Leaving Eden with Brandon Heath

CBN.com - Brandon began writing music around the same time he received his first guitar.“ I got it for a Christmas gift. I needed something to help me figure out how to write words to a song, so the guitar was the tool for it,” he said. “I guess songwriting kind of just went along hand-in-hand with the guitar.”

In high school, Brandon was a member of the choir and was encouraged by his teacher to keep singing, which turned about to be the first time he considered taking music seriously.

“I was a part of Young Life, which is an outreach organization. I was singing songs for them over the summer. I’d take my guitar and lead club songs, which are usually songs you hear on the radio, but then I’d start singing a couple of my own songs, and they really loved hearing me sing,” he said. Young Life was Brandon’s first audience.

Brandon has been writing songs since he was 13 but he says a lot of the songs on the new album, Leaving Eden, came with a bit of a struggle.  There were “moments when I had no idea what God wanted me to say,” says Brandon. 

“Your Love” was the first song written for the new album.  Co-writing partner Jason Ingram and Brandon felt the pressure because of the success of the last song they wrote, “Give Me Your Eyes.”  Brandon and Jason prayed and asked God to give them direction.  “We felt He wanted us to keep it simple and talk about His love,” says Brandon. 

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