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Healing Tiny Hearts

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Mr. Guo is a single dad who loves his daughters and calls them his two angels. But it’s been hard to raise them alone. He’s poor and his youngest daughter was born with health problems and ended up in a coma.

He remembers with deep sadness, “My wife told me she was too tired to take care of a sick child, and she divorced me. I looked into the crying faces of my girls and told them, ‘You lost your mother, but you still have your father. And I'll take care of you.’”  

He secretly wondered how he’d do it, especially when he found out that XinYa had holes in her heart, and she started having heart attacks.

“She was really thin,” Mr. Guo shares. “Sometimes, she was lifeless. And when she cried, her face turned blue and her lips turned purple. The doctor said she needed an operation as soon as possible. Otherwise, the holes in her heart would grow bigger, and she could die of heart failure.”  

XinRong tried to make XinYa feel better.

“She knew her sister was sick and didn’t want to leave her alone,” Mr. Guo explains. “They picked flowers in the fields and sang and drew pictures together.”

XinRong danced for her sister to cheer her up. But as she was dancing, she fainted.  

“I rushed to hold her. Her face was pale and her mouth was purple. She was covered with sweat,” recalls Mr. Guo. 

It turned out that XinRong had serious heart trouble, too.

“Both my daughters were very weak. They didn’t eat and had no spirit. Sometimes when I touched their wrists, I just felt bones. I was helpless and hopeless,” admits Mr. Guo. “I couldn’t afford surgery for one of my daughters. How could I pay for two?” 

Then, someone at a health clinic told him about CBN. We partnered with a local hospital and made it possible for both sisters to receive free surgery. 

Mr. Guo smiles, “CBN visited us at the hospital. They told me not to be afraid and prayed for us.” 

Today, XinYa and XinRong are healthy and happy. 

“Now they’re full of energy. They dance for me and always go out to play with their friends,” says Mr. Guo with great joy. “CBN saved my whole family. They told me they helped us because Jesus loves us unconditionally. So, I thank God and am willing to accept this great love.”

He concludes, “Words can't describe my gratitude!”

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