Marlea Clark and The DTour Diet

CBN.com Statistics show that 23.6 million people in the U.S. have diabetes and 24 percent of them – almost 6 million people – don’t even know it. More than 57 million people, a quarter of all Americans, have pre-diabetes. Before people develop Type II diabetes, they almost always have “pre-diabetes” – blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

Marlea Clark says the Diabetes DTour diet is based on the most up-to-date scientific research concerning the effect of food on blood sugar. Recent studies have shown that specific nutrients in food – the “Fat-Fighting 4” nutrients of calcium, Omega 3, fiber, and Vitamin D – are especially powerful when directed at addressing the effects of high blood sugar and also aid in weight loss.

A lack of calcium has shown to make fat cells hang onto fat while in a calcium rich diet less fat is stored and more burned.

D’s most important function is to help the intestines absorb calcium. It also helps the heart’s ability to pump blood and may turn down chronic inflammation.

Omega 3 promotes satiety, the feeling of contentment at the end of a meal that signals you’re full. It helps burn body fat, shrink abdominal fat cells, and more.

Fiber rich foods require more chewing, which allows the brain to get the message that your body is full. They tend to have more volume and take up more room in the belly. They also have an abundance of phytochemicals – the natural substances in plant foods with the power to heal and prevent disease, including Type II diabetes and heart damage.

When eaten together these nutrients are even more effective at controlling and preventing diabetes. The DTour program gets these super-nutrients working together for one common goal – lowering blood sugar. They recently ran a 6-week test with eight panelists who lost nearly 130 pounds and 30 inches among them. Blood sugar levels dropped measurably – in one case 182 points! Within the first two weeks testers lost as much as 13 pounds, which completely changed their lives. One panelist said she learned that she didn’t have to let food control her and didn’t have to go back to the way she used to eat.

Marlea personally knows about the effect of the U.S. diet on blood sugar levels. Her mom is Scottish and has borderline diabetes. She grew up baking and she loves baking for her family. They grew up eating all the good stuff – cookies, frosted cakes, etc. But Marlea says they have been very successful at keeping her mom from diabetes when they changed the way she cooked.

“My mom was very surprised at how good the food was,” she says. That was important because her mother still loved to cook and bless her family. It shows you can eat good food and still control your blood sugar, Marlea says. That’s her key message.

Many people think if they have Type II diabetes or pre-diabetes, they can’t eat anything good. But the science helps you eat well and have great foods. Other tips: Focus on what you can eat. Try to avoid low-fiber foods. Use fiber in desserts every way you can.

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