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Brigette Rock - 700 Club Producer

In the summer of 2018, Kathy Haviland underwent surgery to remove a polyp, and part of her colon. For two years it gave her no problems...until one day in July of 2020.

For two years it gave her no problems. Until one day in July of 2020. Kathy describes the start of her pain, “All of the sudden, I was getting this, every time I got up in the morning, I'd have this terrible pain in my stomach. And it was, it would linger most of the day.”

The pain was so bad that Kathy often needed her husband’s assistance with day-to-day tasks. “My husband had to help a lot because bending over hurt. Lifting anything that was like a gallon of water or anything like, it would be painful,” says Kathy. No matter how much help she had or how careful she tried to be, Kathy was in constant pain. “I said, 'There's something not right,'” says Kathy.

Finally, she went to her doctor, who told Kathy the procedure she had had in 2018, had caused what she called a surgical hernia. “A couple years later that whole area became hardened and it was very painful,” Kathy says.

And dangerous. The doctor told Kathy she needed to see a surgeon immediately to have it evaluated. “They suggested that I have it repaired before it became an emergency,” Kathy says. Soon after, Kathy went in for outpatient surgery, and was home the same day.

“By the next morning when I tried to get up, it was very painful again, to get up and move around. Trying to sit up hurt a lot. I had to hold my stomach in, try to press it in to be able to sit up and to, you know, to stand up then. And I stayed in the recliner most of the time,” Kathy says about the day after her surgery.

By August 4th, four days after surgery, Kathy was still in constant pain despite taking pain medications. That morning, as usual, Kathy started her daily prayer time. “I, you know, just call on Him. The first thing I say is Jesus. I love being in His presence and just hearing what He has to say,” says Kathy.

And, like she often does, she also turned on The 700 Club. Pat and Wendy were giving Words of Knowledge.

Pat and Wendy bow their heads in prayer. Pat says, “There’s a think a woman, and you’ve had something with your abdomen it may you have been a birth that was, or a surgery on your abdomen with your abdominal muscles. Put your hand on your abdomen right now. In the name of Jesus – touch them.”

"When he said that, I just felt such a peace come over me. And I, the pain started to subside right away. And by the next morning, it was so much better,” Kathy says.

Since then, Kathy has been pain free and life has returned to normal. “God is so, so, you know, just wonderful. It just reminded me all I need is one word from God sometimes for the miracle to happen,” says Kathy.

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