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Designing Your Dream: Discovering the destiny that's been fashioned for you!

Are you frustrated with your life and have big dreams, but can't see how they will ever happen? Do you have a dream deep inside your heart but have no idea how to start it? Have you had a dream so long that you no longer believe it can become your reality? In her inspiring new book, Designing Your Dream, Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Speaker, Gina La Morte teaches you how to start living your dreams, no longer just imagining them! By taking you through her step-by-step journey of triumph and tragedy, Gina shows you how to take your ideas and turn them into living dreams! By sharing her personal experiences of working in New York City in the fashion industry, Gina gives you the inside secrets of what she's learned about how to take your dreams from ideas into action, and finally make them your reality! Everybody has a dream! Dreams are the very stepping-stones that lead you to your destiny. They are birthed out of your passions and are containers for your life's calling. However, many people have locked their dreams away because of negative past experiences, fears, or life's responsibilities. To combat these "dream thieves", Gina takes you through her unique series of creative activations that will be forever life-transforming and provide you with the necessary tools you'll need to achieve your dream. In this book, Gina will ignite the passion within you and break you past the barriers that will unlock the dreams in your heart! Gina's dream is to help you live YOURS! And this book does exactly that!