Benny Hinn: The Miracle Crusader

Several years ago while flying back to the United States from a crusade, Pastor Benny’s flight stopped in Fiji to refuel. As the plane was being serviced, a man on the tarmac began pleading with Pastor Benny. “Please come to my country!” he cried. The man described the needs among the almost one million souls who live on the one hundred inhabited islands that form the country of Fiji. The man also explained that so many had never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pressed Pastor Benny for a commitment, insisting that Pastor Benny write a promise on a piece of paper. Soon the plane was refueled and the Lord instilled in Pastor Benny a love for the Fijian people. God began to show him the great outpouring and harvest of souls that was coming to Fiji. “God used those brief moments with the insistent man on the tarmac to profoundly impact me,” says Pastor Benny. “Soon the door began opening wide for us to return for a Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade.”

In January 2006, Pastor Benny arrived with ministry team members to Fiji. Sunny and unique, the Fiji Islands are one thousand miles of pristine white sand beaches, coral gardens and lagoons. This was the first-ever crusade held on the South Pacific island. Though extremely hot and humid nothing kept the 370,000 people from attending. As the first service began, the Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, and his wife, Leba welcomed Pastor Benny. God’s anointing power was evident from those first moments. Many miracles took place at the crusade. One 33 year old woman was deaf from birth. Pastor Benny prayed for her and her ears were suddenly opened. She was able to repeat whatever Pastor Benny spoke no matter where he stood on the platform. One man from New Zealand came walking in on crutches. He was healed, threw away his crutches and began walking away perfectly. One crippled woman came by boat for 4 hours. Thirty-two years ago, she fell on a rock and injured her back. She could walk but was extremely bent over. In an instant, her bent back was straight and she was able to walk and run without pain. Aisles were filled with people of all ages who prayed to invite Jesus into their heart.

On the second day of the crusade, a Hindi man was carried in on a mat, unable to walk. After God’s power fell on him, he was able to walk around the platform. He was so excited about his miracle that he said, “I want to be a Christian!” Pastor Benny knelt with him and the man’s wife. A well-known athlete was healed of a shoulder injury. Another young man was carried up the steps by 4 men. God touched the young man and he walked back and forth across the platform amazed at what he was able to do.

Pastor Benny believes that Fiji is a place where the Lord is moving mightily. (Last week he held a crusade in Seoul, Korea March 2-4, 2006)

Born in Israel of Greek Armenian ancestry, Benny’s family relocated to Canada in 1967. When Benny was young, he stuttered. At the age of 11, Benny had a vision from God that he would be speaking to large crowds. In high school, Benny met some friends who introduced him to the Gospel and in 1972 at a high school morning prayer meeting, he gave his heart to the Lord. In 1973 after a Kathryn Kuhlman evangelistic outreach, Benny was filled with the Holy Spirit. Soon after that Benny began preaching and was completely healed of his stuttering. By the time he was 21, Benny had his own TV show.

Benny will be participating in the 100th Anniversary of Azusa Street Revival, considered to be the start of the modern Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. The centennial celebration takes place in Los Angeles April 25 – 29. The largest Pentecostal and Charismatic churches will be hosting sessions during the week. For more details, please visit www.azusastreet.com.

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