes in on a coalition agreement, a rabbi and his wife lobby for widows and orphans and a journalist weighs in on free speech. Holiday celebrations bring joy to Jerusalem and an Arab Christian shopkeeper continues his family's legacy.

Living Under Terror: How Israel is Protecting its Citizens from Threats 12/16/22

Travel to Mt. Gerazim to hear the latest on Palestinian terror and what Israel is doing to protect its citizens. Plus, Christian media giants gather in Jerusalem for an annual summit and Iran begins executing protestors amid nationwide demonstrations.

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