Priscilla Shirer: Finding Balance in Motherhood

CBN.com - Priscilla Shirer ministers to thousands of women across the globe.  Her transparency and energy level are matched only by her famous parents, Pastors Tony and Lois Evans. Her quick wit is a family trait , too.
Despite her strong calling to women’s ministry, Priscilla says it’s the men in her life that have top priority - her husband Jerry and their two sons Jackson and Jerry Jr.  And although many of her dreams are now a reality, she is the first to admit that balancing motherhood and ministry isn’t  always a fairy tale.

“You know, balancing this crazy life is just like every other mother,” Priscilla explains. “It is a continuous matter of prayer, a continuous matter of pulling my hair out and going, ah! Lord…what did I get into this? How do I balance this? That is just life -- that is just the nature of every moms life I am sure -- just trying to keep it all balanced.”

Priscilla says she will never forget  one morning  when God displayed his faithfulness and ability to balance her life.

“I was pregnant with my second son at the time, Jackson was 18 months. At the time a very demanding, too demanding travel schedule to be honest…,” Jackson admits. “And to be honest, I was shedding a tear or two. I was looking at life, saying…this is not working. How am I going to be able to handle all of this?”

And just as I was crying out to the Lord, the sun came up…the birds starting singing, the flowers were opening up, dew was on the grass. I just kind of saw the world come to life, and as clear as a bell, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Priscilla, if I can handle all of this…don’t you think I can take care of your life too?' And I will never forget…God promised He would balance my life for me."

When it comes to family, Priscilla says she was raised with some shining examples.  Her parents taught her by example about motherhood and ministry.

“I didn’t know the terminology for it then,” Priscilla says, “but now I know that it is called integrity. That the same people they were at church, that is exactly who they were at home. The same guy that people would listen to on the radio, talking about the importance of family…He meant that…I just saw the sacrifice they made to be my parents.”

“I know cognitively that my parents had a very busy life, “ she continued, “and I know the demands on my parents have been many, but I don’t have any experiential recollection of them not being there for me. My parents taught me that family has to be our priority.”

Despite the business of her life, Priscilla’s still managed to write books, like He Speaks to Me and Discerning the Voice of God.

“I would sit there thinking to myself, ‘How in the world did you hear God’s voice that clearly?’ You know when God is speaking to you! The Holy Spirit just began to stir in me a desire for more,” Priscilla says.

Priscilla tries to make time to read her Bible and pray  every morning. However, she says it’s more about heart than habit.

“Some of the great moments that I have had, sweet and tender moments when I know He is there…when His presence has been with me…has been in my bedroom when I am having my quiet time,” Priscilla says. “…I used to feel guilty about not having a quiet time if it just didn’t happen that day, but now I realize that it might be God’s opportunity to say, listen…’I just want all day today.’”

Priscilla hopes  that sharing her experiences will help all women hear that still, small voice even in the fast and furious pace of motherhood.

She says, “I can’t tell you how many times I have been out walking with the kids and something natural will happen -- just with nature --- and in that one little thing, the Lord speaks to me so clearly….Seeing God in the regular stuff of life -- that is what Christianity is supposed to be about.”

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