Death Defying Faith

Peter Pretorius was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. In Death-Defying Faith, Peter recounts his childhood—a “riches to rags” story set in South Africa’s apartheid era. The injustices he witnessed as a child greatly influenced him later in life when his father’s brush with death set Peter on a transformational path to salvation. This book recounts what it was like for Peter to grow up in poverty in Africa, his dramatic conversion, the early days of his ministry, powerful accounts of healing and miracles, timely stories of war and racism and an honest look at what it means to take God at His word.

This is the story of how God used an ordinary man to bring hope and healing to areas of brokenness and devastation across Africa. As you read Peter’s riveting, first-hand experiences, you’ll be challenged to believe that God can use you to accomplish the extraordinary, too. See what it’s like to stare danger in the face with Death-Defying Faith. See what it’s like to change the world.

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