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“I had a couple of surgeries. Steroid shots in the neck. Steroid shots in the back. I would have lidocaine patches, anti-inflammatory gel, ibuprofen, Tylenol. I’d go to chiropractor. I’d go to acupuncturists, just anything that I could do,” Marie says as she recounts all the ways she tried to alleviate some of the pain."

For ten years, ER nurse Marie Cronin did whatever she could to find relief from the chronic pain in her neck, back and knees, the results of a car accident and, later, a fall at work.

“I'm on my feet 12 hours a day. Pulling people up, pushing stretchers, you know, starting IVs. I could tolerate it during work, but when you're in pain, trying to care for somebody in pain, it's hard to concentrate,” says Marie.

While out for a walk at the park in December 2020, Marie had hopped up on a wall to take a picture of some beautiful scenery.

When she jumped down...Marie recalls, “Instead of, you know, landing where you bounce on your knees, my knees gave out and I just hit the ground right on my – right on the coccyx bone. And I heard that clicking. I could feel everything in my – from my neck – like dominos it sounded like, click, click, click and everything pulled to the right. I thought, 'Oh my goodness, what did I do?'"

When she returned to work, the pain Marie had battled for ten years, was much worse, and so was the stress and anxiety.

“I used to worry about the pain not going away and me not being able to do my job. Sometimes it took away some of the joy that I had doing my job, but definitely impaired what I needed to do,” Marie says

Marie turned to God in prayer, like she had been for years – but this time it was different.

Marie describes her life after her latest injury, “So, just about three weeks I was praying. I was crying in bed at night. Just in that moment I was so desperate for Him to hear me. My prayer every night to God was, 'I know that You can heal me, please take this pain away. Let me wake up in the morning without the pain.'"

On the morning of January 22nd, Marie sat down for her daily prayer time. “Because I remember my prayer was, if I can't get any relief from this, I don't know what I'm going to do. I have faith more than a mustard seed; I know You can heal me. I need You to say my name because I need to know that You see me in this moment,” says Marie. Then Marie turned on The 700 Club, just as Gordon and Terry had started giving Words of Knowledge for viewers.

Gordon prays, “There’s someone your name is Marie, and you are trying to with your right hand to reach that area of your spine that needs healing. And you’re frustrated, you can’t reach it because of the pain. God sees you right now. He is calling you by name. And He is saying to you 'I am healing you. I am restoring your spine. No more pain. No more curvature. Everything is going to be in proper alignment. No more pain.' Be released and be healed now, in Jesus name.”

“And in the moment, as my jaw is dropped, I sit up and it's gone. Every bit of neck pain is gone,” Marie says reflecting on that moment.

Today Marie is living her best life, still free of pain and anxiety. She continues to work as an ER nurse where she can share her story and point others to God. Marie shares her thoughts, “God sees you, you're His child. If you really reach out and-and with all your heart ask Him to come into your heart and help you, He will. He will.”

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