When the Pain is Too Much to Bear

CBN.com Cedrick Conner loves to run, but back pain started to cripple his body. “Like out of nowhere I would get this excruciating pain in my back. It got so bad that I would stay out of sports. You know, just sit around all day. It was so bad to the point where I laid on the sofa for three hours straight. I used to have so much problems in school with my back, too, like I would slouch over all the time. My teacher would actually have to tell me to sit up. It was painful.”

His condition changed one day when he watched the 700 Club. “I’d get home from school and my mom was watching it. So I sat down and I was watching it with her. And one of the people on the TV, they were talking about healing so they prayed for people who had pain.”

Kristi Watts, 700 Club co-host (taped March 28, 2012): “There’s also another person, and you’ve actually verbally said this, ‘There’s  a wrench in your back.’ The Lord is healing that right now. So you stand up because it’s better to stand than to sit. What you couldn’t do - if that means bending over - then you get up and you bend over, and by faith, you believe in your perfect healing.

Cedrick continues, “When they told us to get up and do things that we couldn’t do like, it was gone. Like my whole back, I felt completely different. It was amazing. It immediately left. I felt this soothing feeling through my back. The biggest lesson He’s taught me is that He can do anything. I feel like a million bucks, really. That’s how I feel.”

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