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Since the presidential election of 2000, for which I issued a prayer alert that helped mobilize much intercession, I have tried to be very selective in issuing further national calls to prayer. The burden of the Lord for this alert, however, is as strong, perhaps even stronger than what was given to me in 2000. Without the furor and media attention surrounding the presidential elections, it is more difficult to generate interest and/or motivation to pray, but please hear me on this issue, for it carries weight probably greater than that of our presidential election.

The outcome of the spiritual war we are entering into is probably going to be the single most important deciding factor in whether or not we see revival and the healing of America in our generation. The war of which I speak is for the turning of the courts, with its obvious connection to many critical issues, perhaps the most important of which is abortion. The church of America in the 60's and 70's, by allowing the courts to remove God from our culture, prayer from our schools, and by legalizing abortion, sent us on a downward spiral from which we have not recovered. Our generation is now facing its crisis point.

Though I believe we have made much progress in turning this nation, and actually believe the awakening for which we have cried out has in some ways begun, in no way has it reached the momentum point that it cannot be stopped. We are like Israel that came out of Egypt -- great deliverance and restoration has begun, but there are many jumping off points on the journey to our destiny. We have come to one. This is the giant, in fact. If we don't face and defeat this one, we will wander in the wilderness of unbelief and apathy until we die.

If we do not win this battle, we will lose the war. We have reached the pivotal point; all we have gained is on the line. This is winner take all, do or die, sink or swim -- add your own clich -- but this is it! There will be no grace extension for our generation if we falter on this one. The question for us, prompted by Isaiah 37:3, is about to be answered: we have come to the point of birth; will there be strength to deliver?

It is likely that two Supreme Court Justices will soon retire: Rehnquist, likely, and O'Connor, possibly. Insiders are saying President Bush wants to appoint a Hispanic American to replace the first of them to retire, which could certainly be good, but these insiders also believe that his first choice is not pro-life.

This would be catastrophic! The results -- more shedding of innocent blood, further moral and spiritual decline of the nation, and severe judgment from the Lord -- would be horrific and devastating.

On the other hand, if this information concerning Bush's choice is inaccurate, or is accurate but is reversed and he nominates a pro-life justice, a war, perhaps of unprecedented proportions, will occur in the Senate. The pro-abortion forces would do everything possible to keep the nominee from being confirmed. The battle lines have already been drawn and will grow more intense because it is spiritual at its roots and is literally a war for the soul and destiny of this nation.

We can win this war, shift the judicial system of America and see God heal our land. It will require much prayer and effective spiritual warfare! God is mobilizing this on many fronts and some of it will certainly require months or years, but He has clearly shown me that some degree of breakthrough must be accomplished by the end of this month, June.

Please join me and let's launch a massive prayer and fasting assault on this issue immediately. Be radical in your willingness to adjust your schedules, personal life, church services, etc., this month and, to a degree, for the next several. There are simply some things too important for business as usual. (Try to attend The Call, Dallas, on November 29; much of the agenda will be over this issue.) I personally will be fasting and praying, giving portions, and at times, entire church services to this issue, going to D.C. occasionally to pray, etc.

This is going to require much from many. Let's not falter on this one. Are we an Esther generation, "created and ready for such a time as this"; or are we an Ephraim generation, "equippedyet they turned back in the day of battle"? Time will tell. And so will history, because we're writing it on this one!

Join me withHand to the plow, not looking back,

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