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Israel Strikes Back 4/19/2024

Israel strikes military targets in Iran, Syria & Baghdad. A display in Nir Oz highlights plight of hostages. A look at the Iran sanctions waiver, recently renewed by the Biden administration. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein on Israel's miracle of April 13 and 14.

Iran Attacks, Israel Weighs Options 4/16/24

Israel says it will respond to Iran's attack & US Congress pushes to approve more funding for Israeli defense. Analysis from Danny Danon and Jonathan Conricus re: attack from Iran. Rachel Goldberg talking about her son, Hersh's kidnapping on Oct 7.

Israel on High Alert 4/12/2024

The IDF prepares to retaliate if Iran strikes, Hezbollah's new weapons capabilities, David Friedman's proposal for a one-state solution and Israeli-American Dan Gordon on historic connections between Christians and Zionism & his Oct 7 specials.

Israelis Demanding Total Defeat of Hamas 4/09/2024

Benjamin Netanyahu remains committed to a Rafah invasion, analysis from Jonathan Conricus on the pullout in S. Gaza. Hostage families' painful wait and how U.S. politics affect American policy towards Israel. Dan Gordon's documentary on October 7.

White House Demands Ceasefire 4/05/2024

President Biden demands a ceasefire, while revelations emerge about behind-the-scenes White House directives undermining Israeli sovereignty. U.S. farmers help Israeli farmers bring in crops, CBN partners help immigrants to Israel get established.

Alleged Israeli Strike on Iranian Consulate 4/02/2024

An alleged Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria, killing a general.. Amb. David Friedman discusses the UN ceasefire resolution. Israel sending aid into Gaza... but who's getting it? And an excerpt from the Garden Tomb Easter service.

Resurrection Sunday in the Holy Land 2024 3/29/2024

Celebrating Resurrection Sunday in Israel during war. Paul Strand interviews Georgian and Winnie Banov about finding God in times of shaking. Plus, walking where Jesus walked in the days before his crucifixion, and a special tour of the Garden Tomb.

Explosive UN Resolution: No Link to Hostages 3/26/2024

US silent re:UN ceasefire resolution with no link to hostage return, S. Lebanon farmers protest Hezbollah using their land. 80,000 people flee homes in N. Israel. Yigal Carmon on Qatar controlling Gaza's floating pier and Jerusalem's Purim parade.

Hezbollah Attacks on North Israel Increasing 3/22/2024

The US lobbies at the UN for a Gaza ceasefire, Chuck Holton on the Hamas Ministry cooking the books re: casualties. George Thomas reports from S Lebanon, Chris Mitchell reports from Kiryat Shmona. Wounded soldiers get help from Sheba Medical Center.

Committed to Destroying Hamas 3/19/2024

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with Joe Biden and reaffirms his commitment to destroying Hamas, analysis from Israeli gov't spokesman Avi Hyman and Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council. Plus, an admonition and prayer from Gordon Robertson.

Pushing Back on US Interference 3/15/24

Fallout after Sen. Chuck Schumer's comments on Israel. Netanyahu vows victory in Rafah. Analysis from former Ambassador David Friedman and journalist/podcaster Caroline Glick. Tree planting at the Nova music festival site and repentance from Christians.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel On the Way to Total Victory’ 3/12/24

Netanyahu: Israel is on the way to total victory, internat'l Christian friends sign a resolution calling for the end of UNRWA. CBN Pres. Gordon Robertson: Biden needs a "come to Abraham" moment. Praying for Muslim brothers & sisters during Ramadan.

Resolved to Finish Hamas 3/8/24

Israel continues Gaza offensive, US threatens to withhold weapon support. CBN Pres. Gordon Robertson discusses his trip through Israel. Information emerges re: sexual violence toward women on Oct 7 and Jerusalem holds its 13th annual marathon.

UN Acknowledges Sexual Crimes by Hamas After Five Months 3/05/2024

UN recognizes Oct 7 sexual assaults by Hamas. Brig. Gen Amir Avivi discusses Gaza, the dangers of a prolonged ceasefire. IDF Officer Doron Keidar reports from Gaza. Paul Strand interviews Gil Troy on reduced support for Israel by evangelical youth.

Gaza Aid Efforts Run Amok 3/01/2024

Scores of deaths in Gaza: stampedes surround humanitarian deliveries, IDF soldiers fire in self-defense. Political analysis from former Ambassador Michael Oren and Prof. Gil Troy. Murals in Israel celebrate the courage of Israeli and Iranian women.

Striking Hezbollah in Lebanon 2/27/2024

Israel strikes deep in Lebanon in response to missile attacks, plus a look at the weaponization of social media. Expressions of friendship between Israelis and Christians and how CBN partners are helping one daycare protect children from airstrikes.

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