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Global Prayer for Jerusalem 6/2/2023

Christians pray for Israel on the Southern Steps amid protests from a few hundred ultra-Orthodox. The IAEA stops investigating Iran's nuclear program, the US unveils a strategy to battle anti-Semitism and the renovated Tower of David Museum reopens.

Israel Tour with Scott Ross 5/30/2023

Travel through Israel with Scott Ross! Explore life with Israelis living on the Gaza border and hear from a military hero who played an important role in the reunification of Jerusalem. Plus, visit a 1st-century synagogue where Jesus may have prayed.

End-Time Prophecies 5/26/2023

Are we living in what the Bible calls the “end times?” We talk to people who believe these are the days Jesus had in mind when he spoke about the end of the age, and we examine how you can prepare for the days to come.

A New Heritage of Standing with Israel 5/23/2023

Will Netanyahu get the votes to pass Israel's budget and keep his government going? Plus, people with an anti-Semitic heritage rally in support of Israel. And a Jewish man and a Christian woman unite through friendship and love for God.

Celebrating Jerusalem Reunification 5/19/2023

Israelis celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem and President Herzog and his brother reflect on the role their father played during the Six-Day War. Plus, a new novel from Joel Rosenberg depicts a scenario that seems all too real.

Israel Standing Strong in the Face of Enemies 5/16/2023

The UN hosts an anti-Israel event as the world remembers Israel's rebirth. Plus, we examine the differences between Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and their ties with Iran. And two men create art to inspire the Iranian people.

Operation Shield and Arrow Striking Islamic Jihad Sites in Gaza 5/12/2023

Operation Shield and Arrow intercepting rockets and striking Islamic Jihad sites, examining how Israeli Jews and Arabs feel about Biblical Judea and Samaria and Tim Mahoney's "Patterns of Evidence: The Search for Mount Sinai Part 2."

Operation Shield and Arrow 5/09/2023

The IDF assassinates Islamic Jihad leadership in Gaza and Israelis brace for escalation. Celebrating Israel's 75th, a possible Sino-Russian alliance and how AI could impact people of faith. Dr. Robert Jeffress receives the Friends of Zion award.

Iranian Woman Tortured for Her Faith 5/05/2023

Religious freedom is under assault globally. Plus, why does Israel have two independence days and what's the latest with military buildup outside its borders? We'll also hear from a woman who faced death in one of Iran's most notorious prisons.

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Makes Historic Visit to Israel 5/02/2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gives a historic address to Israel's Knesset, an economic visionary builds bridges with Israeli businesses and inventors, and one organization reconnects a new generation to the Bible through Israeli wine.

Israel and Allies Working Together to Face Down Terror Threats 4/28/2023

Israelis protest for judicial reform, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visits Jerusalem, Ambassador Michael Oren's book '2048:The Rejuvenated State', the history of the IDF and Mike Bickle describes the upcoming Isaiah 62 prayer and fast for Israel.

Celebrating a Miracle: Israel's 75th 4/25/2023

War in Sudan, Israel celebrates 75 years of independence and honors its fallen, professor and author Gil Troy blames terrorism on the terrorists, photos from Israel in the early 20th century and an interview with political cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen.

Iran's Crown Prince Visits Israel 4/21/2023

Iran's crown prince makes his 1st visit to Israel. Plus, conflict in Sudan threatens the Abraham Accords, Taiwanese civilians prepare to fight against a Chinese invasion, and one of the producers of "Jesus Revolution" film shares how it's changing lives.

Iran's Crown Prince Standing with Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day 4/18/2023

Israel stops to remember the Holocaust and honor the fallen. Plus, chaos in Sudan threatens to plunge the country into civil war, orthodox Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection, and pastors connect with the Jewish roots of their faith in Israel.

Rabbi Dee: Support the Good - 'It has Never Been More Urgent' 4/14/2023

Netanyahu closes the Temple Mount to Jews and non-Muslims for the rest of Ramadan, shifting alliances between Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia and an interview with Dani Dayan, Yad Vashem chairman. Space Force ramps up and Easter at the Garden Tomb.

Netanyahu: "We Will Beat Our Enemies" 4/11/2023

Israel fights terror inside and outside its borders and CBN News interviews Ron Dermer about the powers behind recent violent incidents. Plus, Finland joins NATO and we walk along the road to Emmaus, where the disciples encountered the risen Jesus.

Jews, Christians Celebrate Passover, Resurrection 4/7/23

Jews and Christians come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Exodus of the Jewish people and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; and we look at the Upper Room and Tomb of Jesus; and retrace the steps of the Israelites as they left Egypt 3,000 years ago.

Let Us Go to the House of the Lord - Holy Week in Jerusalem 4/04/2023

Walk where Jesus walked as Christians worldwide observe Holy Week and Jews celebrate Passover. Plus, Jews and Christians unite to study the Bible in Israel's parliament, and new revelations emerge about the Shroud of Turin.

IDF Surveillance from Mt. Ebal Saving Israeli Lives 3/31/2023

The US and Israel reaffirm their bond after the judicial reform crisis tests their relationship. Plus, a key biblical mountain transformed into an IDF intelligence-gathering base and CBN partners walk in Jesus' footsteps on a special tour of Israel.

Netanyahu: "Civil War is Not an Option" 3/28/2023

Netanyahu suspends his judicial overhaul plan after mass protests and nationwide strikes rock the country. Plus, the battle against terror heats up in the city of Jenin and Azerbaijan tightens its blockade on Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Netanyahu Seeking Balanced Judicial Reform 03/24/2023

Netanyahu races ahead with judicial reform and shoots down a proposal to criminalize the sharing of the Gospel. Plus, religious persecution grips Ukraine, global terror shifts, and CBN celebrates Founder Pat Robertson's 93rd birthday.

Israel on the Eve of Ramadan: Praying for Peace 03/21/2023

Jerusalem prepares for Ramadan, the battle continues over Netanyahu's efforts to bring about judicial reform, and the stakes get higher in the war on free speech. Plus, Iranians flee to the closest refuge for democracy and human rights.

Red Heifers Return to Israel: What's Next For These Biblical Animals? 03/17/2023

Strengthened ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran: what role will China play? Plus, red heifers and Jerusalem's third temple. An Israeli rabbi, his wife and a school principal help Ukrainian children and the Jerusalem Marathon: running through history.

Mideast Power Play: New Saudi-Iran Relations Ripple Across the Region 03/14/2023

The new alliance between Saudi Arabia and Iran has big implications for Israel, the Abraham Accords and the global balance of power. Plus, one author shares how Israeli innovation can repair the world. And the world's oldest Bible goes up for sale.

Iranian Parents Outraged Over Poisoned Schoolgirls 3/10/2023

Netanyahu discusses Iran's nuclear threat, international outrage over Iranian poison attacks aimed at schoolgirls. Plus, the passing of actor Chaim Topol, Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof and Natan Sharansky on Purim's meaning for each generation.

Netanyahu Slams UN Nuclear Agency Over Warning Against Attack on Iran 3/07/2023

Protests over judicial reforms shake the IDF and Netanyahu slams the UN's nuclear watchdog for warning against a strike on Iran. Plus, meet the Jewish families still living in Ukraine and get a special look at the Purim holiday in Israel.

"We Will Not Raise a Hand Against Each Other, Because We are Brothers" 3/03/2023

Benjamin Netanyahu calls for restraint after 'Day of Disruption' protests turn violent. CBN's Operation Blessing in Turkey meeting the increasing needs of the displaced and the growth of terror organization ISIS: what that means as Ramadan approaches.

IDF: Readiness to Face All Threats 2/28/2023

Violence in the West Bank as three are killed in terror attacks, and Israelis riot against Arabs in retaliation. U.S. Congressional representatives meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Turkish church helps brothers and sisters rebuild.

Churches in Turkey Working Together to Help the Dispossessed 02/24/2023

Israel fires back in response to rockets from Gaza after a successful IDF raid on a terror cell, Netanyahu begins judicial reform and Christians in Turkey stand with earthquake victims. Plus, refugees from Moldova and Odessa make Israel their home.

Shellshocked: Southwest Turkey and Syria Rocked Again by Earthquake 02/21/2023

Another earthquake in Southwest Turkey: Operation Blessing provides vital help. The U.S. pledges continued support for Ukraine, UN inspectors detect highly enriched uranium in Iran and a Christian ministry helps the disabled visit Israeli sites.

Aftermath: Operation Blessing Standing with Survivors in Turkey 02/17/2023

Chris Mitchell reports on Operation Blessing earthquake relief from Turkey, President Herzog urges restraint in Israel's judicial reform debate, the Our Crowd Summit showcases Israeli innovations and Western Wall tunnel excavations reveal new spaces.

One Week After: CBN's Operation Blessing in Turkey 02/14/2023

Chris Mitchell reports from Turkey on earthquake relief work from Operation Blessing and Israeli teams. PM Netanyahu urges Israelis to stay strong as terror threats mount, and experts call for increased US cybersecurity measures against foreign attacks.

Israeli Rescue Teams Help Find Survivors in Turkey and Syria 02/10/2023

Chris Mitchell reports from Turkey, Chad opens an embassy in Israel, Hananya Naftali discusses Middle East affairs and Mike Pompeo discusses China's spy balloon. Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz and his wife Kathryn talk about their trip to Israel.

Devastation in Turkey, Syria: Race to Rescue the Living 02/07/2023

The race to save earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, Ukrainian Jewish families immigrate to Israel, attacks against Christians in Jerusalem, religious freedom defenders expose human rights abuses and a Holocaust exhibit in Germany's Parliament.

Israel/US Joint Military Exercise Signals Strength to Iran 02/03/2023

Israel strikes a munitions site in Gaza and the military sends a warning to Iran with a joint drill with the U.S. Plus, individuals from secret Chinese police stations around the world harass and threaten pro-democracy Chinese immigrants.

Blinken Visits Following Weekend Wave of Terror 01/31/2023

Terror rocks Jerusalem as experts examine how incitement to violence begins in the classroom with young children. Plus, Iran's nuclear program, Netanyahu's efforts to shore up Israel's judicial system and the contentious turf war over the semi-conductor industry.

Escalating Tensions on Holocaust Remembrance Day 01/27/2023

Israel retaliates after Gaza rocket attack and controversy over an illegal Palestinian settlement in biblical Judea and Samaria. Plus, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and a harp concert at the Southern Steps.

Netanyahu Doubles Down Over Judicial Reforms 01/24/2023

Netanyahu fires his interior minister, proposed judicial changes meet resistance and a South African judge warns about a growing anti-Israel sentiment. Plus, British Christians ask forgiveness for their country's role in a sad chapter 75 years ago.

Showdown Between Netanyahu & Supreme Court Could Threaten New Govt 01/20/2023

Israel's Supreme Court and Benjamin Netanyahu square off over cabinet appointments and limits on the judiciary. Plus, skyrocketing COVID in China, Andrew Brunson shares about his imprisonment and the younger generation learns about the Holocaust.

Plans Proceed for Uncovering Pool of Siloam 01/17/2023

Netanyahu pushes back against judicial reform protests, excavation plans for the Pool of Siloam and positive results from the Abraham Accords continue. Plus, support for the Iran protests and a film celebrating the birth of the nation of Israel.

New Measures Under Way to Stop Attacks from Emerging Terror Groups 1/13/2023

Israel takes measures to stop attacks from new terror groups and leaders meet in Jerusalem to build on the Abraham Accords. Plus, educational change in the UAE, executions in Iran and an important message from the oldest Israeli journalist alive.

Israel Pushes Back Against Temple Mount Controversy 1/10/2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushes back against the outcry over one of his ministers' visit to the Temple Mount. Plus, saber-rattling from China and an archeologist discovers a sacrificial altar dating from 4,000 years ago.

Benjamin Netanyahu Back at the Helm 1/06/2023

Netanyahu's government gets under way and controversy erupts over Ben Gvir's visit to the Temple Mount. Plus, grave desecrations in Jerusalem, the 2022 anti-Semitism report reveals disturbing trends and a new generation learns about Zionism's founder.

Wars and Rumors of Wars: 2023 Year-Ahead Predictions 1/03/2023

Roundtable with Julie Stahl and John Waage about the incoming Netanyahu government, Iran, anti-Semitism and the Law of Return, plus analysis from George Thomas, Dale Hurd and Gary Lane on Russia, Ukraine, China, energy, Iran and the persecuted church.

2022 Year in Review: Ukraine, Refugees, Energy, Elections and Iran 12/30/2022

Roundtable with Julie Stahl and John Waage about Israeli elections, immigration and the uptick in tourism, plus analysis from George Thomas, Dale Hurd and Gary Lane on Russia, the war in Ukraine, China, energy, Iran and the persecuted church.

Israel's Changing of the Guard: Hopes for Stability, Security 12/27/2022

Netanyahu forms his government and Israelis talk about hopes and fears. Plus, Ariel University gets it right as a diverse student body lives in peace, excavations at the Pool of Siloam and we'll hear the history behind Jerusalem's famous market.

Visiting Where the Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night 12/23/2022

Visiting the fields where the shepherds may have watched their flocks by night, hearing from an expert about the Wise Men mentioned in Matthew's gospel and visiting a Bethlehem factory that produces hand-carved nativity set figures.

Netanyahu Closing in on Coalition Agreement as Deadline Approaches 12/20/22

Netanyahu closes in on a coalition agreement, a rabbi and his wife lobby for widows and orphans and a journalist weighs in on free speech. Holiday celebrations bring joy to Jerusalem and an Arab Christian shopkeeper continues his family's legacy.

Living Under Terror: How Israel is Protecting its Citizens from Threats 12/16/22

Travel to Mt. Gerazim to hear the latest on Palestinian terror and what Israel is doing to protect its citizens. Plus, Christian media giants gather in Jerusalem for an annual summit and Iran begins executing protestors amid nationwide demonstrations.

Will Saudi Arabia Join the Abraham Accords Next? 12/13/22

Leaders unite in Rome to strengthen the Abraham Accords; plus, China moves closer to Saudi Arabia; and, a new investigative documentary attempts to locate Mt. Sinai; and, ancient archaeology brings Hanukkah to life.

Abraham Accords Summit in Rome Strengthens Middle East Relations 12/09/2022

Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit fosters dialogue and cooperation in the Middle East, America's Second Gentleman speaks out against anti-Semitism and Israel brings agriculture and aquaculture innovations to the battle against world hunger.

Will Iranian Protests Overthrow the Regime? 12/06/2022

Israel's president makes a historic visit to Bahrain; plus, will Iran abolish its morality police after months of protest?; a farmer revives biblical plants; and Jerusalem shopkeepers bring the Holy Land to Christians worldwide.

UN Insults Israel's Beginnings, Pundit Sounds Alarm for US Jews 12/02/2022

A UN resolution targets Israel's existence on the international stage. Plus, Turkey continues its assault on Northeast Syria, a new initiative helps Holocaust survivors locate relatives and an Israeli journalist warns Jews in the US to flee.

Turkey Prepares to Invade Syria Amid Fears of Civilian Casualties 11/29/2022

Netanyahu's coalition talks continue, Turkey prepares for an invasion against Kurdish forces in Syria and tensions flare over an FBI investigation into a journalist's death. Plus a look at an historic UN vote and Christian Zionist friends of Israel.

Israeli Archaeology: Ancient Treasures Uncovered from Land and Sea 11/25/2022

From a new Western Wall tunnel to restoration work on an ancient site; spectacular treasures from early Christianity and bringing trees back to life, bearing fruit from Bible times, a special show on some of the latest archaeological finds in Israel.

What's Next for Likud Negotiations and Israeli Fans Attend World Cup 11/22/2022

Billions of eyes are on Qatar for this year's World Cup Tournament. Netanyahu's coalition negotiations continue and Azerbaijan takes a major step towards the Jewish state. And we dive deep into an ancient Ethiopian holiday in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Sets Deadline for Presenting New Government Within a Week 11/18/2022

Netanyahu continues forming his coalition, a historian discusses Israel's future, a fallen hero receives honor and the Climate Summit meets in Egypt. Plus, Heidi Baker reports on Mozambique and archeologists uncover an ancient Byzantine winery.

Netanyahu Promises Stability as He Begins Forming New Government 11/15/2022

Netanyahu receives the mandate to form his government. Plus a terror bombing in Istanbul, the UN condemns Israel and a new Palestinian militia forms in Nablus. We’ll hear the music of Joshua Aaron and see how Christians are rallying around Israel.

How will Netanyahu's Election Affect Israel-US Relations? 11/11/2022

Experts warn that Israel-US relations could be tested in the months ahead; plus, a hidden monastery found in the UAE; and, a Ukrainian pastor's miraculous escape from Russian captivity; and, the man on a mission to bring Christian leaders to Israel.

New Era for Israel with Netanyahu's Victory: A Look at What's Ahead 11/08/2022

What's next as Prime Minister Netanyahu begins to build a coalition and form his government? Plus, we explore the connection between Jerusalem and Brazil’s recent elections. And, we'll look at the life and legacy of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Netanyahu Makes Huge Comeback, Will Return as Israel's Prime Minister 11/4/2022

Benjamin Netanyahu makes a stunning comeback as Israel's prime minister; plus, Saudi Arabia warns of a potential imminent attack from Iran; and, visit an archaeological discovery from the time of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Unprecedented Election Day in Israel - Who Will Voters Choose? 11/1/2022

Israel holds an unprecedented 5th national election in less than four years. Plus, churches worldwide prepare to commemorate one of the worst atrocities against the Jewish people. And a diver finds ancient treasure in the Mediterranean Sea.

From Jerusalem to Tehran: Thousands Rally Behind the Women of Iran 10/28/2022

The UK's new prime minister says Jerusalem is Israel's "historic capital" and vows to fight BDS; plus, Israel gears up for its fifth election in less than four years; and protests in Iran mark a tragic milestone as demonstrations continue worldwide.

Russia Unleashes Iranian Drones in Ukraine – Is Israel Next? 10/25/2022

Russia unleashes Iranian drones on Ukrainian civilians, and it has big implications for Israel and the West. Plus, Christians from across the globe are returning to Israel after years of COVID; and a behind-the-scenes look at The Chosen series.

CBN Exclusive: Benjamin Netanyahu Tells His Story in New Memoir 10/21/2022

Benjamin Netanyahu tells CBN about his new memoir and what he hopes to accomplish if he wins Israel's upcoming election; plus, a biblical holiday brings Jews and Arabs together; and the world's largest Black church makes history in the Holy Land.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Biblical Treasure in the Judean Desert 10/18/2022

Excavations in the Judean desert unearth the biggest archaeological finds since the Dead Sea scrolls; plus, visit the hometown of Mary Magdalene; and a child's discovery opens a window into ancient Jerusalem.

Jews and Christians Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem 10/14/2022

Israel announces a "historic" maritime agreement with Lebanon – why critics say the deal is "dangerous"; plus, Jews and Christians from around the world come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles; and, can Elon Musk help protestors in Iran?

Biblical Prophecy is Being Fulfilled in the Land of Milk and Honey 10/11/2022

The dessert blooms and prophecy is fulfilled in the Land of Milk and Honey; plus, the Jewish people are returning to Israel just as the Bible prophesied; and archaeologists explore the remains of what could be the home of the Prophet Elisha.

Europe's Historic Energy Crisis Threatens Global Stability 10/07/2022

The worst energy crisis in modern history unfolds in Europe; plus, protests in Iran turn into a global movement; and, a frightening new tool leaves US Jews on high alert; and we give you a special taste of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Escalating Ukraine War Threatens to Block Russian Jews from Holy Land 09/30/22

Thousands race to escape Putin's draft orders while Russian Jews struggle to return to the Holy Land; plus, Iran cracks down on nationwide protests; and Israel's special holiday season continues with prayer and fasting.

Is Red Heifers’ Israel Arrival Prophetic Sign Hailing Messiah’s Return? 09/23/22

Israeli PM embraces two-state solution – 1st time in over a decade; and Iranian hijab protestors fill streets; plus, is recent Red Heifers’ arrival sign of Messiah’s return? And Jewish visits to Temple Mount highest since Temple destroyed in 70 AD.

Political Instability in Israel Encouraging ‘Axis of Evil’ in Terrorism 09/16/22

Israel warns of upsurge in Palestinian terrorism – what's behind it? And Israeli Defense Minister Gantz tells world leaders the way they deal with Iran now determines their future; plus, the second anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords.

Israeli Leaders Pay Tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Inspirational Legacy’ 09/09/22

Israeli leaders pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and her ‘inspirational legacy’; and mixed messages from America on support for the Iranian nuclear deal; and two unique archaeological finds from First Temple times.

Israeli Generals Urge Pres. Biden Not to Agree to Iranian Nuclear Deal 09/02/22

Israeli generals urge Pres. Biden not to sign Iranian nuclear deal; and new Museum of the Jewish People tells their story like never before; plus, Ukrainian orphans sheltering in Israel move forward in Israel given uncertainty back home.

Will US and World Powers Heed Israel’s Warning Against Iran Nuke Deal? 08/26/22

Israel warns US and others against renewing the Iranian nuclear deal – will world powers listen? And a year after US pullout, Afghanistan becomes a terrorist sanctuary; plus, could building on ancient biblical ties be the answer to Middle East peace?

With an Eye Toward the West, Turkey Reestablishes Ties with Israel 8/19/22

Turkey, Israel restore diplomatic ties; and PA leader Abbas walks back comments on the Holocaust after creating a firestorm in Germany; plus, is Iran expanding its terror network to include Al Qaeda? And, sparking a global revolution in Bible access.

Operation Breaking Dawn: 3-Day War between Israel and Islamic Jihad 8/12/22

Operation Breaking Dawn, 3-day war between Islamic Jihad and Israel; plus "Whose Land?"- a film investigating Israel’s legal foundation; and Auburn University’s basketball team visits the Holy Land - players go from the court to the Dead Sea.

20 Years After Deadly Terror Attack, Palestinian Terrorists Get a Raise 08/05/22

Twenty years after deadly terror attack, Palestinian terrorists get a raise; and huge victory against terrorism after Al Qaeda's leader killed; plus, Ukrainian orphan refugees get surprise visit from home; and 2,000-year-old coin brings past to life.

Russian Jews Who Want to Immigrate to Israel Warned to Get Out Quickly 07/29/22

Moscow threatens to close Jewish Agency, Jews wanting to immigrate warned to exit fast; and Russian soldiers kidnap CBN ministry team in Ukraine; and Magdala stone returns to Galilee; and unique Jerusalem program addresses problem of child sex abuse.

Middle East Security Agreements Unravel in Wake of Biden’s Visit 07/22/22

Mideast security agreements unravel, Abraham Accords destabilized in the wake of President Biden's trip; and meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey troubles Israel and the US; plus, Maccabiah games uniting Jewish people around the world with Israel.

What’s Behind Pomp & Circumstance in Biden’s Israel and Saudi Visits? 07/15/22

US President Biden completes three-day trip to Israel and heads to Saudi Arabia. What's behind all the pomp and circumstance? Plus, Ethiopian Jews make prophetic trip to join family in the Promised Land; and Maccabiah Games, aka the Jewish Olympics.

Human Rights Group Calls Out Palestinians for Torturing Their Own People 7/08/22

Human rights group calls out Palestinians for torturing their own people; and religious persecution and anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide; and new evidence that the Shroud of Turin could really be 2,000 years old – was it the burial cloth of Jesus?

CBN News Travels to Bahrain, UAE to Examine Progress of Abraham Accords 07/01/22

How are the Abraham Accords progressing? CBN News traveled to Bahrain, the UAE, and back to Israel, with a delegation led by author Joel Rosenberg. We’ll hear from newsmakers and architects of the historic and game-changing agreement for the Mideast.

Israel Could Head to 5th Election in 3½ Years After Political Earthquake 6/24/22

Political earthquake in Israel as Prime Minister Bennett, Foreign Minister Lapid move to dissolve their government; and Iranian-Israeli covert war comes out of the shadows; plus, the story of one Ukrainian refugee family who prayed and saw God answer.

Will Biden’s Upcoming Middle East Trip Enhance Israeli-Saudi Ties? 06/17/22

White House confirms Biden's Middle East trip, but questions remain about what will happen during his visit; and Iran removes surveillance cameras at nuclear sites - what's it hiding? Plus, Nick Vujicic & Israel's Shalva center helping the disabled.

UN Report Blasts Israel for Defending Itself in 2021 War Against Hamas 06/10/22

U.N. blasts Israel for defending itself in last year's war against Hamas; and anti-government protesters fill the streets in Iran; plus, restoring an historical place in Israel that could help defend Israel's rightful place among the nations.

Jews and Christians Gather in Israel to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 06/03/22

Jews, Christians gather in Israel to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; and could protests in Iran lead to regime change? Plus, could historic free trade deal between Israel and UAE inspire the rest of the region? And an urgent call to fast and pray.

Israel Marks Jerusalem Day, 55 Years after City Reunified in Six-Day War 5/27/22

Could the US and Saudi Arabia repair their fractured relationship and what would that mean for the region? And once again protests flare inside Iran posing a threat to the regime; and remembering the 1967 Six-Day-War and celebrating Jerusalem Day.

Could an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Succeed? 05/20/22

Israel, US reportedly to partner in military drill simulating attack on Iran's nuke program. Could an attack succeed? And a book on anti-Semitism in the UK: plus, CBN partners with Israeli groups to help disabled girls and Ukrainian Jews fleeing war.

Palestinians Blame Israel for Journalist’s Death, Refuse Joint Inquiry 05/13/22

Israel, PA spar over blame in Palestinian journalist’s death during counterterrorism raid; plus, Israeli Amb Danon tells CBN's Gordon Robertson about defending Israel at the UN; and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Israel’s 74th Independence Day Celebrations End with Deadly Terror Attack 5/6/22

Deadly terror attack on Israel’s Independence Day; plus, why is the Palestinian Authority hiding its financial reports? And a special photo archive chronicles the miraculous story of Israel; and Ukrainian child has life-saving heart surgery in Israel.

Jews, Christians in 15 Nations Remember Holocaust, Combat Anti-Semitism 4/29/22

More violence on Temple Mount as Muslim Fasting month of Ramadan nears the end; and, Israel's 1st ambassador to Bahrain updates CBN News on Abraham Accords’ progress; and Israel, and Jews, Christians worldwide remember Holocaust, fight anti-Semitism.

Temple Mount Rioting Could Destabilize Israeli PM’s Government 04/22/2022

Temple Mount rioting could destabilize Israeli PM’s government; Christians help fleeing Ukrainians on both sides of the border; Israel appoints first envoy to fight anti-Semitism; and CBN's "First Lady" Dede Robertson, goes home to be with the Lord.

Jewish Refugees Fleeing Ukraine War Become New Immigrants in Israel 04/15/2022

Jewish refugees fleeing Ukraine war become new immigrants in Israel; and the Abraham Accords gain ground in the Middle East; and Passover matzah making; plus, Resurrection: Garden Tomb to Sea of Galilee to Mount of Olives - He is risen indeed!

Israeli Archaeology: Ancient Treasures Uncovered from Land and Sea 04/08/2022

From a new Western Wall tunnel to restoration work on an ancient site; spectacular treasures from early Christianity and bringing trees back to life, bearing fruit from Bible times, a special show on some of the latest archaeological finds in Israel.

Israel Braces for New Terror Wave During Muslim Month of Ramadan 04/01/2022

Israel braces for new terror wave during Muslim month of Ramadan after 11 killed in three attacks; and God is doing miracles in the midst of the nightmare war in Ukraine; plus, Jewish refugees flee Ukraine to Moldova on their way to the Promised Land.

Ukraine: Christian Group Stays to Serve, Israel Sets Up Field Hospital 3/25/2022

Ukraine war enters second month: how one Christian group chose to stay and serve; plus, Israel sets up Ukraine field hospital to help war refugees; also, how to pray for Ukraine & avert World War III; and top Ukrainian runner wins Jerusalem marathon.

Ukrainian Church Under Fire Responds with Practical Help and Prayer 03/18/2022

Devastating war in Ukraine enters week four. George Thomas reports on church under fire responding with practical help, prayer; plus, Iranian nuclear deal edges toward signing. How will it impact Israel and region? And a prayer for people of Ukraine.

As War Rages in Ukraine, Ukrainian Jewish Refugees Arrive in Israel 03/11/2022

Ukrainian men, women prepare to defend their nation; plus, bittersweet arrival of Ukrainian Jews in Israel; and Israel braces for second Iranian nuclear deal it believes is worse than the first; and ‘Let It Go’ an angelic voice in war-torn Ukraine.

War Rages in Ukraine: Eyewitness Accounts from Kyiv and Lviv 03/04/2022

War in Ukraine rages: we have frontline reports from CBN's George Thomas and an interview with a Christian in war-torn Kyiv; plus, analysis from former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky; and Israel prepares to receive Ukrainian Jewish immigrants.

Russia Invades Ukraine, Forcing Many to Flee, While Others Stay Behind 2/25/2022

Russia invades Ukraine in the largest attack in Europe since WWII; we talk with CBN’S George Thomas on the ground inside Ukraine: plus, geo-political implications for Israel; and we hear from Kyiv's chief rabbi why he’s staying put despite dangers.

Ukrainian Jews Caught in Crossfire of Possible Russian Invasion 02/18/2022

Ukrainian Jews caught in crossfire of possible Russian invasion - will they flee? Plus, top US senator warns nuclear Iran would be global game changer; and Christian pastors among first to visit Israel after some COVID pandemic restrictions lifted.

Iran Unveils New Missile with Reported Range to Reach US Bases, Israel 2/11/2022

US officials say Iran could make enough nuclear bomb material in weeks for a bomb as White House pushes to close Iran nuke deal; and new allegations police used advanced spyware illegally against Netanyahu's son; and on-the-scene update from Ukraine.

Israel Slams Amnesty Int’l Report Charging Israel Is Apartheid State 02/04/2022

Israel slams Amnesty International report accusing Israel of being an apartheid state; plus, Iranian-backed Houthis launch missile at UAE during Israeli president’s historic visit; and how would an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program look?

Ukrainian-Russian Border Crisis: What Does It Mean for Israel? 01/28/2022

Russian troops gather on Ukraine border - what does it mean for Israel? And from heart of the conflict Christian leader tells people how to pray; plus, two Arab countries mark Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day for the first time; and snow in Jerusalem.

Historic UN Resolution Aims to Combat Holocaust Denial, Anti-Semitism 01/21/2022

UN adopts historic resolution to combat Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism; plus, Joel Rosenberg examines #1 threat facing Israel in 2022; and ... celebrating Jesus’ baptism at Jordan River; and Jerusalem Rising - the ancient city through a modern lens.

Iran Sanctions Former Trump Admin. Officials, Is It a Death Threat? 01/14/2022

Iran sanctions US officials from Trump admin. - is it a death threat? And Iranian-backed forces attack US troops in Iraq; plus, an exclusive report from Syria on the growth of democracy in region; and what does the biblical Shmitah year mean today?

Israel Plans to Double Number of People on Strategic Golan Heights 01/07/2022

Israel plans to double number of people living on strategic Golan Heights; plus, the rise of ISIS in Syria and its threat to the region; and Israeli archaeologists discover sunken treasures revealing what life was like in early Christian church.

Jerusalem Dateline’s Year in Review 12/31/2021

Jerusalem Dateline looks back at 2021 and ahead to 2022 with CBN News Senior Editor John Waage, Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl and Gary Lane of The Global Lane.

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Where it All Began 12/24/2021

A Christmas special celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth. We’ll take you to Bethlehem where it all began and follow the wisemen’s journey to find the King of the Jews; plus, the plight of Christians in the Middle East struggling during the holiday season.

Israeli PM Makes Historic UAE Visit as Israel-Iran Tensions Rise 12/17/2021

Israeli PM Bennett makes historic trip to UAE, as war of words heats up between Israel and Iran; and in Bethlehem the Church of the Nativity undergoes a major restoration; and a Christian ministry rebuilds a church for persecuted Christians in Syria.

Miss Universe Competition in Israel for 1st Time in 70-Year History 12/10/2021

First time in competition’s 70-Year history, Israel hosts Miss Universe Pageant; and Ben and Jerry's promotes BDS but where does the movement get its money? Plus, is another war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip on its way and how soon could it happen?

As World Powers Resume Iranian Nuclear Talks, Israel Fears the Worst 12/03/2021

World powers resume Iranian nuclear talks - what does it mean for Mideast, world? Plus, CBN News’ exclusive report on how Israel's Homefront Command is confronting COVID; and Artza Box and Zak's Gifts spread light and hope in the Christmas Season.

Giving Thanks in America and the Land of Milk and Honey 11/26/2021

A special look at Thanksgiving in America and the land of milk and honey.

Israel’s Next War: Defeat Hezbollah, Protect Civilians on Both Sides 11/19/2021

Israel prepares to defeat its enemy, protect civilians on both sides in next war against Hezbollah; plus, a look inside Syria with Dave Eubank; and Tower of David Museum digs into ancient past, prepares for tourists’ return to Old City treasure.

Battle for Jerusalem as US Plans to Open Consulate for Palestinians 11/12/2021

Israel, US face off over plans to open US consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem; plus, Abraham Accords one year anniversary: what's next for the historic agreements? And Christian Media Summit connects Christian journalists worldwide with Israel.

Israel Re-Opens to Individual Visitors After 1-1/2 Years of Closures 11/05/2021

Israel re-opens to individual tourists and businessmen as long as they follow the rules; and Israel passes a budget and avoids new elections; plus, the story behind the declaration that paved the way for the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Side-by-Side, Wing-to-Wing Best Air Forces Worldwide Train in Israel 10/29/2021

Blue Flag 2021 - Israel's bi-annual Air Force exercise brings together the best air forces in the world; plus, US and Israel confront each other over Jerusalem’s future: and for the first time since COVID-19 runners compete in the Jerusalem Marathon.

Lebanon on the Brink of Civil War, Will It Fall into Hezbollah Hands? 10/22/2021

Lebanon on the brink. Will Israel's northern neighbor fall into the hands of the Iranian-backed proxy Hezbollah? Plus, Israel shows what your next restaurant delivery might look like; and a relic from Middle Ages surfaces from the Mediterranean Sea.

Fmr. Sec. of State Pompeo Discusses Afghanistan, Iran with CBN News 10/15/2021

Exclusive interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussing achievements of former US administration and challenges facing this one; and violence in Lebanon over probe into Beirut blast; and, palm trees sprout from 2,000-year-old seeds.

After Afghanistan Conquest Is Taliban Setting Its Sights on Jerusalem? 10/8/2021

After Taliban conquest in Afghanistan, is Taliban eyeing Jerusalem? And Hamas gets crippling blow from former ally in war against Israel; plus, doctors & experts search for remedies to help end pandemic; and a hidden treasure in Jerusalem's Old City.

CBN Celebrates 60 Years Broadcasting to the World, Standing w/ Israel 10/01/2021

Historic: Israel opens embassy in Bahrain taking step in Abraham Accords; plus, US military leaders face angry senators about Afghanistan pullout; and CBN celebrates 60 years of broadcasting to the world & standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

Rescuing Left Behind from Afghanistan as Taliban Executes Door-to-Door 9/24/2021

Congress votes to fund Israel's Iron Dome after progressive Democrats try to defund it – is it a bad sign? And rescuing those left behind in Afghanistan as Taliban carries out executions; and the biblical Feast of Sukkot brings people closer to God.

Will the World Stop Iran from Getting Nuclear Bomb Before Time Runs Out? 9/17/21

Time running out to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb - what will the world do? And military drones - future battlefield, here today; plus, could war-torn Afghanistan become the heart of revival in the region? And call to prayer for Afghanistan.

“Enemies and Allies” 20 Years After the 9-11 Attacks with Joel Rosenberg 9/10/21

A special program: 20 years since 9-11 with New York Times Best-Selling author Joel Rosenberg. His new book “Enemies and Allies” chronicles historic changes in the Mideast; how prophecy is unfolding and what the future holds for this volatile region.

What’s Behind Highest Level Israel, PA Meeting in More Than 10 Years? 09/03/21

Israel and the Palestinian Authority hold highest level meeting in more than 10 years; and the Afghanistan pullout complete, what happens to those left behind and what impact will it have on the region? and letters to God placed in the Western Wall.

Evacuations Race Against Deadline after Afghan Explosions Kill Scores 8/27/21

Kabul evacuations continue after attacks kill more than 100; private groups charter flights to get hunted out in time; and what's the future for Afghan Christians? Plus, drug on the market since 1975 shows promise for fighting severe COVID-19 cases.

Terror Groups Emboldened by Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan 8/20/21

Terror groups emboldened by Taliban takeover of Afghanistan – what’s next? plus, Israel and Poland at odds over law preventing Holocaust survivors from reclaiming property; and ‘Jerusalem Rising’ chronicling Jerusalem's prophetic story in photos.

Abraham Accords After One Year Going Strong; Iran Still a Threat 8/13/21

One year after the Abraham Accords, relations blossom while the threat of Iran grows; and the Taliban gains ground as US troops leave Afghanistan -- what does it mean for Israel and Middle East? Plus, prophetic significance of the Abraham Accords.

Ominous Signs: Iran 10 Weeks from Nuclear Breakout; Rockets from Lebanon 8/6/21

Ominous signs: Iran installs new hardline president amid warnings Iran is weeks away from nuclear breakout; and rocket fire from Lebanon provokes tough Israeli response; plus, Jerusalem archaeologists discover evidence of giant biblical earthquake.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Jerusalem’s 3000-Year-Old City Wall 07/30/21

Israel becomes first country to give 3rd vaccine dose against COVID-19; and how Israel regained the Land the world calls the West Bank but the Bible calls Judea and Samaria; and archaeologists uncover ancient Jerusalem's 3,000-year-old city wall.

Iranian Expats Bless Israel, Ben & Jerry’s Boycotts Judea, Samaria 07/23/21

Protests rock parts of Iran, some call for an end of Islamic regime; and other Iranians make historic visit to Israel to bless the Jewish people; plus, tennis bridges Jewish-Arab divide; and Amitsim, the place where widows and orphans find refuge.

Archaeologists Uncover 3,000-Year-Old Inscription with Bible Name 07/16/21

Hamas, Islamic Jihad hold kids’ summer camps but no swimming, hiking, only shooting, marching; plus UAE opens Embassy in Israel in another step in Abraham Accords; and Israeli archaeologists uncover a 3,000-year-old inscription with a Bible name.

Lebanon in Crisis, Archaeological Wonders from Jesus’ Time 07/09/21

Lebanon faces worst crisis in decades. What if Israel's northern neighborhood falls? Plus, experts warn against re-entering Iranian nuclear deal; and archaeologists unveil wonder from Jesus’ time; and ‘Passages’ introduces young Christians to Israel.

Israelis Help Miami with Tragedy, Palestinians Protest Activist’s Murder 7/2/21

Palestinians protest murder of prominent activist making some wonder how long PA President Abbas can continue to rule; Plus, Israeli teams lend a hand to those affected by the Miami condo tragedy; and To Life: Israeli Volunteers Changing the World.

Honduras ‘Aligns with God’s Purposes’ as It Moves Embassy to Jerusalem

Honduras is 4th country to open Embassy in Jerusalem; and Iran elects ‘Hangman of Tehran’ as president: how will it impact Israel, the Mideast, & the world? Plus, Israelis on solidarity mission to stand with US Jewish community against anti-Semitism.

Will the Biden Administration Stand with Israel? 6/18/21

Israel gets a new government and a new prime minister but will this government last? And what about the new US administration? Will it stand with Israel? Plus, United Hatzalah, helping Israelis on the front lines.

Growing Global Movement Prays for the Peace of Jerusalem 6/11/21

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast: growing global movement of believers praying for the peace of Jerusalem; and an Israeli company makes water out of air, friends out of enemies; plus tourists return to the Holy Land for the first time in more than a year.

Political Earthquake in Israel: Coalition Gov’t. Formed without Netanyahu 6/4/21

Political earthquake as first time in 12 years coalition gov’t forms without Netanyahu but can it last? And CBN's exclusive interview with former US Amb. David Friedman; plus, a new president whose father was president; and remembering the 6-Day War.

Shocking Rise in Anti-Semitism Sparked by Hamas-Israel War 05/28/21

Shocking rise of anti-Semitism worldwide sparked by Hamas - Israel war; plus, Israeli expert warns Hezbollah is a greater threat than Hamas; and friends & family mourn the passing of Eilat Mazar, called by some, the Queen of Jerusalem archaeology.

Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire but Where Will It Lead? 05/21/21

Israel, Hamas agree to ceasefire but where will it lead? And Israel's Iron Dome technology, saving lives on both sides of the conflict; and we'll visit a family whose home was hit by a Hamas rocket; plus, the worst Israeli-Arab violence in decades.

Israel Under Rocket Siege, Strikes Back Hard at Gaza Terrorists 05/14/21

Gaza terror groups fire some 2000 rockets into southern, central Israel and all the way to Jerusalem. Israel responds pounding hundreds of terror targets inside Gaza Strip; plus, CBN partners provide life-saving shelter for Israelis in harm's way.

Will Israelis Finally Get a Gov’t or Are They Heading for Fifth Election? 5/7/21

Israeli President Rivlin tasks Yair Lapid with forming next government - can he succeed where Netanyahu failed? Plus former Secretary of State Pompeo addresses the threat of Iran; and praying for Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan.

‘Great Tragedy’ Hits Israel, Dozens Trampled to Death at Jewish Festival 4/30/21

Dozens killed in stampede as tragedy hits Jewish religious festival; and social media used to fuel Arab unrest in Jerusalem; plus Israel makes plans for re-opening to tourists after a year of COVID closures; and pre-pandemic tourism to the Holy Land.

Iran Ramps Up Uranium Enrichment Close to Weapons-Grade, What’s Next? 04/23/21

Iran ramps up uranium enrichment - fighter pilot, who struck Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981, explains Israel’s options; plus, unique Jewish archives rescued from Iraq, in danger; and Counting the Omer, biblical link between Passover and Pentecost.

Iran Threatens War as Israel Celebrates Its 73rd Independence Day 04/16/21

Iran threatens war, accuses Israel of attacking its nuclear facility; and Green Pass: privileges or discrimination based on vaccination status; and rare discovery unites history, the Gospels in modern Israel; and Israelis celebrate Independence Day.

Netanyahu at Holocaust Memorial: No Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Bind Us 04/09/21

US, Iran agree to talks to re-enter nuclear deal. Is Israel at risk? Plus, Iran, China agree to multi-year, multi-billion-dollar deal that critics warn increases China's Mideast influence; and Israel remembers 6 million Jews murdered in Holocaust.

Walk Through the Bible in Jerusalem in the Places of Jesus’ Passion 04/02/21

From the Mount of Olives to the Upper Room, to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - remembering the last days of Jesus in Jerusalem; plus a tour of the Garden Tomb where many believe Jesus was buried and rose from the dead.

No Clear Winner in Israel’s Fourth Election in Two Years: What’s Next? 03/26/21

After Israel's 4th election still no clear path to stable government, as anti-Netanyahu camp still tries to topple him; plus, Jewish hero Natan Sharansky on God's Purim and Passover deliverances and the connection to Soviet Jewry; and making matzah.

First Time in Decades, Judean Desert Biblical Scroll Fragments Revealed 03/19/21

For the 1st time in nearly 60 years, biblical scroll fragments found in Judean Desert are revealed; and Israeli elections - 39 parties to choose from and one question: are you for Netanyahu or against him? Plus, redemption from the rubble in Beirut.

Israel Prepares for Fourth Election in Two Years and War with Hezbollah 03/12/21

Israel poised for 4th election in 2 years, will results bring stability? and Naftali Bennett, could he be kingmaker or even become king? plus, Israel readies for war with Hezbollah; and Joel Rosenberg's new novel, about how that war could unfold.

Israel Slams ICC Decision to Investigate Jewish State for War Crimes 03/05/21

Israel slams International Criminal Court decision to investigate Jewish State for war crimes; plus an exclusive report on the Daughters of Kobani, Kurdish women who stood up to ISIS; and Follow the Lights, Jerusalem puts on a light show for Israel.

As Tension Builds Between Israel & Iran, Impact Felt on Northern Border 02/26/21

Tension builds between Israel and Iran over its nuclear program and the impact is felt up on Israel's northern border; plus, could Saudi Arabia allow a Christian church in the heart of Islam? and Written in Stone, the evidence for King David.

Rare Storm Covers Jerusalem with Snow; US Re-Enters Iran Nuclear Deal 02/19/21

Jerusalem shrouded in snow from rare Mideast storm; and Israel grapples with vaccination campaign; plus, what impact did the Abraham Accords have on the BDS Movement against Israel? and Biden calls Netanyahu and then US re-enters Iran nuclear deal.

For the First Time, Iran Admits It Could Pursue a Nuclear Bomb 02/12/21

Iran admits it could pursue a nuclear bomb; and ICC decides it’s allowed to investigate Israel for war crimes; and new Israeli drug could blunt the COVID-19 pandemic; plus disturbing parallels between the treatment of Trump supporters and communism.

Growing Threats from Iran, China - How to Pray in These Uncertain Times 02/05/21

Iran and Israel in war of words and threats - could military confrontation be near? Plus, China’s growing threat to the free world; and how to pray for a world seemingly poised for war; and how the 3,000-year-old true color purple confirms the Bible.

Stage Set for Possible Israel-Iran Clash, How Will Biden Respond? 01/29/21

Stage set for possible Israel-Iran clash; and Judea, Samaria want Washington to stay Trump's course in biblical heartland; plus do South Africans think Israel is an Apartheid state? And Holocaust remembrance at Israel's heart-wrenching memorial.

CBN News Exclusive: Amb. Friedman Details Trump’s Mideast Achievements 01/22/21

How will Pres. Biden deal with Israel, Mideast? CBN News asks former US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, about Trump’s Mideast achievements and pitfalls Biden’s team should avoid; and celebrating Jesus’ baptism on Jordan River despite COVID-19.

Iran Already Challenging President-Elect Biden, How Should He Respond? 01/15/21

How could the COVID vaccine campaign and rightwing competition impact Israeli elections?; plus Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bold move that could anger US President-elect Biden; and Iran already challenging Biden – how should he respond?

Israel in Tight Lockdown, Trouble in the US Capital, How Will It End? 01/08/21

Israel dramatically tightens its lockdown as COVID cases soar once again; and trouble in the U.S. capital, how will it end?; plus a tour of Israel in non-COVID times; and a first time discovery from Jesus day in the Garden of Gethsemane.

2020: COVID-19, the Abraham Accords, Aliyah, Going Forward to Next Year 01/01/21

From COVID-19 to the Abraham Accords to Aliyah, we'll take a look at some of the most important stories of 2020 that will continue to have an impact on Israel and the Middle East in 2021.

A Christmas Special: How the Christmas Celebration as We Know it, Began 12/25/20

A Christmas special: We'll look at how the celebration of Christmas as we know it began; plus Christians in Bethlehem at Christmas during COVID; and the Christmas story, as told in the Gospel of Luke.

Israel Prepares to Defend against Multiple, Simultaneous Aerial Threats 12/18/20

Israel takes unprecedented step in anti-missile defense; and joint Bahraini/Emirati delegation makes historic visit to Jerusalem during Hanukkah; and twin threats: China and the Global Reset; and archeologists uncover rare find in Holy Land hills.

Hanukkah Surprise! Morocco, Israel Normalize Ties in Abraham Accords 12/11/20

Morocco fourth nation to normalize ties with Israel while Saudi/Israel relations take a hit; plus the impact of COVID on Christmas in the Holy Land and how to help Christian businesses; and Jews worldwide celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

Israel, Mideast Tense after Iran’s Chief Nuclear Scientist Assassinated 12/04/20

Mideast watches, waits for Iran’s response after chief nuclear scientist assassinated; and Israel edges toward new elections; plus, ARISE, bringing Christian investors and Israeli start-ups together; and reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible.

CBN Films Examines the Evidence of Jesus Written in Stone 11/27/20

Gordon Robertson and Erin Zimmerman discuss the new CBN film Written in Stone; Scott Ross visits Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene and Julie Stahl visits Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus.

US Secretary of State Makes Historic Visit to Judea and Samaria 11/20/20

US Secretary of State makes an historic visit to Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights; plus Israel, the US and Bahrain meet for the first time in Jerusalem, Iran draws closer to the bomb and a first hand report from NE Syria while the Tower of David Museum gets an historic make over.

War Ends Between Armenia & Azerbaijan 11/13/20

The six week war ends between Armenia and Azerbaijan; Chuck Holton reports from Armenia; how will a Biden/Harris administration deal with Iran, the Palestinians and UNRWA and the ten year anniversary of JH Israel, a unique training center in the heart of Israel.

What the Presidential Race Means for the Middle East 11/06/2020

The impact of US elections on the region; an exclusive front line report from the Armenian/Azerbaijan war and a look how Bahrainis view the Abraham Accords.

US Ambassador tells CBN News: Beginning of End of Arab-Israeli Conflict 10/30/20

Exclusive: CBN News interviews US Amb. to Israel, David Friedman on historic changes in Mideast: ‘beginning of end of Arab-Israeli conflict’; Sudan joins Abraham Club; impact of US elections on the region; and which way are Israeli-Americans leaning?

UAE, Bahrain Deepen Ties with Israel as Abraham Accords Expand 10/23/20

Israel hosts historic UAE meeting, Bahrain signs deal expanding Abraham Accords; Israeli gov’t. Minister tells CBN News another normalization on the way; Armenia, Azerbaijan still warring; and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast prays for peace of Jerusalem.

CBN Exclusive: Armenian President: Turkey behind Azerbaijan-Armenia War 10/16/20

Despite ceasefire, Azerbaijan-Armenia fighting rages; Armenian president tells CBN News Turkey behind the trouble; plus Saudi Arabia could be next Gulf state to make peace with Israel; and Jerusalem Dep. Mayor leads historic women's meeting in Dubai.

Muslim Azerbaijan, Christian Armenia War over Land, Religious Disputes 10/9/20

Muslim Azerbaijan goes to war with Christian Armenia over old religious, land disputes; and Israel insists Hezbollah is hiding Beirut missile development; plus meet Israeli singer Shilo Ben Hod: and CBN Israel helps Holocaust survivors during COVID.

Netanyahu: Israel Could Take Up to a Year to Exit from COVID Lockdown 10/2/20

Israel could take a year to emerge from COVID lockdown; and the IDF helping Israelis cope with corona; plus, a Jewish leader condemns comparison of Trump to Hitler; and thousands of Christians can't come for Feast of Tabernacles but can visit online.

Lockdown: 'Synagogue May Be Closed, but Gates of Heaven Are Open' 9/25/20

Israel ramps up restrictions in its second coronavirus lockdown; and what will Yom Kippur - one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar look - like under COVID? Plus in Iran - a new survey shows many Iranians are dissatisfied with their religion.

Best & Worst of Times: Israel-UAE, Bahrain Deals, 2nd COVID-19 Lockdown 9/18/20

The best of times, the worst of times as Israel signs historic deals with UAE and Bahrain, then enters 2nd COVID-19 lockdown, what's next?; and Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system in a new documentary series; and Rosh HaShanah sounding the shofar.

Excitement High Over UAE Deal, But Some Arab States Await US Elections 9/11/20

As the Jewish High Holidays approach, Israel could face another COVID-19 lockdown; plus, excitement running high over Israel-UAE peace deal, but some Arab states are waiting for the outcome of US elections; and God at work behind the scenes in Iran.

20 Years in Jerusalem: Reporting Historical Events, Fulfilling the Bible 9/4/20

20 years of CBN broadcasting from the Mideast as Jerusalem Dateline starts season 10 – how IDF and Christian workers aided Israel’s Muslim neighbors; how Christians suffered under ISIS; and how discoveries, events make history and fulfill the Bible.

Experts Say Israel-UAE Deal Could Be an Economic Boon to Both Countries 8/28/20

US Secretary of State Pompeo visits Israel and other regional states hoping to expand the UAE-Israel peace deal; and a report on how the agreement might be an economic boon to both countries; and Israeli teens discover rare ancient gold coin hoard.

Could Israel-UAE Peace Deal Be Fulfilling Prophecy? Some Say, ‘Yes’ 8/21/20

Could Israel-UAE peace deal be part of prophecy? And a miracle in Beirut saves scores of lives in the epicenter of the devastating blast; and Israeli Air Force planes fly over Germany and the Dachau death camp for the first time ever.

Historic Israel, UAE Peace Deal Puts Judea, Samaria Sovereignty on Hold 8/14/20

Trump announces a historic peace deal between Israel and UAE; and Lebanon teeters on the brink of collapse - who is behind the explosion that decimated Beirut; and Christians there call for prayer; and CBN News’ Middle East Bureau turns twenty.

Beirut Explodes: The Blast that Changed a City, a Country and the Mideast 8/7/20

The blast that changed a city, a country and the Mideast – it left Lebanon devastated, looking for answers. Who's responsible? And what's next for Beirut, once was called the Paris of the Middle East? And a look at what the Bible says about Lebanon.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Tells CBN Sovereignty Could Happen in August 7/31/20

Israel warns Lebanon to control Hezbollah or face consequences; and CBN News interviews Israel's UN ambassador who says Israel could declare sovereignty in parts of Judea, Samaria soon; and Jewish immigration to Israel increases despite COVID-19.

Iran’s Nuclear Program Could Suffer Two-Year Setback from Blast 7/24/20

Sabotage? Iran's nuclear program could suffer 2-year setback from blast; plus NBA star asks why Turkey’s leader converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque saying Istanbul mosques aren’t half full; and excavation uncovers Jerusalem from King Hezekiah’s day.

Erdogan Declares Historic Church a Mosque, Promises to Liberate Al Aqsa 7/17/20

Turkey’s Erdogan declares Hagia Sophia a mosque, pledges to liberate Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque; plus Israel battles new wave of COVID-19 & social protests; and CBN Founder Pat Robertson explains his lifelong commitment to Israel & the Jewish people.

Black Lives Matter Movement Advances Anti-Semitism in Protests 7/10/20

Mysterious blasts rock Iran's nuclear & missile facilities: who did it? And Turkey's President wants to turn world famous church into a mosque; plus BLM advances anti-Semitism in protests; and a look at a Christian Zionist gift to the Jewish people.

Netanyahu Says Israel Still Set to Extend Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria 7/3/20

July 1 passes without sovereignty move, Netanyahu says it’s still possible; and God TV Hebrew broadcasts suspended by Israeli authorities; plus living on Golan Heights under Syrian, Iranian threat; and new discoveries from Ezra and Nehemiah’s era.

Will Israel Extend Sovereignty Over Biblical Judea and Samaria? 6/26/20

To annex or not to annex? That’s the question facing Israel about its biblical heartland; plus Israel's first Christian Arab ambassador tells Scott Ross why he stands for the Jewish State; and digging the Bible at Shiloh, Israel's ancient capital.

Does Peace Deal’s Annexation Plan ‘Divide God’s Land?’ 6/19/20

Israelis divided over annexation - what will it mean on the ground and would it divide God's land? Plus, an update on Turkey's attacks on Yazidis inside Iraq; and Aliyah - why some expect a dramatic increase in Jews returning to the Promised Land.

Battle Continues Over Israel’s Plan to Annex Parts of Biblical Heartland 6/12/20

Battle over Israel's plan to annex biblical heartland communities continues; plus, an economic plan to bring Palestinians, Israelis together; and Aliyah - Jews return to the Promised Land from all around the world and what happens when they arrive.

The Temple Mount in Israel’s Hands, 53 Years after Historic 6-Day War 6/5/20

The Temple Mount in Israel's Hands - 53 years after the historic 6-Day War, will Israel annex parts of biblical Judea and Samaria gained in that war and known as the West Bank? and In Our Hands CBN's Docudrama about the battle for Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Goes on Trial; Moves Ahead on Judea, Samaria Annexation Plans 5/29/20

Netanyahu’s trial opens on corruption charges; what will it mean for Netanyahu, Israel? Plus, will Trump Admin., Netanyahu succeed to annex parts of biblical Judea, Samaria? And the feast of Shavuot, Pentecost when God poured out the Holy Spirit.

Israel Finally Gets Gov’t; Jerusalem Excavation Reveals Jesus-Era Find 5/22/20

After a year and a half Israel finally gets a government but will it last? Plus, for the first time known a flight from UAE lands in Tel Aviv airport; a new excavation uncovers buildings dating to the time of Jesus; and the miracle story of Shalva.

China, Iran, Annexation Top Pompeo’s Agenda in One-Day Visit to Israel 5/15/20

China, Iran, Annexation top Pompeo agenda in quick trip to Israel; and ‘Shelanu’ the controversy over Israel's new Messianic cable channel; Plus Israel Rising - the miraculous rebirth of Israel; and beloved Israeli cartoonist explains ‘Dry Bones.’

Israel Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Sea of Galilee Almost Full 5/08/20

Israel re-opening, Israelis start back to work after weeks in lockdown; plus a sobering look at the plight of Mideast Christians; and good news - the Sea of Galilee is rising after years of drought; and US Christians give Lion of Judah to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Opens Door to Annex Jewish Communities in Biblical Heartland 5/01/20

Netanyahu opens door to annex Jewish communities in Israel’s biblical heartland; plus Israelis takes on coronavirus from developing a new vaccine to a state of the art hand washing appliance; and despite COVID-19, Israel celebrates its 72nd birthday.

What Part Did COVID-19 Play in Forcing Israel’s New Unity Government? 4/24/20

What part did COVID-19 play in forcing Israeli leaders to form a government? And 100 years ago world leaders gathered to establish the Jewish state; and Sid Roth on the Church after COVID-19; plus a Fountain of Tears for Holocaust victims, survivors.

COVID Battle Continues in Israel As Leaders Debate Slow Open of Economy 4/17/20

Israel battles COVID-19, plans to slowly reopen economy, protect health; and ancient plague of anti-Semitism infects Europe; plus Israel to remember Holocaust while under lockdown; and CBN Israel reaches out with hope, help to Israelis in distress.

Resurrection Sunday during Corona in Jerusalem & World, Like No Other 4/10/20

Resurrection Sunday during Corona in Jerusalem and the world like no other; and the IDF takes its stand on the front lines against invisible enemy; plus CBN broadcasts Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb’s Easter service with the timeless resurrection message.

Old City Jerusalem Deserted, Holy Sepulchre Church Closed Due to Covid-19 4/3/20

Effects of Covid-19 hit Jerusalem's Old City from the Western Wall to the Holy Sepulchre Church; and coronavirus makes this Passover for the Jewish people different than any other; plus, how you can make an eternal impact during this global pandemic.

Israel on Verge of Political Breakthrough as Pandemic Battle Continues 3/20/27

Is Israel nearing political breakthrough as it battles coronavirus? Plus, Jewish people return to Promised Land even during pandemic; and Pres. Trump wishes CBN founder Pat Robertson happy birthday; and join CBN News on a virtual Holy Land Tour.

Nations Close Borders, Battle Invisible Coronavirus Enemy 3/20/20

Nations scramble to control coronavirus as the US, China exchange barbs about the source of the trouble; plus, why Iran is the worst hit country in the Middle East; and join us from your home as we take you on a virtual tour of the Holy Land.

Israel Closes Schools, Cancels Flights, Quarantines as Corona Spreads 3/13/20

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Israeli Researchers Working on Solution to Global Scourge of Coronavirus 3/06/20

Israeli PM Netanyahu comes out on top in Israel's election, but can he form a coalition? Plus, Jewish leaders address the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe; and Israel takes on coronavirus. Can researchers provide the solution to this global scourge?

Israelis Go to Vote for the 3rd Time in a Year, Who Will They Choose? 2/28/20

Israelis vote for 3rd time in a year. Will they choose - PM Netanyahu or former IDF Chief Gantz? Plus, Israel takes on coronavirus from masks to hand sanitizer to possible vaccine; and ‘I Am Patrick’ CBN's new documentary on Ireland’s patron saint.

Nearly a Million Flee Fighting in Northeast Syria, When Will It End? 2/21/20

Nearly a million flee fighting in NE Syria; plus a ministry & family who run into battle & share Jesus’ love; and Bnei Anusim, the prophetic story of millions rediscovering their Jewish past; and Western Wall prayers for China & an end to Coronavirus.

Israel, US Condemn UN ‘Blacklist’ of Companies in Biblical Heartland 2/14/20

Israel, US condemn UN ‘blacklist’ of companies in Biblical Heartland; plus former Trump advisor on Israel, Jason Greenblatt, tells CBN News the strategy behind the Deal of the Century; and OurCrowd - the latest Israeli innovations changing the world.

Palestinian Violence Surges in Wake of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ 2/7/20

Palestinian violence surges in the wake of Trump's ‘Deal of the Century’; and Jerusalem - the thorniest issue - Palestinians want more than offered; plus an Israeli innovation could help stop spread of Coronavirus and fulfill biblical prophecy, too.

Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ - Will it Succeed Where All Others Failed? 1/31/20

Pres. Trump unveils ‘Deal of the Century’ - will it succeed where all others failed? And exclusive interview with US Ambassador Friedman, an architect of the deal; plus analysis from author Joel Rosenberg; and Dachau’s youngest survivor’s story.

Exclusive: VP Pence in Jerusalem Tells CBN Anti-Semitism is Alive & Well 1/24/20

US VP Pence to CBN News: anti-Semitism alive and well, while world leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation and on the ground a report from the Nazi death camp; plus European leaders address growing anti-Semitism.

Major Unrest in Iran – The Beginning of the End for the Islamic Regime? 1/17/20

Does unrest in Iran signal beginning of the end for the Islamic regime? Plus Scott Ross visits 1st century town of Magdala and synagogue where many believe Jesus preached; and Passages - Christian students visit Israel for a life changing experience.

Soleimani’s Legacy: Masses of Shia Militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria 1/10/20

Iran retaliates for US killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani; what's next for the Middle East? And did an Iranian missile down a Ukrainian airliner? Plus Soleimani's legacy - hundreds of thousands of armed Shia militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria.

Mideast on Edge after US Assassinates Iranian General, What’s Next? 01/03/20

Mideast on edge after US kills top Iranian general; Israel braces for what's next; plus Jerusalem to help Arabs integrate into workforce by teaching Hebrew instead of hatred; and Empowered-21 celebrating the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Jerusalem.

Season of Light! Christmas & Hanukkah in Jerusalem & Around the World 12/20/19

It's all about light -- a Christmas and Hanukkah special! We'll take a look at the beginning Christmas celebrations as we know them today; and the eight days of Hanukkah - a victory story; plus the story behind a beloved Christmas carol.

2019: Historic Israeli Elections, Iranian Threats, Biblical Treasures 12/27/19

Significant trends of 2019: Israeli leaders fail to form a government; Iran continued to threaten Israel; Turkey invaded Syria forcing Christians, others to flee; and Israeli archaeologists uncovered biblical treasures; plus what’s ahead in 2020?

It’s Official: Israelis Head to 3rd Nat’l Elections in Less Than a Year 12/13/19

It's official: third Israeli national elections in a year. Will a coalition finally come together? And a shocking story: Christian refugees persecuted by a UN agency; plus Lebanese businessman donates Hitler artifacts to Israel's Holocaust memorial.

Christian Businesspeople Fight BDS by Doing Business with Israel 12/06/19

Iranians defy tyrannical regime, cry for freedom. Could Iran’s Islamic Republic collapse? Plus NATO leaders question Turkey’s role at 70th anniversary meeting; and Christian businesspeople visit Israel, take on BDS by blessing instead of boycotting.

Iranian Protesters Shout Death to Supreme Leader Khameni 11/29/19

After indictment, Netanyahu faces new political threats. Can he survive? Plus, Iranian protesters call for regime overthrow; and why Israelis live on the Golan Heights when Iranian threat is so nearby; and world's fastest growing church is in Iran.

Political Earthquake as Netanyahu Indicted, Still No New Government 11/22/19

Political earthquake as Netanyahu indicted on fraud, bribery charges; will he be overthrown or can he hold onto power? Plus uproar as US says Israeli settlements not illegal; and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson on why Christians stand with Israel.

Millions of Israelis Take Cover as Terrorists Fire Hundreds of Rockets 11/15/19

Millions of Israelis take cover as Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets; will a shaky cease fire hold? Plus Turkey's President Erdogan meets President Trump, who says NE Syria ceasefire is holding. But those on the ground tell a different story.

Turkish-Backed Jihadist Forces Assaulting ‘Zone of Death’ in NE Syria 11/8/19

Turkish-backed Jihadist army keeps up assault on 'zone of death' in NE Syria -- who will help? And could Turkish invasion be just first step in Erdogan's dream of a Greater Turkey? Plus a stunning tribute to a Free Burma Ranger who died saving lives.

‘Soft’ Ethnic Cleansing as Jihadists Steal Christian Lands in NE Syria 11/01/19

Christians, Kurds caught in crossfire as fighting continues in NE Syria; plus ‘soft’ ethnic cleansing as Jihadists steal Christian lands; and South Africans premiere biblical musical of Daniel in Jerusalem to bless the Jewish State.

Major Powers Vie for Control in NE Syria, Christians Warn of Genocide 10/25/19

Major powers vie for control in NE Syria as Trump suggests Kurds flee to oil rich areas, Christians warn Turkey might commit genocide; and will Netanyahu's opponent form gov’t where he failed?; plus Love in the Face of ISIS - praying for the MidEast.

US, Turkey Agree on Ceasefire in NE Syria, Will It Hold? 10/18/19

US, Turkey agree on ceasefire in NE Syria but SDF, Assad & Russians aren’t part; plus CBN's Chuck Holton & George Thomas report from front lines on human cost, humanitarian efforts; and thousands of Christians celebrate biblical Sukkot in Jerusalem.

NE Syria under Turkish Assault: Who Will Help Kurds, Christians? 10/11/19

Thousands flee as Turkey assaults NE Syria after US troops withdraw: who will help Kurds, Christians? And anti-Semitism flares with attempted Yom Kippur synagogue attack in Germany; plus tens of millions of Christians pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Exclusive: CBN News Visits Saudi Arabia as Desert Kingdom Opens to World 10/4/19

Exclusive CBN News report from Saudi Arabia; US Evangelical leaders sit down with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman; and the Desert Kingdom opens up to the world with a new vision; plus young Saudis describe the changes going on inside their country.

Ahead of Jewish Holy Days, Netanyahu Asked to Form Israel’s Next Gov’t 9/27/19

Israel, Iran face off at UN while the US boosts its military presence in the Gulf; plus Israeli PM Netanyahu asked to form government, will he succeed? And the shofar sounds as an ‘alarm clock for the soul’ as Israel readies for High Holy Days.

Will Israelis Form Unity Gov’t or Could They Go to Polls for Third Time? 9/20/19

Israelis vote but end up without clear winner again - will a unity government emerge or will there be third election? And Mideast braces for possible Iran war after attack on Saudi oil facility; and Tel Aviv: a modern city fulfilling ancient prophecy.

Why Evangelical Delegation Met Saudi Leaders on Eve of 9-11 Anniversary 9/13/19

Why did Evangelical Christian leaders meet Saudi leaders on the eve of the 9-11 Anniversary?; plus Netanyahu riles the Arab world with a campaign pledge to annex the Jordan Valley; and we ask Israeli voters in Tel Aviv who they'll choose.

Are Israel’s Upcoming Elections Really a Referendum on Netanyahu? 9/6/19

Israeli PM flies to London to meet Britain's PM and US defense secretary to discuss danger of Iran; plus Israelis get ready for national elections for the second time within months; and United Hatzalah - Israel's innovative answer to emergency care.

Israel Iran Shadow War Comes into the Open 8/30/19

Israel’s and Iran’s Shadow War comes into the open; the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast goes to the Hague and Scott Ross discovers archeological treasures in Magdala on the Sea of Galilee.

The Real Agenda Behind the BDS Movement, 8/23/19

President Trump says Democratic Jews are disloyal to Israel if they support Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib; the true agenda of the BDS Movement and Save a Child’s Heart celebrates 5000 surgeries to save lives.

Israel Bans Tlaib, Omar over BDS, Lets Tlaib Visit Grandma, She Refuses 8/16/19

Israel bans Omar, Tlaib over BDS support, grants Tlaib visit to Grandma, but Tlaib rejects it; and prophecy fulfilled as new immigrants arrive in the Jewish homeland; plus Scott Ross takes us to biblical town of Hebron to see the controversy there.

From Turkey-Syria Border to Iraq & Persian Gulf Mideast Is Heating Up

From the Turkish-Syrian border to Iraq and the Persian Gulf ... we’ll examine the hot spots throughout the Middle East; plus the rise of anti-Semitism around the world; and CBN’s Scott Ross takes us along on a Gaza Border Reality Tour.

Israel’s Arrow 3 Missile Test Intercepts Iran-type Ballistic Missiles 8/2/19

US, Israel carry out unprecedented test of Arrow 3 Weapon System as Iran continues to threaten the end of the Jewish State; plus, ‘Rise and Kill First’ Israel's first strike strategy; and the story of Truman’s historic decision to recognize Israel.

One of the Greatest Mysteries: Where is the Ark of the Covenant? 7/26/19

Persian Gulf crisis: who will blink in stand-off between Iran, England & US? And rifts in Democratic Party as US House passes anti-Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions resolution; and Ark of the Covenant exists as it did 2,700 years ago but where is it?

Int’l Artists Combat Anti-Israel Movement One Painting at a Time 7/19/19

Combating anti-Israel movement worldwide one painting at a time; and hundreds of new immigrants arrive to make Israel home fulfilling biblical prophecy; plus an ancient altar dating back to Genesis could it have belonged to the biblical Melchizedek?

Iranian Muslims Meeting ‘Man from Nazareth’ by the Millions 7/12/19

As tensions flare between the US and Iran, a picture emerges of an Iran few are seeing – revival in the church; and recent archaeological discoveries from the pilgrim road to the Temple from Jesus' day to ancient Ziklag where David escaped King Saul.

Jerusalem Dateline: 7/5/19 They Fought ISIS for the World

A special program on the Kurdish people. Will these people who fought ISIS ever get their own homeland? CBN News joined Christian leaders who met the Kurds face-to-face and heard why they believe it’s important to stand with the Kurdish people.

US Unveils First Step in Israeli-Palestinian ‘Deal of the Century’ 6/28/19

Landmark economic conference convenes in Bahrain, the first step in Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ but will it work? Plus a discovery in the City of David may be where man began to worship one God from Genesis; and American football comes to Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/21/19 Will Iran Send Hezbollah to War Against Israel?

US and Iran seem on the brink of war causing concern that Iran could send Hezbollah to attack Israel; plus an alarming report on rising anti-Semitism in Germany; and Christian leaders from around the world coming to Israel for a Jerusalem Encounter.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/14/19 CBN News Gets Rare Look at Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

Another attack on Persian Gulf shipping raises the stakes between US, Iran; plus CBN News gets a rare look inside the biggest Hezbollah terror tunnel exposed by IDF; and the rising Sea of Galilee: some call it a miracle.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/7/19 Sifting Treasures from Under the Temple Mount

The 1967 Six-Day War’s global impact, when Jerusalem was reunited after more than 2,000 years; plus sifting treasures from under the Temple Mount - what it means for the Jewish people; and counting the Omer - how it’s connected to Pentecost.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/31/19 Israelis to Vote in Historic Back-to-Back Elections

Israelis head to the polls again in a first-ever back-to-back election after Netanyahu fails to form a coalition government; and CBN's Scott Ross joins us for a special show looking at some of his most important stories from the Holy Land.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/24/19 Arsonist Destroys Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio

Iran, US keep up war of words but how strong is Iran's military? Plus an arsonist destroys a major Christian ministry's Jerusalem television studio but Daystar promises to rebuild; and a team of Israelis brew beer from yeast thousands of years old.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/17/19 - Iran and the US on the Brink of War

Tensions flare between US and Iran – will it lead to war? Also Israeli officials and Christian leaders celebrate the anniversary of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem and Eurovision comes to Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/10/19 Israel Says No Nukes for Iran, as US-Iranian Tension

Tensions flare between US and Iran -- where will it lead?; and ceasefire after Israel bombarded with 700 rockets in two days; plus, Israel mourns it's fallen soldiers and terror victims and then celebrates its 71st birthday.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/3/19 - As Anti-Semitism Rises, Israel Remembers Holocaust

Israel pauses to remember the Holocaust but new reports show anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise especially in US and Europe; and a California synagogue is attacked, killing one -- where will it end? plus, the Bible -- Israel's deed to the Land.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/26/19 US Peace Plan about Business, Core Issues

What will the long-awaited US peace plan look like? Kushner says, business and core issues; plus could relations with one of Israel's best Muslim allies be a model for co-existence? And Ezekiel's Valley of Dry Bones comes to life in new musical work.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/19/19 Jews, Christians Celebrate Passover, Resurrection

Jews and Christians come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Exodus of the Jewish people and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; and we look at the Upper Room and Tomb of Jesus; and retrace the steps of the Israelites as they left Egypt 3,000 years ago.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/12/19 - Netanyahu Stays In Power as Israel “Lands” on Moon

History in the making as Netanyahu set to become Israel's prime minister for the fifth time; and bittersweet for Beresheet -- Israel's spacecraft orbits the moon but crash lands on the surface; plus a new women's group combats anti-Israel sentiment.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/5/19 Pivotal Israeli Elections to Decide Netanyahu’s Fate

Israelis head to polls in pivotal elections -- what impact will Trump have on the results? Plus White House invites Evangelicals to discuss the Mideast peace plan; and two rare discoveries from the City of David bring Bible characters to life.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/29/19 Trump Formally Recognizes Israeli Golan Sovereignty

It’s official! Trump signs order recognizing Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights; plus Hamas missile lands deep inside Israel, sparking new round of violence; and an ancient Jewish village from Jesus’ time discovered inside Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Dateline: CBN Exclusive with Secretary Pompeo in Jerusalem 3/22/19

Israel celebrates Trump's decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights; plus CBN News exclusive interview with US Secretary of State Pompeo - from geo-politics to faith; and Purim, the Jewish people celebrate deliverance then and now.

Jerusalem Dateline: Hamas Launches Rockets at Tel Aviv, Israel Hits Back 3/15/19

Hamas launches rockets at Tel Aviv - Israel fires back; and dozens dead from terror at two New Zealand mosques; and the Moses Controversy -- did he really write the first five books of the Bible? And Christians Run for Zion in the Jerusalem Marathon.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/8/19 Hopes Rise as Trump Says US Troops Stay in NE Syria

ISIS nears defeat as Trump says 100% he'll leave troops in NE Syria; Plus Israel's Gaza border heats up and Israel's prime minister shows the world how a wall can work; and OurCrowd brings together innovators and investors to change the world.

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