Dr. Ian Smith: 'The 4-Day Diet'

“This is a no diet diet,” says Dr. Ian.  He says his program is a solution for people who will not go on a diet.  “You can lose weight without being on a rigid program,” he says.  He says that the basic tenets will allow anyone to make small changes in their diet that will yield big results.  Eat shows people how to eat rather than dictating what to eat.  Dr. Ian decided to take the best research on healthful eating and boil it down so that after all the fancy language and complex ideas, the essentials of what it takes to eat and feel better are better understood.   

“I want to educate you on how to make decisions so that you can feel free and confident when it comes to making food and lifestyle choices,” says Dr. Ian. He says you will not only lose weight, but you will reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase energy, feel younger and fight diseases simply by putting the right foods on your plate.

Dr. Ian has 10 basic rules to follow:  Learn these rules and more by receiving our free Effortless Weight Loss fact sheet.

He says clean eating gives us the greatest nutritional punch and that fruits and vegetables are our greatest sources of health-promoting nutrients.  “We need to reduce the amount of processed foods, sugars, additives and sodium we are consuming in our diets,” says Dr. Ian.  He says you don’t have to become a registered dietician to make smart food choices.  The relatively new concept of “nutrient density,” or “nutrient richness,” can immediately improve the quality of your life.  Make sure 75% of what you eat is nutrient dense and you will see a dramatic improvement in your physical body as well as in your energy levels.

Many people are experiencing 15 pound weight losses in the first month using Dr. Ian’s Eat program.  One of the biggest challenges people had to overcome was portion control.  Over the last 20 years, portions have spiraled out of control.  So Dr. Ian came up with a cheat sheet that provides a visual representation of what our portions should look like.  For example, a cup of cereal flakes is about the size of a baseball.  One half a cup of cooked pasta is a lightbulb.  One baked potato is a computer mouse.  One tablespoon of mayonnaise is a poker chip, etc.  A general rule of thumb is to eat a fist.  Try to make food portions no bigger than the size of your fist.  (If you have a large fist, use ¾ of your fist as a visual.)  Always try to get in one serving of fruit with breakfast (fresh juice or smoothies count).

Dr. Ian will show us the Best Weight Loss Fruits, Best Sources of Protein, Good Sources of Fiber and Good Sources of Whole Grain. And remember, get our free fact sheet, Effortless Weight Loss to learn more about Dr. Ian's ideas.

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KEEP IT INTERESTING Dr. Smith says losing weight is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. People don't spend enough time training the brain to take on one of life's toughest journeys. He says that lack of mental preparation is the first and biggest mistake people make before starting a diet program. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Smith has worked with thousands of patients who have struggled and succeeded with their weight loss efforts. “I have learned a tremendous amount from their personal experiences,” he says. “If you don't get your mind right, it will only work against you.” The mental game he believes is largely ignored because everyone is eager to focus on calories and an exercise regime. While those are important aspects that are vital to weight loss, focusing on them is like putting the cart before the horse. He says to mentally prepare and journal for ten days before starting a diet program. Once you have started, Dr. Smith says he has a simple guide that helps you set goals, stay motivated, and resist temptations that will threaten to get you off track. His 4-Day Diet is composed of modules to avoid boredom from eating the same foods day after day. “People get bored with dieting,” says Dr. Smith. The 4-Day Diet is not a crash diet – you actually change the type and quantity of food every four days. THE 4-DAY DIET The Induction Module helps remove toxins that have accumulated in your body. It will clear your mind and body for the changes that come next. The Induction Module is written as a 4-day plan, however, you can make it longer by repeating some of the days. It includes fruits, vegetables, yogurt, salad, legumes and brown rice. The Transition Module reintroduces foods into the meal plan. All four days are identical. The Protein Stretch Module is 4 days of loading up on protein. The Smooth Module gives you 4 days in indulging in some of your favorite foods, like pizza, hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs, without overindulging. It will give you a taste of the old and a greater appreciation for the new way of eating. “Permanent weight loss occurs really with a lifestyle change of eating habits,” says Dr. Smith. The Push Module is easier to follow than the other modules and helps keep you motivated. The Pace Module keeps you moving forward but at a speed that will help you finish strong during the later stages of the diet. The Vigorous Module is designed to challenge you and includes foods to help you towards the final lap of victory. Dr. Smith says that it doesn’t mean you have actually reached your goals. However, you can go back and do the modules again from the beginning or even switch the order. “Just remember, each module has a purpose,” says Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith highly recommends psyllium. The husk of the seeds from this plant are an important source of fiber. One tablespoon is equivalent to 14 tablespoons of oat bran. It also mops up various toxins and helps clear them out of your body. It is recommended to take psyllium mixed in 6 to 8 ounces of water. In April 2008, Dr. Smith launched the 50 Million Pound Challenge. In a two-year initiative, Dr. Smith is encouraging 5 million African-Americans to lose 10 pounds each. There are high rates of obesity in the black population (45 vs 32 percent of Americans). “This is about taking a better look at health,” says Dr. Smith. To date, over 3 million pounds have been lost, a total which is updated hourly on their website, www.50millionpoundchallenge.com.


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