Delivering Fresh Produce to City of Life

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

CBN Israel’s, Nicole Jansezian, explained, “CBN Israel is in Sderot, which is a city in southern Israel that for the past 20 years has come under a constant rocket bombardment. We spoke with pastor, Michael Beener, of City of Life Ministries. After October 7th, most of the city’s residents evacuated. Michael and his congregation are working hard to help those who remained.”

Michael Beener, with City of Life Ministries, said, “In the year 2001, when the terrorists from Gaza start to send rockets daily, they proclaim that we want to do the city of Sderot City of Death. And somebody write on the first junction in the city of Sderot, “The City of Death,” and we said, ‘Okay, the name of our congregation will be City of Life,’ because we want to proclaim blessing instead cursing, life instead death. Having this food, personal helping, psychological support that is so important in such a city as Sderot, so traumatized, families, childrens, parents. Now team of volunteers coming around the world to bring to the people who stick in the city.”  

Alice Mizrachi, with CBN Israel, said, “Today, we're delivering to 120 families. You literally don't leave your bomb shelter. Going to the grocery shop is risking your life. So, one of the projects that we decided to do was say, ‘Okay, let's provide food,’ but not just cans or stuff like that. You can actually cook a hot, normal meal with chicken, and potatoes, vegetables, and all fresh, all the stuff that people are used to eating every day, that is just normal and taken for granted.” 

Michael Beener explained, “The people who still stay in Sderot, they lose their help that they have in the ordinary life. How they feel, they're not alone. Somebody came who really love them, as a Messianics or Christians. And now we continue also with your help, guys. Thank you for holding our hands and also part of this work. This is you, because you help us. It's so important for us during the, the years. Yours, your faithful, faithfulness in it.”

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