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Watching Her Four Grandkids Go Hungry

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Bantey Mean Chey Province, Cambodia 

12-year-old Vanny, his brothers and his cousin are all being raised by their grandparents in rural province in Cambodia.

Vanny said there were many days every month during the pandemic when they ran out of food.

“Normally we would have some porridge because that’s what grandma sells,” Vanny told CBN.           

When COVID-19 began spreading in the country, Grandpa lost his job, and Grandma’s café in her home was also forced to shut down.  

“No one comes to my place anymore,” said Grandma sadly. “Everyone is scared they will catch the virus.”

Watching her grandkids go hungry has been the hardest thing for Grandma.  

“I am heartbroken when my grandkids have nothing to eat,” said Grandma, now crying. “I tried to borrow from the neighbor but they are having a tough time too.”

Recently, when Operation Blessing learned that Vanny’s family was suffering from the economic impact of the shutdown, we gave them a supply of food.

Then to help them have a more stable income, we gave them a hundred chickens to raise and sell.  

“We now have food to eat!” said a grateful Grandma. “I can sell eggs and the chickens and earn up to fifteen dollars a day! When the virus calms down I will be able to restart my food business too. Thank you for saving our lives!” 

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