About I Tell You the Truth

Jesus spoke the phrase, “I tell you the truth,” nearly 70 times in the Bible. For Christians, the Bible is THE source of Truth for our lives. In the 21st century, evil forces of deception and confusion are running rampant and resulting in a culture innately desperate for Truth. At CBN, our desire is to dig down into the truths of God found in his Word, and to share these truths and life applications with all who will hear. The I Tell You The Truth podcast is designed to explore what happens at the intersection of life experiences and God’s Truth.

Andrew leads The 700 Club show staff, and also serves as a Co-Host for the 700 Club Interactive TV program. He loves to spend time with his wife and three children.

Born in the same city as CBN itself (Portsmouth, VA), Aaron enjoys being one of the few home-grown employees. He and his wife Michele are grateful for their “Little” family complete with one son and one daughter. Aaron is an active member at his church where he also serves as one of the guitarists on the worship team.

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