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Home Invaders Shot Him Twice and He Needed Surgery to Support His Family

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

The day Operation Blessing met 37-year-old Mariano and his wife, we could see that he was in a lot of pain from an injury to his right arm. He told us he’d been shot during a home invasion.     

“I went outside to open the gate for my pastor because we were supposed to pray,” said Mariano. “That’s when the gunmen shot me twice.” 

“He fell face down,” recalled wife Delmy. “There was a lot of blood and he did not move. The criminals thought that he was dead and so did I.”  

When the robbers left, Delmy took Mariano to the hospital. X-rays revealed that a bullet had penetrated and shattered the radius bone in his forearm.

When the doctor asked him to move his wrist, thumb and fingers, he could not do it. The surgeon then said the bone was so badly fractured that it would require surgery. Without an operation, the doctor said, he would never use the arm or hand again. 

“It was very hard when they told me that I needed surgery,” said Mariano. “This is the arm I use the most, the hand that I work with. I was wondering: How can I bring food to my children every day if I cannot work?”

Mariano faced a second challenge. He could not afford to pay for the surgery. So Operation Blessing met with the couple and told them that donors would pay for the surgery. 

“My arm will be operated thanks to donors from another country?!?” he exclaimed with tears filling his eyes. “Now I have tears of joy at this great news!”

Then next day Operation Blessing arranged for him to receive surgery and follow-up visits. A week later, we were encouraged to see that he was able to move his wrist and hand for the first time since the shooting.  

Finally, to help the family as Mariano recovered, we gave them enough food to help them for several months.  

“May God bless all the people who give. Thanks to you we are blessed,” said a grateful Delmy. 

“I wish that all of the Operation Blessing donors lived close to me!” said Mariano. “I would hug them all very tightly to thank them for what they have done!” 

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