Dr. Mark Stengler: The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies

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With a passion to combine the best of conventional and natural medicine, Dr. Stengler treats patients with a myriad of problems—everything from severe food allergies to perimenopausal symptoms at his clinic in San Diego, La Jolla Whole Health.   As a licensed Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Stengler is also trained as a general health practitioner, studying the same sciences as conventional MD’s, including lab diagnosis, pharmacology, prescription drug use, and minor surgery.

Health Care Hierarchy
Dr. Stengler says the U.S. healthcare system works from an “emergency medicine” standpoint.  “People get sick and we try to rescue them after the fact.  Instead, the goal should be to prevent these things from happening.”  He believes the “health care hierarchy “ of treatment should be:

1)  Good nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise

2)  People with conditions should use alternative supplements (it’s more cost effective, and the risk of toxicity is miniscule compared to pharmaceuticals.  Studies show 0-2 deaths from taking supplements per year are reported)

3)  Pharmaceutical drugs, surgery  (Studies show over 100,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs per year are reported)

He adds, “In our country we skip step #2. There’s a myth that these natural remedies aren’t scientifically proven.  It’s not true.  God has designed us to be the most compatible with natural substances.  I’m not against using pharmaceuticals or conventional medicine.  It’s just that some of these treatments have been used for thousands of years and really work—we’re not experimenting on people!”

Principles of holistic health
All the natural remedies in his book are compatible with Dr. Stengler’s “Six principles of Holistic health.”  They are:
               1.  Do no harm
               2.  Tap into the healing power of nature
               3.  Find the cause
               4.  Treat the whole person
               5.  Preventative medicine is your best medicine
               6.  Your doctor is your teacher

Dr. Stengler will show us five natural dietary supplements:  Ashwaganda (Ash-wah-gahn-da) reduces stress and increases energy, Butterbur herb reduces migraine headaches, Caralluma shrub suppresses appetite and decreases belly fat, Pine Bark Extract  helps treat arthritis, diabetes, asthma,  etc., and Tocotrienols  (Toco-tree-anols) reduces plaque in arteries.

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