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A Heart for God Healed

High in the mountains of northwest Nepal is a land that time has forgotten.  Most people in the Humla district have no running water, electricity or doctors.  Living off the land isn't easy, and the thin air makes it more difficult.  It was especially hard for 13-year-old, Krishna. She suffered every day, not knowing she had heart problems.

Krishna said, "I cannot walk or fetch water. I feel weak. It is difficult to work.  I cannot dig in the field." 

Like most people in their village, Krishna and her family were Hindu, but their gods and witchdoctors could do nothing for her. Then they learned there was hope.

Krishna’s father explained, "My grandson brought me some gospel tracts and told me that I could get peace if I read them. So I read the tracts and found out there was life in Jesus, that there was salvation."

"My father became a believer and said I would survive," explained Krishna. "Later, I also became a believer."

Their faith in Jesus infuriated their neighbors.

Krishna said, "The villagers asked us, 'What will you get by believing?' Then they told us to leave the village."

But Krishna’s family stood their ground.

Krishna said, "We asked God for help. We said, 'Lord, we pray that they will also believe in You.'"

Krishna’s condition got worse. A doctor in a near-by village said she needed open heart surgery.

"We did not have money for the operation, so I was really worried," explained Krishna. "I thought I was going to die. I prayed, 'Father God, please help me. Please provide for me. Save my life. I pray in the name of Jesus.  Amen.'"

Then their pastor heard about CBN and called us. We came to Krishna’s home and told her CBN would pay for her surgery at a hospital in Kathmandu. Her family and friends said their good-byes, understanding there was no guarantee that the operation would heal her.

Krishna’s friend explained, "We were sad, because we were not sure if she would return alive."

The journey to Kathmandu began on foot. For 7 hours, Krishna’s father and others carried her down the mountain and across valleys to the nearest airport. Once we arrived, Krishna had to leave her home and family behind. When Krishna and the CBN team arrived at the hospital, doctors told her she made it just in time, because without surgery, she only had a few days left to live.

The surgery was a success. Doctors told Krishna she would have to live in Kathmandu for on-going medical treatments and better living conditions, so a Christian family there welcomed her as part of their family. Six months later, Krishna went home for a visit. This time, she made the seven-hour-trek through the mountains on her own. When she arrived, she was the picture of health. Many people didn't even recognize her.

Krishna’s father exclaimed, "She has completely changed! Her face has color and she looks healthy."

"She has gained weight, and looks smart and clean," said one of her friends.

With tears of joy running down Krishna's aunt's face, she said, "When I saw my niece, my heart was uplifted. I felt a light within me."

Krishna and her family gave all the glory to Jesus Christ.

Krishna’s little sister said, "The Lord has healed my sister!"

Krishna’s father added, "God is great and high above everything else! He listened to my prayers when I was in distress. I am so thankful to God."

And some of those who persecuted them now gather at their home to praise and worship the one, true God.

Krishna’s aunt explained, "It's only by the grace of God that we now understand that Jesus is God."

"I want to share my testimony with everyone," Krishna said with a big smile. "All of you prayed for me, and the money for my operation was raised. I want to thank all of the people of God."

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