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“A pickup truck pulled out in front of me, a ’69 Ford pickup truck and I was driving an ’81 Datsun,” says David Wamsley. “It hit the front end of that Ford and just folded my car up. I bent the steering wheel and my head went through the windshield. I didn’t realize my back was hurt until about six months later. (There was) just shooting pain into my hip.”

The more years went through the more it hurt. I had to start going to a chiropractor and started doing pain medication. It was hard to get comfortable lying down to sleep at night. Work was just something you had to do, just be careful the way you bend over, the way you lift. The pain kept getting progressively worse for 27 years.”

“Joyce my wife had got me watching The 700 Club for the last several years. Gordon and Terry were on that morning; on a Friday morning. They started to pray for people so I put my hands on my back and I prayed with them.”

Gordon said on The 700 Club program, “There’s a man you’ve, you’re laying your hand on your left back you’ve been in constant pain, you have a slipped disk and you’re wondering, ‘how can I ever be released from this?’ God has just released you from it and that pain has just left you now in Jesus’ name.”

David says, “It just stopped aching. It always had a dull ache even when I was on the painkillers. It just stopped aching it wasn’t aching anymore. Saturday, the next morning I woke up and I slept good that night with no pain. I woke up the next morning, it didn’t hurt. About noon on Saturday I found out I was addicted to painkillers. I’d never noticed it before because I needed them. I didn’t need them anymore but I was so keyed up and edgy without them that I had to start taking them again, not for the pain; just for the addiction.”

Sunday morning I called The 700 Club to tell them what they’d done, helped me do with my back. And the lady, I didn’t get her name, but she was so excited for me and I told her I needed her to pray for me to help me with the pain killers. And she told me ‘don’t you worry about it, this is easy. God sent His son to die for you. He can help you get over these pain killers.’ And she was so confident and so sure and made me believe that ‘okay; this is going to be easy.’ And it was. I never took a painkiller since then. I didn’t need it. My edginess went away. It’s been wonderful. It’s been wonderful.”

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