The Godwink Effect: The Seven Secrets to Having Your Prayers Answered

From the authors of the popular bestselling GodWink series comes an inspiring collection full of true stories about real people whose lives were changed by random, yet extraordinary encounters with others connections that are more than just coincidence.

Prayer is a universal concept; it describes conversations between you and your creator and the outcomes from those talks are quite often incredible. Yet there is no word in the English language for answered prayer. Hence GodWink.

And very simply put the best way to receive a GodWink is to pray. In this book SQuire and Louise make the case that GodWinks and prayer are inextricably intertwined you can't have one without the other.

Typical of all GodWinks books, this volume will be packed with amazing real-life stories answered prayers experienced by people of all walks of life reinforcing that GodWinks are like gifts left on everyone s doorstep; just open the door and receive your gift

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