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She Prayed for a Miracle Instead of Scheduling Knee Surgery

“I worked all the time, everyday and I noticed that I started having headaches. Mid-day usually and didn’t let up until I went home and through the night. It was real severe from the back of my head and down my neck. It was everyday and I would go home and take aspirin or something to help relieve the pain.”

“Whenever I’d get off work and those headaches were there, I just really didn’t feel like doing anything. A lot of times, the kids would want to do something and for me to go somewhere but I just didn’t feel like it. And that’s just not me.”

“I didn’t go to the doctor about it. I just prayed about it because I knew that God could take care of it.”

“I would come home from work. Usually I would sit down to watch television till I was ready to go to bed. And CBN came on; Gordon was on getting ready to pray for people and gave a word of knowledge.”

Terry Meeuwsen, 700 Club co-host: “…chronic headaches, people with chronic headaches being released right now in Jesus’ name.”
Gordon Robertson, 700 Club co-host: “…and then, pain down the neck as well and to the spine. God’s healing that in Jesus’ name.”

Donna continues. “When he said that, my hands just went up to my head, I touched my head and raised my hands instantly because I knew I was healed.”

“I don’t have to deal with this the rest of my life because God already took care of it. He said by His stripes, not ‘I am healed. By His stripes, I was healed.’ I’ve never had that kind of a headache since. This has been over a year.”

“I just praised God and thanked Him every day for it and I still do.”

“You know, healing is not an option. It is His will to heal. He is sovereign.”

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