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Christine Caine Helps Listeners to Live Out Their Faith on New Podcast

Chris Carpenter - Director of Internet Programming

Christine Caine has devoted her life to inspire women to fulfill their God-given passion, purpose, and potential.  As the co-founder of The A21 Campaign and Propel Women with her husband Nick, Australian-born Christine has and continues to work fervently to see the abolishment of human trafficking everywhere in the world.

In addition to being an advocate, evangelist, public speaker, and author, Christine has now added podcaster to her burgeoning pursuits.  Through the recently launched AccessMore podcast network, she is hosting Equip + Empower.  Featuring new episodes every Monday and Thursday, Christine’s desire is to challenge listeners to take action in their lives and do what God has called them to do.

Separated by nearly 3,000 miles, Christine and I did our part recently to “flatten the curve” by conducting this interview via a phone conversation.  In it, we discussed her passion for reaching people with the Gospel message, why it is so important to make Scripture a focal point in everything we do, and what sets her podcast apart from all the others.

How have you and your family been making it through the coronavirus pandemic?  Are you ready for things to get back to normal or whatever the new normal looks like?

For us, this is a really interesting family time because we spend so much of our time on the road. We have 21 offices in 15 countries. So, my husband and I spend a lot of time traveling. My children are like, ‘Who are these people who have been with us for three solid months? We never knew that my mother could cook.’ In that sense our family time has been amazing. Of course, it's a great time of pain, loss, and grief for so many. For me, I've always loved going out to offices in the field and doing our work. So, I am very eager to do that. This is the longest amount of time I've spent in one city in about 30 years.

For someone who has never heard your podcast, Equip + Empower, how would you describe it to someone?

It's me preaching the Word of God. I provide a lot of practical application on how to overcome obstacles, hurdles, and challenges in your life and to keep moving forward in faith. I think we all feel disappointed and disillusioned at different times in our lives. We think our failures are fatal or that we've made mistakes and we can't move forward. I want to show people from the Word of God that the Gospel brings hope and life. We can keep stepping up and into the plans and purposes of God. We can overcome challenges. We can defeat giants. That's really how I would describe it. We need inspiration and practical application on how we are going to move forward this week. Life is just full of storms and unexpected events like we're living in right now. We all need help to keep looking forward with faith and hope. I want to lift people's heads, help them to continue to see Jesus and continue to move forward. The podcast is very unapologetically hopeful, and faith-filled.

What types of topics will you dive into on Equip + Empower?

It will be different scriptures but it's not so much issues based as I always talk about things that apply to people's everyday lives because my own story is so woven into the fabric of everything that I talk about. I come from a background where I lived in a hospital, unnamed and unwanted when I was born. At age 33, I found out I was adopted. I had experienced sexual abuse in my early years. So, that was my life. I was just so full of shame, guilt, pain, condemnation, offense and anger. I've spent years, through the help of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to overcome those things in my life to today, by God's grace, to be leading a global anti-human trafficking organization and a women's empowerment organization. Those themes of overcoming adversity, overcoming challenges, struggles, and not allowing your history to define your destiny. Those themes will be always woven into the fabric of whatever I'm teaching and speaking about.

As you have mentioned, taking a deeper look into Scripture is an important theme on your podcast.  Why is it so critically important to lock in on Scripture, especially in the times of which we are living?

That's a great question. The Bible says that Jesus is this hope we have as an anchor for our soul, both firm and secure. If our soul is not anchored in the Word, then we are going to be swept aside by the storms, the challenges, the obstacles, the betrayals, the pain, the suffering, the disappointments that are an inevitable part of life. David the psalmist said, “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” And if there is one thing that the entire planet is right now, it's overwhelmed. It just doesn't stop it. No one anticipated 2020 would look like this. And it seems like we can't catch a breath because there is just pain, suffering, loss, grief and so much unknown in front of us.

Twice a week, I want to say, let me help lead you to the rock that is higher than us. He's going to get us through. And I truly believe, through my own experience in my own life, that the Word of God is living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword. It brings life, it brings freedom and it brings hope. For me personally, I think the greatest thing that I can bring to people in this hour is the Word of God, the life of God, and the hope of God. That's why for me, it is crucial in the days in which we live.

You've spent a good part of your life as a public speaker and doing various shows. Are you comfortable in this new role as a podcaster?

Yes, because I see it as another very effective communication tool. I want to do all that I can in my lifetime to reach as many people as I can with the Gospel and the good news of Jesus. I want to help as many people as I can to fulfill their purpose. Ultimately, that's what I want to do. And that's where I think the podcast can really help because we need to utilize every medium that we can. People are devouring podcasts because they're just so easy to listen to. You can listen while you're working out. You can do it while you're driving the car, or when you're going for a walk with your headphones on. I think podcasts give us a real opportunity to be with people wherever they are in their normal life. It's not like you've got to watch something at a certain time. You can just take it on the road with you. I think that podcasting is a great gift.

I'm glad you mentioned that because podcasting is just growing by leaps and bounds. There are more than 1 million podcasts currently available through a variety of venues. What sets your podcast apart from all the others?

I believe in the power of preaching and teaching to affect change. So, I think that's what we do. It's so faith-filled and hope filled. I think the Word of God is a word full of life and purpose. And so far, I have a lot of people that listen. For example, my neighbors. They are not Christ followers yet. But they listen to this. You can proclaim the Word in a way that's going to engage people that are in very different parts of their faith journey. And yet it brings life to people. Because I believe in the power of the Word so much, I think that kind of delivery just in this season is really, really important. And to hear more women doing that is important.

After people have listened to an episode of Equip + Empower, what would you like to see listeners get out of the experience?  What is your greatest hope for the podcast?

That when they finish an episode, they will think, you know what? I can take the next right step. I can overcome that challenge. I can take on this giant. I can do what God has called me to do. I can be who God's called me to be. And that's what I want people to do. I think we are bombarded every day with disappointment, discouragement, challenges, and adversity. And if I can, every Monday and Thursday, speak to your heart and spirit for 25 minutes and help you remember that through Jesus Christ, you can do all things that God has called you to do, then I've done my job.

To learn more about the AccessMore podcast network please visit accessmore.com/.

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