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Student Faints From Hunger

Today is one of those days were there is no breakfast, no lunch, and possibly no dinner for 9-year-old-Luis, who lives here in Guatemala with his mother and younger sister. On these days, he and Ingrid, his little sister, drink water to suppress their hunger. Luis has already drunk 12 glasses today.

“We drank lots of water to fill our stomachs. Then we went to sleep,” Luis told us. “The next day we drank water again, but it didn’t take away the hunger.”

Luis’ father abandoned the family years ago and his mother, Gregoria, has been forced to work to support the family. Unfortunately, she can only find temporary jobs which means it is difficult to make enough.

In the agricultural off seasons, sometimes she goes for months without being able to find work. Luis often goes to school without breakfast and has to watch his classmates enjoying their snacks and lunches. One day, Luis fainted at school because he had gone so long without food.

“My head started to spin and I got dizzy,” remembered the little boy. “Then I fell down and hit my head on the ground. My classmate told me that if I had a real dad he would buy me shoes and food. I was crushed and started crying and told my teacher what he said.”

Then, someone from the community contacted CBN's Operation Blessing on behalf of the family. When we learned about the family’s trouble we came to help. We helped Luis’s mother set up a small convenience store in their home and bought them everything they needed to get started.

“I like the store,” Luis told us. “Because now my Mom never has to leave us alone, she stays with us.”

From 6:00 a.m. until sunset, Gregoria opens her store with a smile for everyone who comes by. And Luis is her biggest helper.

“Now I am asking God for more customers so I will sell everything in the store,” said Gregoria. “My children are so happy now because they have food at home and food to take to school.”

Now, Gregoria has a job all year long. She earns much more money than before, so Luis is having enough food and sits with his classmates to enjoy his own meals. And now he and his sister are wearing brand new shoes.

“Thank you Operation Blessing for giving so much to my family,” Luis exclaimed.

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