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Recently, my best friend Mike went in for open-heart surgery. I awoke at 6:04 AM and began interceding for him in prayer. There is an experience in prayer, where as you pray, your spiritual eyes are open to a vision in the spirit realm of God.

The Apostle Paul prayed for us to receive such revelations and to see in the Spirit: 

“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints” (Ephesians 1:18 NIV).

This was just such an experience. In the Spirit, I sought the Holy Spirit to approach Father, expecting to see Him on the throne.  But instead of the throne room, I found myself outside in heaven with Father. With a reassuring smile, He gave me a hug and said, “Hello Gene.  I’m glad you’re here. Come with me.” I followed Father from Heaven into Mike’s Hospital.

Arriving at Mike’s room, Jesus was already standing at his bedside with His right hand on Mike’s left shoulder. He looks up and acknowledges Father and me with a slight smile, then lowers His eyes back upon Mike. An overwhelming flood of peace washes over me as I stand with Father and Lord Jesus, who have my brother safely and firmly in their hands. Hallelujah!

The attendants come for Mike. Father is on Mike’s right and Lord Jesus is on his left. Two large angels are present. One is at the foot of his bed and the other is at the head of his bed. They all four walk with Mike as he is wheeled into the operating room. Once inside, the angel that led at the foot of his bed stood posted at the doorway facing out like a sentry. 

The other angel moves around the surgical room, and seems to be monitoring all the activity. He watches every move the Doctors, nurses, and staff makes. When the Doctor speaks, the angel verifies that his orders are carried out. The angel surveys all the instruments, then the machines monitoring Mike’s vital signs, etc. 

To the casual observer, the angel looks like a surgical supervisor who is making sure that every detail, every action, and every protocol is being performed flawlessly. Meanwhile, Father and Lord Jesus stand by with their eyes fixed on Michael. I am so grateful and privileged to be allowed to be here with them in the Spirit, observing them attending to Michael. 

Hours are passing and all is well. In the Spirit, I stand in the corner of the operating room observing the activity. Everything seems normal, routine, and peaceful. Lord Jesus is standing with His hand softly stroking Mike’s shoulder, and Father is on the other side, standing beside the surgeon with His left arm around the surgeon’s shoulder. 

Father seems intensely involved in the actual surgery. Every so often, Father turns and whispers something into the surgeon’s ear. When He whispers, the Doctor briefly pauses what he is doing with his hands in Mike’s chest, then he continues. This happened three times.

As they finished, before they closed, Father, with His left arm still around the surgeon, reached out His right hand and placed it directly on Mike’s heart.  When he did this, Mike took a deep breath and there was a quick beep on the machine. Everything returned to normal as Father withdrew His hand. The surgeon drew a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.  It is over!

The last thing I saw was Father, the surgeon, and Jesus standing at the operating table looking down at Mike.  With that, the vision was over. A few minutes later I received the news from Mike’s son that the operation, a quadruple bypass, was completed successfully. I already knew.

God promised, “I am the LORD, who heals you." (Exodus 15:26, NIV)  How many times have we prayed for a loved one in surgery and asked God to direct the surgeon’s hands?  Well, He does - because He is the healer!

Copyright Gene Markland. Used by permission.

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