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She's been described as sassy, stubborn and sweet, and by those who disagree with her as "the girl you hate to love." Christine O'Donnell shatters the stereotype about her generation -- this young woman who National Review Magazine says, "blends the flare of the King James Bible with Cosmopolitan."

As President and Founder of the generation X organization, the Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth (SALT), Christine continues to have a visible role in an eclectic array of arenas. From the HBO Comedy Arts Festival to the United States Congress, she is asked to speak her mind about controversial issues that most young people (especially conservatives) won't touch! JFK Jr.'s George Magazine featured Christine as a powerful young woman in Washington, DC.

Christine O'DonnellCBN.com's Craig von Buseck recently sat down with Christine to learn more about the ministry of The SALT and the impact that this grassroots organization is having in Washington, and across America. Watch the interview by clicking on the links to the right.

Growing up in a large Italian-Irish family in New Jersey did more to train her for a career in public debate than all her years at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In a family where all extremes are represented, Christine developed an ability to stand firm in what she believes, without getting angry or taking disagreement personally.

Christine's weekly television appearances include ABC's Politically Incorrect, MTV, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC, Leeza, ABC's Extra, and CBN's 700 Club. Her writings have been published in the Washington Post and Cultural Dissident, to name just a few. She is regularly quoted in print media such as USA Today, Glamour Magazine, the Associated Press and others.

Christine speaks regularly at major conferences, universities, churches and community events across the country. Harvard and American Universities are just two of the hundreds of schools that have invited Christine to speak.

Christine O'Donnell with Ozzy Osbourne and Melissa CharbonneauThese appearances generate bags full of fan mail. Most fans say they love watching Christine passionately communicate her thoughts, even when they disagree with her. Her unique combination of intellect, charm and a good sense of humor enables Christine to bring an exciting, fresh perspective to hot topics.

The SALT is a generation of young people who seek to lift God's truth; change the hearts and minds of our peers; do justice; and stand firm against apathy, complacency, and immoral tolerance while also raising up young leaders through the Gospel of Christ.

In her free time, Christine volunteers for a homeless ministry and tutors intercity children. She acts as a role model for young people as she encourages them to say "no" to sex, drugs, and suicide in a world that is screaming "yes."


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