Where is the Promise of His Coming?

As the world plummets into new depths of upheaval, violence, and depravity, do you wonder where God is? Do you lose hope of His soon return with each new horrific headline?

In these times, there is still good news: All this was predicted long ago—and evil does not get the final say in our day.

In Where Is the Promise of His Coming?, respected pastor and prophetic leader John Arnott empowers you to combat the enemy’s invasive despair and discouragement by connecting biblical prophecy to today’s headlines, strengthening your heart for the greatest event since Creation: the return of King Jesus.

This accessible, mind-blowing masterclass in biblical prophecy will also help you:

  • Set your mind and heart on the magnificent future that awaits you.
  • Be encouraged and emboldened in the midst of hardship and oppression.
  • Hold fast to your confession of faith in the face of mockers and scoffers.
  • Recognize false prophets and lies about the end times.
  • Fall more in love with the Bridegroom who is eager to come for his Bride.
  • Live ready for Jesus’ immediate return while fulfilling the assignment He has for you on Earth.

The signs and evidence of the King’s soon arrival are all around us; the earth is groaning and travailing for Jesus to come again. Don’t fall prey to the deception and despair of the rulers of this world. Instead, live with hope and expectancy as you fix your eyes on Jesus—for his promised, triumphant return is more sure than tomorrow’s sunrise!

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