Pat Robertson, Founder & Chairman

Pat Robertson is founder and chairman of CBN and host of The 700 Club. In 1960, Pat filed incorporation papers under the name, “The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.,” with a vision of proclaiming the Gospel to the world by television.  On April 29, 1977, his global vision became reality when CBN’s new satellite earth station established the first worldwide Christian television network.

The son of the late U.S. Senator A. Willis Robertson of Virginia, Pat is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington and Lee University and holds the degrees of Juris Doctor from Yale and master of divinity from New York Theological Seminary. He has written over 20 books, including The Secret Kingdom, which Time magazine called the number one religious book in America in 1984.

He is the founder, chancellor, and CEO of Regent University. He also founded Operation Blessing International, the American Center for Law and Justice, International Family Entertainment Inc., as well as several other organizations and broadcast entities.

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