Transfaith: Pastor Exposes Gender Identity Struggles in the Church – and Why It’s More Complex Than Most Realize

Transgender, gender identity, gender dysphoria – those are words we're hearing more and more these days as the LGBTQ community pushes to promote their various lifestyles.

Pastor Richard Ellis of Reunion Church in Dallas has seen many of his own church members struggling with gender and sexual identity.

"I think it's way more detailed and specific than most people are willing to get into," he told CBN News. "And I think you can throw the Roman 1 verse at anyone and say they're just kinda going down the drain, but this is way bigger than just (homosexuality)."

"You have intersex – and I've dealt with this personally. A child is born and you can't tell whether they're male or female by the body parts. And the parents literally have this horrendous decision of having to say, 'Which way do we go?'"

"So I would say we rush to judgment sometimes. Clearly, the Bible speaks clearly about homosexuality," he acknowledged. "But even the people who come to me from that lifestyle, I try to speak the truth in love to them..."

Pastor Ellis shared more of his insights on the controversial topic with CBN's Efrem Graham.



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