Shaneen Clarke: Ministering to All Walks of Life


Shaneen Clarke was born in London and is from a Hindu Punjabi background.  Her father was in the East Indian Army and lived in London.  Though her parents did not formally accept Jesus as their Savior until Shaneen was older, they sent her to Sunday school and she had a Christian-based education. 

At the age of 14, Shaneen was engaged to marry an Indian man.  Her parents arranged a marriage, because they were afraid Shaneen would become unruly and marry a white, English man.  As a result of the upcoming arranged marriage, she became suicidal and overdosed on pills.   About that time, one of Shaneen’s uncles asked her father if she could attend an Elim Christian Camp Conference.  She gave her heart to Jesus at this meeting, and she hoped He would release her from the arranged marriage, and He did. 

She began to evangelize in her neighborhood, which led to her family getting saved.  Shaneen also joined a local Assemblies of God church.  Her pastor gave her the book, Daughter of Destiny, about American evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman.  This book inspired her to pray for a heaven-sent anointing on her life.  Hungry to understand more about God and the Holy Spirit, she read more books by great men and women of the Christian faith, such as A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.  Her heart for the lost began to grow. 

Soon her parents allowed her to have weekly prayer meetings at their house, where many young people found Christ as their personal Savior.  News spread at her church about the meetings and adults wanted to attend too. 

Her passion to serve the Lord grew.  Sixteen-year-old Shaneen was invited to speak at an evening service.  The title of her message was “Dare to be Great,” which was a teaching about David and Goliath. 

During this time of spiritual growth, Shaneen hoped to enroll in a Bible college.  However, her parents encouraged her to marry a deacon of the church when she was 17.  Early in the marriage, Shaneen found herself in an abusive situation.  She stayed in her marriage for almost ten years and had two children.  After her marriage ended, she took a break from ministry and went into business and modeling; however, her call to ministry never left.  About seven years later, she returned to ministry.  She married again, this time to an English businessman (to the delight of her father), Martin, who had been radically converted to Christianity.


When Shaneen returned to ministry, she sensed God wanted her to empower women and men to lead their lives to the full, using their God-given gifts and potential.  Also, she felt God wanted her to reach out to the wealthy and famous.  She founded A Woman’s Call Ministries in 2003 after a powerful encounter with God and a prophetic word from Cindy Jacobs.  The ministry is to women, and discusses everything from husbands and family to fashion, business, and sex.  She has talks and events at some of London’s top venues, which have been attended by former Prime Minster Tony Blair, Princess Michael of Kent, former Conservative Member of Parliament and author Jonathan Aitken. Some of her more popular events include teas/prayer meetings at the Ritz.  Some of the speakers at the Ritz have been Nicky and Sila Lee of  Holy Trinity Brompton;
George Kovoor, Chaplain to the Queen; and Roy Harthern, the father-in-law of Benny Hinn.  Shaneen donates all the proceeds from the Ritz meetings to a charity for the homeless, which she and Martin support.  She also has a Bible study at Holy Trinity Brompton.


Shaneen feels that declaring the faith is important right now.  Today we are so pressured by political correctness that we don’t stand for the Christian faith as we ought to.  She especially hopes Christians will pray for England, because Christianity is under attack there.  The nation that Queen Victoria said was made great because of the Bible is eroding as the society neglects God.  Schools are pressured regarding how and when they can mention the name of Jesus.  Muslims want to enforce Islamic laws to bring in a new banking system. 

Shaneen prays that the Word of God will return to the dinner menu in our homes as Christians, where families relate together and bring God into their relationship.  Just like Jewish families practice Shabbat on Friday, which always gives time to the reading of the Torah (God’s Word) and blessings from parents to children, every family needs to invite God’s favor into their home and on their family members.  This practice will not only bless the home, but help family members become the best they can be on this earth.  If you desire to have a God-honoring family, this is a wonderful place to share your faith.

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