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Bonds of Friendship with Papua New Guinea 9/29/2023

Armenian Christians fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh, Hananya Naftali combatting anti-Israeli press with his social media posts, and bonds of friendship between Israel and Papua New Guinea, the first Pacific Island nation to locate its embassy in Jerusalem.

Israeli Movement Aims to See 3rd Temple Rebuilt in Jerusalem 9/26/2023

Israel comes to a standstill on the holiest day of the year; plus, a quest to find the missing ark of the covenant; and a growing movement to rebuild the third temple in Jerusalem.

Israeli-Saudi Relations on the Horizon 9/22/2023

Netanyahu highlights threats facing Israel and the potential of normalizing ties with Saudi Arabia on a trip to the US. Plus, an author unveils how Israel is sabotaging Iran's nuclear program, and grassroots prayer movements spring up in Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu to Speak with Biden, Address UN 9/19/2023

Prime Minister Netanyahu travels to the US to meet with President Biden, other world leaders and Elon Musk. Five Americans return to the US from Iranian imprisonment, UNESCO declares Jericho a Palestinian Heritage site and OB brings help to Morocco.

Global Shakings on the Eve of Rosh Hashana 9/15/2023

Floods in Libya and an earthquake in Morocco, where Operation Blessing is on the ground. The struggle for human rights in Iran one year after Mahsa Amini's death. Plus, climate change or climate hoax? And bringing in Rosh Hashana with the shofar.

Operation Blessing Helps Earthquake Survivors in Morocco 09/12/2023

CBN's Operation Blessing helps survivors of Morocco's 6.8 earthquake, Ambassador David Friedman talks about the documentary he made with Mike Pompeo about Israel's Biblical Highway, and ancient Roman swords are found in a cave at En Gedi.

The Oslo Accords - Thirty Years Later 09/08/2023

The Oslo Accords thirty years later, Papua New Guinea opens an embassy in Jerusalem, an Israeli initiative supports Arab and Israeli women in tech and three ultra-Orthodox Jewish filmmakers produce an educational virtual reality film shot in Auschwitz.

The Bible Comes Alive at Ancient Shiloh 9/05/2023

Dr. Scott Stripling updates CBN News on the ongoing excavation at ancient Shiloh in biblical Samaria. The dig is uncovering the site of the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, and the location of the priestly portion of animal sacrifices.

Israelis Urge Leaders to Wage War on Terror 09/01/23

Israel is concerned its northern border is about to erupt in violence. Plus, Israelis call for a war against terrorism, Afghan refugees resettle in North Dakota, and we remember Jewish bravery in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Explore How the Bible Was Created with CBN Films' "Oracles of God" 8/29/2023

Dive into the story of how the Old Testament was created with this special look at CBN Films’ documentary "Oracles of God.” Travel through 2,000 years of history, unlock biblical truths, and hear from the film’s creator.

Israel a Key Issue in the 2024 Race for the White House 08/25/23

We examine what the US election season means for Israel and the stunning rise of AI. Plus, Christians in Pakistan are brutally attacked, and Korean Christians rally in in Washington for North Korean defectors.

CBN News Experts Analyze Today's Biggest Global Issues Involving Israel 08/22/23

From CBN's headquarters in Virginia, our experts analyze a potential Israeli-Saudi Arabia peace deal, the US deployment of thousands of troops to the Persian Gulf, and a prayer movement shaking Taiwan amid threats of a Chinese invasion.

Israel Blasts US Plan to Unfreeze Billions in Iranian Funds 08/18/23

Israel blasts a deal between the US and Iran and Sudanese Christians stand strong during civil war. Plus, an evangelical organization's future in Israel could now be in question, and Christian leaders in Poland connect with Jewish history.

Remembering CBN’s Scott Ross: A Friend of Israel & Lifelong Broadcaster 8/15/23

Is Saudi Arabia getting ready to join the Abraham Accords? Plus, we explore an unfolding plan to unfreeze billions in Iranian funds to release American prisoners. And we honor the life of CBN's Scott Ross life and his love for Israel.

Korean Christians Pray for Israel and Reunification with the North 8/11/23

On this special edition of Jerusalem Dateline, we go to the border between North and South Korea to learn about a prayer movement asking God to reunify the country and bring Jews back to the Promised Land.

Go Behind the Scenes in The Making of 'Oracles of God' 8/8/2023

Tensions simmer as terror erupts in Tel Aviv. Plus, Anne Graham Lotz talks about the fulfillment of prophecies and her lifelong connections with Israel. We'll also peak behind the scenes of the making of CBN Films' "Oracles of God."

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