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Ron Childress: Praying and Believing

CBN.com Ron Childress loves horseback riding in the Ozarks with his wife, Kim.  But not long ago he was sidelined with a serious hand injury that he suffered while working in a tire shop.

Ron tells what happened. “This tire began to fall over and I reached and grabbed it with my hand. It snapped my fingers and it tore these tendons and muscles in two.”

Dr. Patty Williams is Ron’s physician.  “The three major nerves to the hand became where they would give him spells of numbness and weakness in all these muscle groups.”

Several of Ron’s fingers were locked in a closed position.  To repair the damage, Dr. Williams sent him to a hand specialist for surgery.  Afterwards, the surgeon told Ron that the damage was worse than expected, and Ron would never regain full use of his hand.

Ron knew what he needed to do. “I believe God…all things…not part of it, all things are possible. So, I decided I’m going to believe God for the impossible. I mean I got to praying I got to seeking God, man.”

On Ron’s next visit to the surgeon, the doctor got a surprise….

Ron explains the surprise.  “You know they got a pressure thing that you go in there and they check [your hand strength]. So, I’m in there and I had, I think, 159 pounds of pressure with my left hand. I walk back up there, and I’m doing things with my hand that he said, ‘Childress, you ain’t supposed to be able to do that like that. That should be really sore.’  There was no soreness. God took it all away. And I caught hold of that pressure thing and I did right at 170 pounds of pressure with this hand. He said, ‘impossible. That should be impossible.’”

 “The muscle is back. I got my mobility back. I’m doing better than I’ve ever done with this hand that was damaged. But God healed me. He healed me. Just by praying and believing. That’s what got me excited.”

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God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God.

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