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Hosea House: An Overcomer's Guide When Someone You Love Is an Addict

Loving an addict is an emotional and financial rollercoaster. Whoever the addict is to you—husband, wife, son, daughter, or best friend—you need help on that broken road. In Hosea House, author Peggy L. Watson narrates her story as she dealt with her husband and his addiction to crack cocaine.

Using her personal experiences and a story from the Bible based on Hosea and Gomer, Watson outlines some principles set by God to help both the addict and the addict’s loved ones overcome the consequences of addiction. In Part One, Hosea House first discusses understanding and dealing with the addict, then Part Two sets guidelines and strategies for helping the loved one piece their life together and overcome.

Using God’s words and plans for you, Hosea House helps you to be victorious in daily living. It ministers to the person living in the middle of the addict’s storm and offers a fresh chance at hope, peace, and sanity.