CBN Launches Club 700 Hoy

Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer


Coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) announced the launch of a new version of its Spanish-language program, with new hosts, inspiring stories, commentary, and exciting guests, to reach a new generation of Hispanic viewers in the U.S. 

“For four decades, CBN has been committed to providing the Hispanic community with programming that demonstrates the transforming power of Jesus Christ; and at the same time, empowering them to put into action the generous compassion that characterizes this community,” said Gordon Robertson, chief executive officer of CBN. “Today, during these uncertain times, we are excited to relaunch Club 700 Hoy as a way to connect and work with a new generation of Hispanics in the United States, to strengthen families, and to work across cultures and language to spiritually affect our communities, our nation, and the world.”

Watch the All New Club 700 Hoy

Club 700 Hoy originally launched in 2004 in Latin America and then in the USA starting in 2005 on Azteca America. A spinoff of the network’s flagship program, The 700 Club, this Spanish-language show is a magazine style program with the variety and pacing of a morning show, blending a modern mix of commentary, informative interviews, a discussion of issues facing the Hispanic community, current entertainment, moving personal stories and practical daily living segments.

Hosts Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Jessica Datsko, who are brother and sister, and Mexican-born Americans, invite today’s viewers to see the incredible influence Hispanics have in American society. Each new Club 700 Hoy episode features stirring stories of compassion in action, exemplifying the generous spirit of Hispanics to help people in need. Through real-life stories of personal transformation and in response to reports on the power of faith, Roberto and Jessica encourage viewers to have hope and experience the reality of a brighter future.

The one-hour weekly television series is recorded at the CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach with the support of a production team of bilingual staff and freelancers working throughout the United States. Club 700 Hoy features an interactive format where viewers can respond to the program via chat, phone or on social media, and it aims to foster a powerful community that is able and willing to be part of the solution for people in need. New episodes will debut each weekend (check local listings). 

The relaunch of Club 700 Hoy builds on CBN’s rich history of more than 40 years of Spanish-language broadcasting, and 60 years of Christian programming. In the 1970s, The 700 Club was dubbed into Spanish (and other languages) and titled 700 Club International. In the 1990s, an updated version, Club Latino, was hosted by Daniel DeLeon and aired for more than a decade. In 2004, Club 700 Hoy debuted and was first hosted by Osvaldo Carnival and Veronica Macias, and later hosted by Hector Hermosillo and Amarilis Rivera.  

Club 700 Hoy reached millions of viewers across 16 countries. In 2011, Club 700 Hoy began airing daily on the Enlace television network, joined by other CBN Spanish-language programming including Mundo Cristiano and Superlibro. The show was later re-broadcast on stations across Latin America for several years.

In January 2017, a new digital media project emerged for the Spanish-speaking world, Club 700 Hoy Redes, which continued CBN’s Spanish-language legacy that has now aired continuously in Latin America for over 40 years. Club 700 Hoy can be viewed nationally on the Enlace television network, on the CBN Family App, online, and on television stations in selected markets.


“My goal is twofold,” Roberto explains. “Of course, we want to reach Hispanic people with the gospel. And we also want to create a community around the humanitarian work we’re doing. The Hispanic people are very generous by nature.” He says the Hispanic community is an economic and political powerhouse, which he wants to be transformed by the truth of the gospel, and then moved to give to His work in the world. Hoping the program projects a family appeal, he often ends the program by saying, “From our family to yours ….” 

Jessica sums up her goal succinctly. “It’s about souls and discipleship. I want to see lasting fruit amongst Hispanics.” She refers to “third-culture Hispanics” – those from one country who have moved to another and created a third culture of views, customs, and outlook. “I really desire that the Hispanic culture be a culture of the Kingdom of God, a brotherhood, which is stronger than a blood relation.” She hopes for Hispanics to look for their identity in Christ versus celebrity Hispanics, and to desire what is good, pure, and lovely.  

Watch the All New Club 700 Hoy


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