The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life

God didn’t design the Seder to put your kids to sleep. Instead, the Seder is an experience your family should love, treasure and remember. 

Have you ever wondered that there might be something more to Passover, the Seder and in the Haggadah―something that just might hold the secrets to living the life of joy and meaning that you were intended to?

In The Telling, Mark Gerson, host of The Rabbi’s Husband podcast and renowned Jewish philanthropist, shows us how to make the Seder the most engaging, inspiring, and important night of the Jewish year.

By using this book, you’ll be able to:

· Lead the Seder with wisdom, confidence and fun that guests will remember
· Make the Haggadah burst alive with insight for our opportunities, questions and challenges 
· Show Gentile friends the richness of the Jewish tradition
· Instill a lasting love of Judaism within your children
· Bring your family closer together and closer to God

The Telling will enable you to see what the Haggadah really is: The Greatest Hits of Jewish Thought. This understanding will enable you to provide your guests with the most interesting, insightful and practically helpful night of the year―with teachings and lessons that will continue to brighten in the year to come. 

What leaders are saying about The Telling:

Gordon Robertson - CEO, The Christian Broadcasting Network
"The Telling is the perfect introduction for those desiring to explore this aspect of Jewish life. This book is full of knowledge and thought-provoking questions and answers to the many mysteries that surround this sacred Jewish holiday."

Tucker Carlson, Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight
"I’m no expert on Jewish worship. I’m not even Jewish. But this deep and wise book moved me. Mark Gerson has a remarkable talent for unearthing new insights in ancient stories."

Judy Shaw - Judy Shaw Ministries
"As believers, there is so much we can gain from the story of the Exodus Passover, when God brought the children of Israel out of bondage by His mighty hand. With the powerful book The Telling by Mark Gerson, you will learn from a Hebrew perspective many hidden aspects of the Passover story that will bless your life. Get ready to encounter the God of the miraculous like you never have before!"

A.R. Bernard - Christian Cultural Center - Brooklyn, New York
"The Jewish people have a powerful message from God to share about being delivered from a life of slavery and brought into God’s purpose for them as a nation. In his book The Telling, Mark Gerson helps us understand so much about the importance of the Passover and how it impacts our lives today as Christians. When Jews and Christians come together around this sacred biblical text, I believe that historic things will take place."

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch - Chief Innovation Officer at American Jewish University; Author of Thresholds: How to Thrive Through Life's Transitions to Live Fearlessly and Regret-Free
"The Telling makes very audacious statements, asks provocative questions, teaches some of the greatest Torah and yet at the same time provides simple wisdom... all in one book!"

Dr. Paul Osteen, Lakewood Church
The Telling is absolutely fascinating--so insightful, so brilliantly written, so informative.  I learned so much, and love the perspective.” 

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