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Standing Straight and Tall After a Healing

Loi Walton shares what was happening. “I had pain, tightness and numbness between my shoulder blades and also on the right ball of my foot.”

“And it just seemed like the pain was getting worse as I got older. I just, I couldn't stand for very long and I didn't have the energy to accomplish the chores and just the everyday tasks of living.”

“My doctor had said that it was scoliosis and he prescribed custom orthotics for me and that helped for a little bit but it didn't help the pain go completely away. So, I just got really discouraged because I just couldn't do anything. And I called out to God and I just sat down that day because I was at the end of my rope and I thought 'Well I'll just turn on the 700 Club.' And Gordon had a word of knowledge.”

Gordon on the 700 Club show:  "Someone with curvature of the spine between your shoulder blades you heard the report about that and said please say that again, God is straightening that, you just felt it move and you felt the release of the pressure in Jesus' name be healed."

Loi continues, “I knew it was me because I started feeling a sensation in my back like something was changed and something in my right hip was changed and I jumped up on my feet and all the pain was gone in my feet and it just felt like ‘Oh!’ And all of a sudden God healed me you know. It was just such a miracle.”

“It just blew me away. God was right there for me. I just couldn't believe it. I just loved it, I loved the feeling of Him being there and he's always there with me everywhere I go. I have so much energy now that I can do two or three times more in a day than I could do before. My family is just amazed at how much energy I have now. So, I'm actually running circles around them now instead of them around me.”

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