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View real life stories of people who invited Jesus into their lives.

Testimonies on Worship

Melissa talks about defeating her psoriatic arthritis pain by worshipping God in the midst of the worst suffering.

When the Holy Spirit poured out on a small church group in Los Angeles, history was unfolding right before William J. Seymour's eyes. Take a look at...

Located in the heartland of Ohio, Vineyard Church of Columbus reaches out to people of their community in an amazing way.

Testimonies on Music

As the lead guitarist for 1990’s rock n’ roll hit-makers Candlebox, Peter Klett was living the musician’s dream. But hard partying led to addiction...

"I wrestled with a sense of self-worth, because my dad decided drugs would be better than hanging out with his own son."

As his wife walked out the door, she told Ron Brown, “I love you. But I just can’t watch you kill yourself.” Would it be enough to keep him off drugs?

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