Russell McDaniel: Third Year of Prayer

Russell and his wife prayed regularly for God to heal him. While watching The 700 Club, a healing word was for him.


“I first had a problems with my hands; I couldn’t ball them up and make a fist,” Russell McDaniel said. “At night, my hands would burn and it would seem like they were almost on fire. Actually in my shoulder, the muscle had atrophied and really you could just see the bone, there was no muscle on my back.” “It got to the point where I couldn’t even raise my hand even above my head. When I was doing dishes I couldn’t even put them in the cabinet,” he said. “I went to the doctor and they said it was RSD [Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy] and they started sending me to physical therapy. It was just a horrible time for me at that time, mentally and physically.” “The doctors did not know what to do because everything they did, didn’t do any good,” Russell’s wife, Margie said. “Physical therapy, the medicines made him feel worse. We knew this was an attack of the enemy and we had to go to God in prayer. I got the scriptures, you know the healing scriptures, the promises and I stood on those. Because that’s all we had. And that was three, almost three years of constantly praying.” “And about this time I started watching The 700 Club,” Russell said. “Each time they started praying for people, I would put my hands on the television. There was a word of knowledge that came forth about someone’s shoulders and arms. Gordon on TV Screen: There’s someone with nerve pain, its like a numbness, both pain and numbness, loss of use and feeling in the arm. God is healing you; he is restoring those pathways right now in Jesus name.” “As soon as I heard that, I received it; it was mine,” Russell said. “I didn’t feel anything in my body. All I know is when they said, ‘Do what you couldn’t do before,’ I raised my hand. And that’s when I knew I was healed.” “Well, there was no pain left, so we knew it was God,” Margie said. “He was the master surgeon. And He did it and I am just so thankful. I just don’t have the words to say, to express how grateful and thankful we are.” “The muscle has grown back and strengthened my arms again,” Russell said. “I can open doors. I have full use of my limbs again. That was a miracle. That was a miracle. I know it was a miracle.”
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