Death Is Not Fatal

"Dr. Grose has done a superb job in describing and documenting the risk associated with death. This new book is an important addition to the knowledge of risk evaluation, analysis, and communication as well as the important societal and governmental issues that will have to be addressed and adjudicated not only in the United States but all over the world." Neurologist Peter G. Bernad, MD George Washington University Medical Center "This book uniquely addresses death - providing an outlook and perspective that would have enabled me to endure threats and intimidation far differently as a prisoner-of-war. Death loses its grip of fear when a person recognizes and adopts the truth Dr. Grose reveals -- that everyone dies twice! It is remarkable revelation of the meaning of death - a breakthrough to understanding today's obsession and fear of it." Navy Captain Eugene B. (Red) McDaniel 6-year Vietnam POW, author of SCARS & STRIPES "What topics are more immediately and universally vital - than life and death? My good friend Vern Grose has wonderfully documented a message that I believe is very enlightening for today's bustling culture. This book is both rational and reasonable while empowering and engaging. As I read it, I was gratified to recall a song I wrote some time ago -- "Everybody Dies" -- that affirms the book's awareness we all need: death, while universal, is not fatal. Dr. Grose provides the key to death's real meaning. . . and how we can actually look forward to it!" Entertainer Pat Boone Singer, Actor, Recording Artist & Author "By giving us a more thorough perspective on death, Vern gives us a more complete perspective on life. That gift equips us to better understand, enjoy and more fully live life!" NASA Shuttle Astronaut Guy S. Gardner FAA Associate Administrator, Technical Center Director"

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