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Hope After the Storm

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

A tornado hit Dawson springs, Kentucky leaving a trail of destruction.

Jason McKnight said “it sounds like a train is coming over you. The lights go out, the house starts shaking violently,”

Ashley McKnight continued “it's pouring down rain and it's pitch black. I honestly thought when we came up the stairway, I wasn't expecting to see a roof.”

Police major Jason McKnight took care of his family first, then jumped into action.

“Once I was sure that my family was going to be safe here. Then that's when I made the choice to go and start trying to find people and help wherever I could. Went to an apartment complex and tried to try to get as many people out as we could.” Jason recalled.

“And they just kept pulling people out of the apartment complex behind us.” Added Ashley.
Operation blessing’s disaster relief team rushed to Kentucky to help families in need.

Jason said “somebody that works for operation blessing said, hey, we're going to be able to help you. Number one, I don't have the skill set to do, but number two, I still have to go to work and do all those things.”

Jason and Ashley had insurance, but it wasn’t enough to cover their homes damage. So, operation blessing partnered with other local organizations to tackle the big job of restoring their house.
“Slowly but surely, you see the house get stripped down to the studs.  New drywall…and finish the drywall and tile floors and just anything that you can think of that would make a house beautiful.” Jason described.

Ashley said, “when this is all said and done, there's not a day that goes by that i won't walk in this house and think of operation blessing.”

Operation blessing has been there to share the love of Christ with Jason, Ashley, and many other families in Dawson springs.

Ashley let us know “operation blessing has just had an outpouring of love for our town. They're putting families back together. I mean, they're giving us hope.”

The gernerous support of operation blessing partners makes it possible to be there for families like jason and ashley’s during their most desperate times.

Ashley explained “when you contribute and you give to this organization, your donation is going to help boost spirits. From the bottom of my heart, i want to thank anybody that had any type of donations to make my family feel loved, to make my family see that there's going to be a finish line, and to let me know that eventually we're going to have a roof back over our head. It's a true miracle.”

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