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Gold is one of the few common values that has united mankind throughout the millennia, transcending race, religion and geography.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”   - II Corinthians 3:17

Britain's historic vote to exit the European Union after 40 years triggered a worldwide sell-off, which wiped out more than $2 trillion from global markets and sent gold prices soaring.

The world is unhappy with the present political and economic status quo. Citizens of sovereign nations are tired of politicians, crony capitalism and big business elites calling the shots.

The people are shouting through this vote: “We want freedom opportunity and less government interventions and global controls on our future!” Free people prefer trusting themselves versus self-serving, pompous politicians.

This now begs the question; will big government regulators step in to stabilize weak financial markets with artificial stimulus? Free markets seek to reflect real prices, not pumped-up central bank manipulations. Sadly, I expect the Bank of England and the U.S. Fed will indeed again mettle.

The Fed is now truly stuck, as it never allowed the excesses of 2008 to be fully worked through the system. Central bankers rarely do the right thing by allowing the markets to dictate politics, instead of the other way around. True, returning to normalized markets will mean some short-term pain, but huge long-term gains.

The British vote for more freedom, personal responsibility and individualism was also a vote for less collectivism. If this sentiment persists in America, Donald Trump may become our next president - no matter how much money the DNC and Clinton camp spend.

Brexit was a huge rebuke for President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who both advised staying in the EU. British voters said, in effect; “Mind your own business - power to the people - not the leaders!”

Soon Brexit may inspire other EU nations to seek sovereignty. The Netherlands, France, Spain and others nations are intently looking at following Britain's lead. Bottom line, financial markets hate political and economic uncertainty. The best financial solution to market volatility is asset diversification. Did you know the concept of spreading wealth into different asset classes for safety is a biblical idea?

It’s true. In Genesis 13:2, Abraham’s wealth was measured in gold, silver, land and livestock. In Ecclesiastes 11:1-2, Solomon explained the wisdom of asset diversification during times of uncertainty. [Read more about What The Bible Says About Money.

Yes, true freedom and liberty, born internally and inspired by Scripture, are on the march worldwide. I expect as self-government grows in the hearts of the people, big government will continue shrinking – and that is good news!

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