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What He Has Promised, He Is Able to Perform

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    Diona is a creative conglomerate who writes, sings, speaks, and directs her own written plays. She believes that any gift given to man should be used to edify the Kingdom of God and she does just that.

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Diona White - Digital Engagement Specialist II

There I was, standing in front of Buckingham Palace. Wide-eyed, awed, and breathless seized in one moment, I’m really in London, I said to myself; and I reminisced about the promise that got me there.

Months earlier, I was a junior in college, with my senior year vastly approaching. I also worked full-time, and I felt that time was passing me by with no exciting experiences to share. One boring day, It had been softly raining outside, so I took an umbrella, threw on my rain boots, and took a stroll on campus. As I continued walking, I noticed a series of signs. The first one read, “Want to study abroad?” Instantly, it piqued my interest. The second read, “Ask how today!” There’s no harm in inquiring, I thought. What seemed to be just a stroll on a boring rainy day resulted in a meeting with destiny and a lesson of faith I will never forget.

I went to the campus office for more information. The person I needed to meet with was out for the day, so someone else assisted me. In my brief wait, I grabbed a pamphlet to see what courses abroad were offered and noted a course that aligned with my goals and dreams. I was called to the back and took a seat. As I’m explaining to the woman the reason for my visit and where I wanted to study, she looks up at me and says, “Ok, you're going to London.”

“Wait ... what?” I replied.

I don’t recall mentioning the cost nor the fact that I was a working full-time student who couldn’t afford the expense. But she looked at me as if she knew my need and answered with, “I’m giving you a scholarship to cover the entire cost. You’re going to London!”

Speechless at what just happened in a matter of minutes, I got up from my seat and stutteringly thanked her for the great blessing. As I began to walk home, I remembered that I had been in fervent prayer about my future when I was entering college. I wanted to experience, learn and explore, and believed God’s promise to provide this as I began my studies.

Walking away from that divine office encounter, I believed God was delivering what He promised me a few years earlier about my dreams.

For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. (Romans 4:3, KJV)

There's something unexplainable that happens when God’s will collides with our high faith. It's what we call a miracle! If faith could take me across the world to the front of the Queen’s palace, what else could it do?

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)

What promise are you trusting God for today? Is it healing? To bear a child? For peace or joy? For a home? For His provision? For marriage? Or simply just for a brand-new day?  Consider Abraham who despite timing, the biological clock of his wife Sarah and his old age, still trusted God to be the Father of nations just like He told him he would be. To others it may have seemed that it was too late for him, but not with God!

Repeat after me: I will stagger not at the promise of God through unbelief; but I will stand strong in faith, giving glory to God; being fully persuaded that what He has promised me, He is also able to perform (Romans 4:20-21).


Scripture is quoted from the Holy Bible, King James Version, public domain.

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