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'The Passion' for Souls

Like many Christians, I have asked God to use me. I would cry out to God, I make myself available to you Lord; just give me the opportunity. Famous last words from John Schafer

Rewind to February, 2004.

Last February, The Passion of the Christ opened in theaters nationwide. Our church was planning events like many churches around the country, having volunteers ready to pass out literature and available to pray with and simply to listen to those with questions of what they have just experienced. Of course then there was me, asking God to use me, open a door for me to be used...

No, I didnt volunteer with our church it didnt seem like the right opportunity for me. I figured that was for others to do, thats their calling not mine. So I was waiting for God to show me the BIG OPPORTUNITY!!!

Man, I am a looser with a capital L!

I saw the movie a month or so later, after the films momentum began to slow down. That movie touched my heart to the core. But by this time, our church was no longer seeking volunteers. I missed a great opportunity; an opportunity that God clearly showed me weeks ago maybe not what I would have chosen, but nonetheless an opportunity that I had asked for from God.

Fast forward to August 31, 2004.

On this day I went to Best Buy with my daughter to pick up the DVD of The Passion of the Christ. As I grabbed it off the shelf, I felt compelled to pick up 30 copies of the DVD THIRTY COPIES! How did that number pop into my head? Thats absolutely absurd. Theres no way that came from God. I had to call my wife so she would confirm to me that I WASNT hearing from God. But my wife started telling me everyone who needed those DVDs.

As I stated earlier, I am a looser with a capital L!

My wife is a Registered Nurse and some of the people she works with respect our beliefs, and even respect where I work, but they do not share in our beliefs. Then there are those who go through the religious motions but don't understand the personal relationship. She started passing out the DVDs at work and that alone moved her co-workers. Many told her why they didnt see the film -- it was far too violent and graphic they explained. But then they would tell her that they have actually watched far worse graphic scenes in horror films. They had used the graphic violence as an excuse to avoid this powerful movie.

Many of my wife's friends shared that they simply do not know what to believe in. They hope that there is something out there, something that has much more to offer than what is here today in their life. They have hope that something or someone is watching over them and their family.

We distributed the rest of the DVDs to our neighbors. We have some neighbors well, lets just say they are the type you pray that you never have -- hmmm, maybe thats why they live by us. I have got to start watching what and how I pray. The DVD gift touched them very deeply and they havent even watched it yet. I believe every one of them will be touched in ways they have never imagined after they watch the DVD. We hope this will open doors for further conversations.

I share this story, not for you to go out and buy a bunch of DVDs of the film and give them away. Every day God gives us opportunities with a choice, one that is freely given to us to make. If God gave you an opportunity in the past and you blew it like myself, dont beat yourself up, but ask again. He is a loving God who will give you another opportunity.

Believe me, He wants too.

In fact, Gods opportunities are all around you even right now. These opportunities are in the form of your co-workers, supervisors, management, people that will be in line at the fast food restaurant youre thinking about for lunch, and the check out clerk where you purchase your DVD. The opportunities are in your neighborhood, and believe it or not, in your very home.

God surrounds us with opportunities every day. He even surrounds the harvest around us. Quit waiting on God to give you opportunities. He has been waiting on you to move forward into them.

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