Former Muslims: ISIS Not Islamic? We Beg to Differ

JERUSALEM, Israel -- U.S. and Arab warplanes continue to hit Islamic State targets in Syria Friday, targeting the stronghold of Raqaa.

The coalition is also drying up the terror group's money supply by bombing oil refineries that generate millions of dollars a day.

Meanwhile, the debate over President Barack Obama's strategy to take down ISIS continues, with some even questioning the way he views the terror group.

When he announced his plan to defeat ISIS earlier this month, he made it a point to declare the Islamic State is not Islamic.

"Now let's make two things clear. ISIL is not 'Islamic.' No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL's victims have been Muslim," Obama noted in his Sept. 10 speech.

It may not be the Islam the president wants, but some former Muslims say the religion and practices embraced by the Islamic State come straight from the Koran.

"They are following Islam's Prophet Muhammad's in every detail. They imitate him by growing their beards, shaving their mustaches and in the way they dress," Brother Rachid, a former Muslim who grew up in Morocco, said.

Rachid, who hosts the television show "Daring Questions," gave the following response to Obama's claim.

"I can speak with confidence that ISIL speaks for Islam," he said. "Allow me to correct you Mr. President. ISIL is a Muslim organization. Its name stands for Islamic State so even the name suggests that it is an Islamic movement."

"Their leader, Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi, holds a Ph.D. in Islamic studies," he noted. "I doubt you know Islam better than he does."

"You think that ISIL does not speak for Islam because they beheaded an American and they killed whom those they consider infidels," Rachid continued. "In the same way Islam's Prophet Mohammad beheaded in one day between 600 and 900 adult males in a Jewish tribe."

"In fact, beheading is commanded in the Koran in Sura 47, the 4th verse. It says when you meet the unbelievers and fight; smite at their necks," he quoted the Koran.

And former Muslim Nonie Darwish says it all leads toward the ultimate goal stated in the Koran.

"This idea that what ISIS is doing is un-Islamic is not true at all. It's pure Islamic," she told CBN News. "The goals of the Islamic State is to empower itself to control the whole of the Middle East and expand to achieve the goals of Islam of converting the whole world into one Islamic state forcing Islam on the rest of the world."

Rachid adds that just because these radicals kill other Muslims, it does not make them un-Islamic.

"You might ask why does ISIL kill other Muslims. The answer is that they consider them infidels, not Muslims," he explained.

Both Rachid and Darwish warn that political correctness masks the true danger of ISIS and puts the whole world at risk.

"Our children in the next 20 years might be fighting door-to-door in America with ISIS on the streets of America," Darwish warned. "People have to wake up because the essence of our Judeo-Christian values and our way of life is at stake."

"And it's not just Israel," she added. "It's not Israel. Israel is just the front line. This is all of the Western civilization, and we are getting into a very dark period of history."

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