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Finishing the Job Pain-Free!

Ted Wernex has always depended on his hands to make a living. “I’m a remodeling contractor. I still swing a hammer and the other tools along with it.”

Then in 2013 he started having excruciating pain in his right hand. “I couldn’t close this knuckle. The first knuckle was hurting me so bad. I went to the doc, and of course they just said, ‘Well here’s some ibuprofen. Get used to it.’ They’ve got different drugs for pain but there was no cure for it. They didn’t x-ray it, but they checked it out. It was swollen and he said, ‘Well, it’s arthritis.’”

The pain became so intense; he had a hard time doing his job. “Gripping some of the tools was difficult. It slowed me down on the job. I had to rely on other people to do some of the work. As a small contractor you can’t afford to hire people. So I was looking at folding the business down.”

While at home one day in October of that year, Ted happened to see The 700 Club. “I had finished stoking the fire and I started to walk through the living room and Terry was on, and said, ‘There’s someone else. You have arthritis in your hands like your joints just ache and it’s so difficult for you just to do household tasks. God is healing that for you right now.’”

“I said, ‘That’s for me!’ I took that as me and I sat down in prayer with her. He touched me and it was healed instantly and I went, ‘Wow! This is sweet! Thank you Father.’”

Ted says he hasn’t had any pain in his hand since and the healing strengthened his faith in God. “He keeps me going. Every time I’ve been hurt He’s healed me several times and keeps me right on going.”

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