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Daughter Healed by Mother’s Continued Prayers

Shawn Brown - 700 Club Producer

Two-year-old Elizabeth loves to run and play outside. But a year ago, Melissa, Elizabeth’s mother noticed she wasn’t walking normally.

“She was very pigeon toed.  I mean, extremely, to the point where her one foot was almost entirely perpendicular to the other foot,” said Melissa.

Melissa made an appointment to see her pediatrician.

“He had told me that what actually caused this to occur is that whenever she would sit, she would often sit in a W position. He had assured me that this is actually not anything out of the ordinary, and that at one point this issue would just correct itself,” said Melissa.

After 6 months, Elizabeth’s condition didn’t improve. So Melissa made another appointment, this time with a different doctor.

“The other pediatrician was in complete agreement with the first pediatrician. I thought, "Well, if-if they both think that she's going to be okay, then I'll just – I just need to be patient and relax,” said Melissa.

A couple of months went by, Melissa still didn’t see any improvements in her daughter’s development. She became extremely concerned.  

“I worried for her self-esteem and her self-confidence. I worried that she would maybe avoid certain activities or certain social functions because she might be embarrassed of how her feet were turned in,” said Melissa.

Melissa began praying over her daughter ever night after she gave her a bath.

“As I would put the lotion on her legs, I would find myself, at that time, specifically saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus, I know one day you're going to heal my daughter's legs.’”  

One morning while watching The 700 Club, Melissa heard Gordon beginning to pray.

“He had said, ‘When two or more agree touching anything, it shall be done for them.  We lay hands on that area of touch body that needs healing. We speak to it out loud. Be healed and be made whole in Jesus’ name.’”

“So I thought, ‘Well, it's just me, but I'll lay my hands on her legs and Gordon will be the second person to pray with me.’ And so, I did. Once it was over, then I believed that this prayer would be answered,” said Melissa.

Later that day, Melissa and her family were outside in the backyard when she noticed something different about Elizabeth.

“She was running through the bubbles trying to catch them and pop them. I had said to my husband, "Do you see that?"  And he asked me "What?" I said, "Her feet. Her feet are not turned in anymore.  They're perfectly straight. And he looked and he said, ‘You're absolutely right.’ And I was in complete awe because, as I said, I believed my prayer would be answered…but the same day?  The very same day I saw this and witnessed it.  It was the most beautiful thing to see her run through these bubbles, as carefree as she was, and just loving them,” said Melissa.

God had healed Elizabeth’s legs that day and her condition hasn’t returned. Now she can run and play however she wants.

“To feel that burden lifted off of my shoulders, to have that cross lifted and to know it is true, God does hear our prayers.  We just have to believe and we have to ask him,” said Melissa.

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