Cloning Proves Life Begins At Conception

Most doctors and lawmakers recognize cloning as a technological breakthrough that adds a new dimension to reproductive technology. Few realize that cloning also proves that life begins at conception!

Cloning technology is simple to understand. All cells containing DNA have 46 chromosomes except the sperm and egg, which have only 23 chromosomes each. In natural conception, 23 chromosomes of the sperm and 23 chromosomes of the egg unite to create a single cell embryo containing 46 chromosomes. The genetic makeup of every living human being is determined when the sperm and egg unite. This is commonly known as the point of conception.

Conversely, in cloning, one adult cell containing 46 chromosomes is isolated from a donor. The DNA or genetic material comprising 46 chromosomes is removed from the donor cell. Similarly, a recipient egg is selected, isolated and the 23 chromosomes of a recipient egg are removed and discarded. The 46 chromosomes of the donor cell are introduced into the now empty (enucleated) egg. This is the point of conception! Therefore, the moment the 46 chromosomes of the donor cell are introduced into the enucleated egg, a single cell embryological twin of the donor has been created.

This twin cannot become anything but a genetic duplicate of the donor. It is set on a predetermined pathway of life. It cannot have different eye color. It cannot have different hair color. It is a carbon copy in every physiological respect.

Remember Dolly? The moment that a complete set of chromosomes was introduced into an enucleated egg to create Dolly, the Dolly embryo developed in a manner identical to the donor years earlier. The DNA determined that Dolly would be a sheep physically identical to the donor. In other words, as the cells multiplied and divided, even from a single cell, the embryo followed the exact same path of development the donor followed when the donor was an embryo years earlier. It is clear, then, that the development of Dolly and all individual life is encoded in the genetic material itself and that life is sparked or ignited like a switch the moment an egg contains a complete set of chromosomes.

In view of this analysis, there is but one conclusion. Cloning proves life begins at conception. Therefore, the scientific breakthrough of cloning requires a new and fresh look at laws concerning the unborn, specifically abortion.

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