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The Bible reveals that God often speaks through dreams, but is that still the case in the 21st century? Author Bryan Carraway believes it is and he joins us to dig deep into what the Bible says about dream interpretation. Listen


Abandoned as an infant, Michael’s path was instantly disadvantaged. After decades of living off course from a faith he knew was real, a moment of total surrender changed him forever. Listen


Musician and television journalist John Tesh shares how God’s hand has guided his life’s journey through highs and lows and the importance of faith and biblical truths as his foundation. Listen


Is "worship" a genre of music we listen to? Is it part of a church service on Sunday morning? Is it more? Worship Pastor and musician Ryan Kight goes deep on what it means to be a worshiper in the 21st century. Listen


Author Dr. Joe Umidi shares insights on how believers can look to Jesus as the master coach when it comes to asking engaging questions to generate meaningful relationships with those around us. Listen


What does it REALLY mean to ‘take up your cross and follow Jesus?’ Reverend Joel Palser shares his insights on how to give up our lives for God. Listen


Reverend Stephen Pierce discusses the all-encompassing love of God and how it needs to be the breath of our very existence. Listen


Pastor Dan Backens believes living by the Spirit is essential to a robust life in Christ. Discover strategies to incorporate "Spirit living" into your own faith walk. Listen


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