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“I am Your Provider; I am a Father to Your Children” - A Promise for Jessica

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director


Jessica is a single mom. She’d been able to provide for her two children until the COVID pandemic hit Mexico in 2020. Without income she wondered how long they could last. “I started crying, and I told my children I do not know how we will buy food to eat,” Jessica told The 700 Club. “I was really scared.” 

Then the family’s food supply nearly ran out. “All we had were a few beans,” she added. “We had no soap or toilet paper. We had nothing. How was it possible that I could not feed my children?” 

Mateo, eight, is Jessica’s son. He described what being hungry felt like to him. “After a while it hurts right here,” he said pointing to his stomach.

“Nothing in my life has hurt me as much as not having any food to give to my children,” added his mom. Jessica prayed and asked God for help.  “I was praying and I opened the Bible to Isaiah 54. There God says, ‘I am your provider; I am a Father to your children.’ AT THAT MOMENT I remembered my grandmother used to prepare and sell donuts!”  

So Jessica borrowed $5 to buy some flour oil and sugar. “I started making a just a few donuts. I sold them all in a half an hour! I could only make a few because I didn’t have the right tools and ingredients.”   

Then CBN’s Orphan’s Promise learned about Jessica and her children. We bought a new larger frying pan, more ingredients including a large sack of flour and a rack with trays. All that made it possible for Jessica to make more donuts faster.  

“I feel happy because when I see the donuts,” said Mateo. “I know we will sell them all in one day.”  

And now that they have new protective gear, also provided by Orphan’s Promise, they said they feel safer as they sell. “Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless my family!” said a happy Jessica. 

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