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A Mile of Cars Waiting for Food

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Burleson, Texas

Because of the Coronavirus crisis, food banks all over the country are witnessing unprecedented need. OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, has seen lines of cars at their distributions up to a mile long. 

“I’ve seen times you know where there was like disasters and things like that where we had to have so much extra food, but nothing like this,” says Pastor Troy Brewer. “All of the sudden you go from feeding a thousand people a week to three thousand people a week in one single week, and it’s people that have never been in a food line in their entire life. People that have never needed to ask for food before.”

“Well, not being able to work and of course, you know, needing food and you don’t have any money to do that,” Veronica Bates shares. “Being hungry is not, it’s not fun.”

“I’m a teacher’s aide,” says Chastity Abeyta. “We haven’t been going to school. I have lost my part-time work, like I clean houses on the side, so I haven’t been doing that, and I’ve lost my child support. It’s just me and my kids. It’s been hard.” 

OpenDoor has partnered with Operation Blessing for thirty years. They knew they could count on us to help meet the needs of their community. 

“Without the assistance of Operation Blessing, we would have no consistency,” Pastor Troy shares. “We know for a fact that those trucks are coming, that the food that comes from Operation Blessing is gonna be good, it’s gonna be quality, it’s gonna be what we need it to be. Thank God for Operation Blessing!”

“Having the food bank out here, the people are wonderful. It’s just very, very nice,” says Deborah Nelson. “You know, it helps. It helps out a lot. Thank you very much. Operation Blessing has been just wonderful.”

“I am so grateful for Operation Blessing, and not just me, people are leaving here encouraged,” Pastor Troy says. “People are getting saved here. To love people that you don’t know, to help people that you would never otherwise meet- all I can say is thank you.”

“It means a lot. I am single mom, and so I am very blessed to come, and they put those eggs in. My daughter, she was so excited cause she wants to bake. So she’ll probably bake all day,” Chastity says through tears.

“Thank you! It means a lot,” shares Veronica. “I mean, a little bit goes a long way, especially for people that don’t have anything. It’s awesome.”

“You’ve helped my family,” Chastity said. “We are loaded up, our trunk is full, my little boy is smiling in the back seat. We’re blessed. Thank you very much.”

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